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Orange Pedal Baby guitar amplifier

Orange Pedal Baby guitar amplifier

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The Pedal Baby 100 is a power amp for pedalboard setups. With 100 Watts of Class A/B power and a Class A front end, the Pedal Baby 100 has all the warmth and dynamics from old valve amps, making it the perfect partner for a pedal-centric rig. Small and lightweight, and with an intuitive 2-band EQ, it adapts brilliantly to different cabs when travelling light so you never have to worry about getting a consistent sound between shows.

  • Gives guitarists back the dynamics, punch and natural sound that are missing in many modern power amps
  • Class A/B produces real power into standard guitar cab impedances
  • Inspired by valve amp circuits, the Class A, single-ended front end design keeps all of your tone's mojo, then adds a bit more
  • The Bass and Treble controls are voiced more like ‘Depth’ and ‘Presence’ – right where you find the all-important low-end resonance and upper mid peaks that define the character of a speaker cabinet
  • Hook up your go-to cab and dial in all your favourite pedalboard tones with these EQ controls set flat (12 o’clock) – then tweak the EQ to ‘dial out’ the differences in any unfamiliar backline cab, giving you the sound of your own rig on any stage without messing up your pedalboard settings
  • Powering big cabs on big stages, the Pedal Baby 100 is the perfect amp for fly dates or any guitarist travelling light
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