Note: You can look up an ever expanding listing of rental gear by simply typlng "rentals" using the search function at the top of any page

Note that ALL rentals are for use within the SD & G local area ONLY.

Please call ahead for availability. Reservations in advance are recommended to ensure an item is set aside for you.Let us know what you need .

We ONLY process rentals thru Visa/MasterCard.You must have one of these cards to complete a rental

We rent a a great selection of gear an we're always adding more units based on popular demand for this region.

Here ,we have an overview of just some of the gear you can rent from us.

For solo performers playing small engagements ,we rent many One-Piece sound systems so you can plug in your acoustic-electric instrument as well as a microphone for indoor crowds up to about 75 humans(typically a small coffee house/restaurant gig)

For speaking engagements or presentations,these compact units set up quickly,with a minimum of fuss.Each One-Piece system houses a woofer and tweeter to reproduce a full range sound.Microphone and stand included at no extra charge.

If you need to cover a slightly larger indoor area for a  crowd of about 100 to 150,and need additional microphone channels,you can rent a higher powered 4-channel mixer amp and a pair of 1x12" speakers.Suitable for vocalists and their pickup equipped instruments(acoustic guitar/mandolin/violin).Includes up to 4 vocal mics,all required cables,mic stands and if needed,speaker stands as well at no extra charge.A good setup for basement/garage rehearsals/jam sessions too !

For larger venues,we also rent packages with higher powered 6-channel mixer-amp units and two portable 1x15" speakers that can cover indoor crowds of about 200 to 300.These systems also include reverb,up to six mikes or D.I boxes.All stands and required cables are included at no additional charge.

We also rent a select "retro" collection of all analog PA & M.I. gear for players that are more  comfortable with playing thru gear they grew up with.If you're a player that doesn't need to Blutooth everything or spend all their time scrolling thru menus just to do a gig,we can help you with that.Just ask !

Dee-Jay Packages include mixer/two speakers/dual-bay cd player/ cables for your I-phone/I-pad/MP3 player/Mic ,speaker stands and all cables included

Keyboard amplifiers: typically two channels,full range woofer and tweeter.These also feature a line out so you can essentially use this as your own powered monitor,and send your keyboard signal out to the house PA for even more coverage throughout the a room.All needed cables included

Keyboards: We rent a large selection of 61 key portable pianos &  keyboards, each with an amazing range of sounds.Each keyboard rental includes a separate amplifier that makes a world of difference in the final tone that will surprise you,and your audience.You've never heard portable keyboards like this before.Keyboard stand,bench and required cables included at no additional charge.

Multi-track digital recorders let you finally get that demo/recording session up & running .Built in in effects.All needed mics,stands and cables included at no extra charge

Dee-Jay & Band lighting.We rent complete light rigs with stands and controllers.We also rent several Plug & Play systems for smaller gigs that just require a simple and quick to set up system.A Plug & Play system essentially runs by itself(no operator needed)You can also choose from a slew of single FX lighting ,stand-alone moving heads and blacklight units

Guitar  amps & Bass amps From basement practice o live stage gigs,choose from several models,loaded with lots of features to boot !

Wireless systems: We rent hand-held mic systems,guitar wireless systems, lavalier(lapel) and head-worn systems

Also available separately are :Poweramps/Floor Monitors/Mixer-amps/Multi-channel snakes/Dee-Jay mixers/Live mixers/ Passive & Active speakers/ Subwoofers/

We can also set up a custom PA/DJ package system for your specific gig-let us know what you need to get done !