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Tomsline AMD3 Metal distortion

Tomsline AMD3 Metal distortion

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AMD-3 Metal Distortion

Gain knob
This adjusts the amount of distortion. Rotating it clockwise increases the effect, whereas counterclockwise rotation reduces the effect. Out jack Connect this jack to your amp or to the input of another effect pedal.

Pedal Switch.This switch turns the effect ON/OFF.
Indicator This indicator shows whether the effect is ON or OFF. When the effect is ON, the indicator lights up

Tone knob This controls the tone. Rotating the knob counterclockwise will make the sound milder, while rotating it clockwise will make the sound sharper.
Level knob This knob adjusts the level of the effect sounds.

All metal enclosure for assures roadworthiness.

True bypass switching ensures accurate signal response.

Powered by external 9volt DC power (not included)

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