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Orange Crush 50 bass amplifier

Orange Crush 50 bass amplifier

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From warm modern cleans, through to vintage grind and all the way up to full-on distorted mayhem, the Crush Bass 50 combines the essentials of a practice rig with tone and features normally reserved for the pros. The Crush Bass 50 draws inspiration from their flagship OB1 and 4 Stroke amplifiers, bringing some of the defining elements of each into a compact combo.

  • EQ circuit inspired by 4 Stroke Series amplifiers, featuring a parametric mid band which presents players with a much greater degree of control over the sound than a traditional EQ, allowing them to vary the frequencies they want hear
  • Blend and Gain controls allow for layers of harmonics and distortion from the guitar amp to be blended with the core bass tone to create the ultimate full-range live sound
  • All analog signal path delivers fat, rounded sound
  • 12" speaker with a reflex port provides improved low-end response
  • Headphone output features Cabsim circuitry which emulates the response of the Orange stage-ready OBC bass speaker cabinets during silent practice
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