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(USED) Korg Ampworks Bass FX processor

(USED) Korg Ampworks Bass FX processor

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Bass amp modeling for those who demand the ultimate in amp sound. No frills − just real modeling sound and intuitive operation in an ultra-compact package.

Great Sound in a Small, Easy-To-Use Package
The Ampworks Bass amp modeler is a stress-free way to experience real amp sound in any situation. Since the ultra-compact design enables it to fit into the accessory pocket of a bass case, it's easy to take along wherever you go − home, studio or stage. This compact unit is also great for PC-based recording systems with limited desktop space.

Ampworks Bass Contains 11 of the Most Preferred Bass Amps Sounds
Ampworks Bass provides 11 of the most desirable bass amp sounds favored by bassists around the world. These realistic and flexible modeling sounds will support your bass playing in a broad range of styles.

Cabinet Models Sweeten Your Tone Potential
Ampworks Bass provides ten different cabinet models. Every detail of cabinet resonance is faithfully simulated, delivering superb depth and spatial realism even when using headphones or direct-line output.

A neat trick is to send your bassamp's line out signal into the ampworks unit,to enhance your bass signal before going into the board or recorder.
Definitely a better deal than buying a bunch of similar bass fx pedals,all in one box.
Operates on 2 penlight batteries(included) or outboard 4.5v ac/dc adaptor (NOT included)

Completely clean mint condition.NO scratches,signs of wear,etc.Nothing but pristine shape. A great little desktop doodad for home recording.
With original box and non-dog eared manuals.

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