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Ruby Tubes

Tubes ; Ruby Tubes by JJ : 12AX7A-HG (Hi-Gain) preamp tube

Tubes ; Ruby Tubes by JJ : 12AX7A-HG (Hi-Gain) preamp tube

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The Ruby 12AX7ACZ-HG *aka ECC83) is a high grade dual triode 12AX7/7025 preamp tube that is most suitable for high gain amplifiers where microphonics are a major concern.

The 12AX7ACZ-HG is also ideal for use in combo amps where vibration can cause premature tube failure. It's is a smooth sounding preamp tube delivering low noise under all conditions and great reliability.

The Ruby 12AX7ACZ-HG High Grade is a re-labeled JJ ECC83. It's the highest gain of all the 12AX7's, loved by classic rock and heavy metal guitarists.

Available in singles , matched pairs and quads

All RUBY™ Tube power tubes come already matched. There is no extra charge for this service. Our matching process is very exact and our tubes are matched within +/- 1 mA (milliamp) of each other.

All tubes are further QC checked on our own B&K equipment ,and tested here in Cornwall ,in our own shop ,to assure they meet specs.

Due to ongoing supply chain issues and tube shortages,call or email beforehand to confirm availability and current pricing
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