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(USED) Rocktron Purple Haze

(USED) Rocktron Purple Haze

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Unique octaver fuzz pedal from Rocktron 1997 production,that offers an octave below AND an octave above your original guitar signal as well as old school sounding fuzz.

Good at capturing that characteristic hendrix type of tone (but without the HISS)but even more so for nailing that Guess Who American Woman tone.

Like most fuzz pedals ,the tracking is slightly erratic which is part of their charm.

So it doesn't "behave" like a normal overdrive/distortion,(if that's what you're used to)so you'll need to work with pretty much any fuzz unit's quirkyness,including this version.

This works best with single note lead lines,and tracks smoother with your guitar's neck pickup.

You can play some pretty nasty simple rhythm chords as well if you control the decay with some subtle palm muting.

US made and rare in this fine condition.Could pass for mint except for a slight finish blem(see pic 3).Otherwise excellent condition.NO chipped paint/scratches/NO sticky goo to scrub off.

Rugged,all metal casing.Operates on a 9volt battery or optional AC adaptor(NOT included)

With original non-mangled box,documentatio

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