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Simple Symon

Simple Symon Wingman Mini-Riser

Simple Symon Wingman Mini-Riser

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Time to ditch that barstool/milkcrate/upside paintpail/makeshift amp stand !

Wingman is a new line of small footprint, "mini-risers" that fit securely atop any standard mike stand.

Wingman by Simple Symon allows you to use any of the growing series of lightweight,compact amps as your own personal monitor,by placing it at at ear level,instead of down low on the floor-where no one can hear it!

We Got Your Back! Wingman is the solution for musicians who still need to hear themselves properly,even on postage stamp sized stages.

Wingman also features an integral gooseneck and mike clip so you can easily mike up your amp and send your amp's signal into the house P.A.Designed and individually made locally, in our own shop.
Several standard sizes in stock and custom sized models available to order.

Pricing starting from $39.95 up

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