Pigtronix Germanium Gold Overdrive/Compressor

Pigtronix Germanium Gold Overdrive/Compressor

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The Pigtronix Germanium Gold Micro takes their popular Philosopher’s Tone compressor and injects it with a healthy dose of germanium distortion.Add clean sustain to every note you play using the Blend control to combine the compression with your original signal.Then crank up the Grit control to mix in germanium-enhanced dirt.

You'll love the harmonic richness that the Germanium Gold Micro's unique diode arrangement lends to your tone. And its germanium-infused distortion adds a distinctive tonal coloration that attracts attention.The Germanium Gold Micro runs on standard 9-volt power and features internal 18-volt power for maximum headroom.

Complete with true-bypass switching, the Germanium Gold Micro is sure to elevate your playing.Dialing in the Germanium Gold Micro is a breeze, thanks to its streamlined 4-knob layout. That being said, it enables an impressive level of control.

The Volume knob controls your output level. The Sustain knob dials in the amount of compression. The Blend control combines your compressed and uncompressed signals. Finally, the Grit control mixes germanium distortion into your signal. 

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