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Carl Martin

(USED) Carl Martin Crush Zone Metal distortion pedal

(USED) Carl Martin Crush Zone Metal distortion pedal

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Great vintage style and none blacker,in a rugged diecast enclosure with heavy-duty bypass switching.

The Carl Martin Crush Zone is a vintage style, high-gain/distortion pedal using the same high quality components as its higher priced Carl Martin cousins.

The Crush Zone provides everything from a slight edge to your guitar's tone to mind-blowing distortion with a whopping 70db of gain.Jeezers.

Adjust the cool chicken-head knobs for level and distortion, and then do some fine tweaking using the tone control

Can operate on a 9v battery or outboard ac adaptor(not included)

Absolutely mint condition,NO scratches or chips or wear ,NO nasty cloven hoofmark abuse.NO velcro goop residue to contend with.Pristine is the word here.

Comes with original box and complete instructions.No longer widely available and seem to be getting scarce in North America for some reason.

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