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Vox VX50 GTV guitar amplifier

Vox VX50 GTV guitar amplifier

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The VOX VX50 GTV is a 50W hybrid modeling combo amplifier boasts an ultra-lightweight design. Realistic and stage-ready sounds driven by modeling technology, and the next-generation Nutube vacuum tube featured on the VX50 GTV are some of the many leading-edge specifications that make this a rediscovery of the guitar amp. Also included is a full selection of the effect types that are indispensable in shaping your sound. The VX50 GTV will allow you to enjoy playing guitar in any musical scene.

*Unlike other VX50 models sold elsewhere ,VX50 amps from our shop feature  an EXTERNAL speaker jack that allows you to connect VX combos from our shop,to any external speaker cabinet(like a single 1x12"/2x12'/4x12),essentially turning the VX combo into  a 5owatt amp head.

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