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Ruby Tubes

Tubes : Ruby Tibes by JJ : 5AR4 Rectifier tube

Tubes : Ruby Tibes by JJ : 5AR4 Rectifier tube

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Ruby Tubes 5AR4CZ Rectifier Tube is a full wave GZ34 rectifier made by Shuguang in China. This is a fan favorite-very sturdy 
Ruby Tubes 5AR4CZ is the highest quality on the market. It can be used as upgrade in circuits using 5Y3GT or 5U4GB.
All RUBY™ Tube power tubes come already matched. There is no extra charge for this service. Our matching process is very exact and our tubes are matched within +/- 1 mA (milliamp) of each other.

All tubes are further QC checked on our own B&K equipment ,and tested here in Cornwall ,in our own shop ,to assure they meet specs.

Due to ongoing supply chain issues and tube shortages,call or email beforehand to confirm availability and current pricing
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