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Vic Firth

Vic Firth drumsticks

Vic Firth drumsticks

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For nearly 60 years, we at the Vic Firth Company have focused on developing and manufacturing what has become the world's most popular drumsticks, mallets, alternative implements, and accessories… with the best durability, feel, and sound options, across the widest variety of genres and styles.

As drummers ourselves, we know that every pair of hands that holds a “Vic” is different, and having the widest spectrum of products to allow you to find that “perfect pair” is just as important to us as it is to you. Because we know, having a tool that you can feel confident in lets you be in your zone and unlock a different level of performance.

Your way, your style – we have what you need to get the job done. After all, that search for perfection is why Vic Firth started his company in the first place.

We stock a varied selection of Vic Firth drumsticks in stock,starting from $ 19.49 a pair

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