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WD Parts: Tele style bridge plate : gold

WD Parts: Tele style bridge plate : gold

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  • This is a six-saddle Tele® replacement bridge that allows top-loading the strings instead of stringing through the body. Utilizes 3 mounting screws. Comes with mounting screws and 1.5mm allen wrench for adjustments. This bridge is NOT a direct replacement for a Fender® American Standard modern Tele® bridge due to location of the string through holes being behind the mounting screws instead of in front of them UNLESS you opt to use it as a top-loaded bridge and string through the back of the plate. The three mounting screw positions and pickup location are the same as the Fender® American Standard Series Telecaster®.
  • Plate width= 3 316 inches (81mm)
  • Plate Length= 3 5164 inches (99mm)
  • String Spacing E to E= 2 ⅛ in.
  • Gold plated finish

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