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Schecter SGR banshee blue electric

Schecter SGR banshee blue electric

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Another new model from Schecter,featuring a 24 jumbo fret rosewood fingerboard with dual humbuckers,diecast tuner and string thru cast bridge.

Features our own custom shop setup,properly levelling & profiling the frets and rounding over the fingerboard edges,for sleek,fast playability,as well as properly cut fingerboard nuts so your fingers won't get cramped up after ten minutes of shredding.

When it seems like every other store just pulls guitars from a box and sells them straight off the rack,WE take the time to individually optimize every guitar WE sell.

Our custom shop setup makes these guitars play like much pricier,"broken in" versions.
SO no,you won't need visegrips to play barre chords on our guitars.We also make sure these are properly intonated so they'll play more accurately,and "in tune" across the length of the fingerboard.

Exclusively from our shop,we install our own custom Q-Control,which makes this guitar go from beefy humbucker'd tones to jangley p90/single coil type tones,without the annoying single coil hum!

It's literally like getting two guitars for the price of one.

Includes our own TWO-YEAR free,seasonal maintenance coverage,and premium padded gigbag,

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