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RENTALS: Stage Lighting Rig:8 lights

RENTALS: Stage Lighting Rig:8 lights

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For bands and stage performances  we offer  theLP304 system.Extensive research and close collaboration with actual users helped create a system that has everything you need to light an average sized band. This Lighting System outperforms many more expensive lighting systems and can be easily transported in a small car.

The included Foot Controller responds to a light finger touch, a tap of a foot on the switches and to MIDI commands (through its MIDI interface). Scene changes have never been easier.

Each bar consists of four 300 Watt HALOGEN, Par 56 cans, swivel-mounted on a steel frame which houses a four-channel dimmer pack. It comes supplied with eight colored gels. Standard 50' XLR balanced microphone cables(INCLUDED).are used for control cables. DIMMER BARS may be used in parallel by "daisy chaining" control cables. 

We include a pair of CRANK style stands to make setup even easier than standard  conventional stands.

Call or email beforehand for availability and current pricing

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