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NUX Zeus Power Supply for pedalboards

NUX Zeus Power Supply for pedalboards

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As a musical instrument brand, NUX already built lots of pedals and multi-effects. For users who use high gain distortion pedals always have headache with the power supply. The DC daisy-chain can drive several pedals, but the ground noise will occur easily especially while you connect analog pedals and digital pedals at the same time.

To be an industry pioneer, NUX has the mission to build a reliable, extreme-low-noise, light-weight, universal power, high current, all-isolated power supply. Concept: Zeus was the god of the sky and thunder. His most famous power is the ability to throw lightning bolts. That’s why we name the power supply ~ ZEUS. Zeus provides 10 high current isolated DC power. It equips 10 isolated switching power transformers to offer clean and stable source for your pedals. As a modern musician, guitarists like digital post effects like Eventide®, Strymon®, …etc.

So Zeus comes with 3 adjustable high current outputs (9v/500ma | 12v/300ma | 18v/200ma), and 1 tweakable high current output (6v~9v~12v). It means you can use Fuzz or Phaser with the tweakable output to find the best sound. For working musicians, Zeus has USB port for your mobile device charging. Zeus’ universal AC power in can let you work all the world without any AC mistake. It’s reliable and durable to power your pedals.

Transient Currents (Powerful): The current of an effect pedal (especially power-hungry modern DSP effects) is different at the moment of power-on and normal operation. The transient current often exceeds the normal operating current by 1 to 2 times. Zeus can effectively provide more than 2 times the instantaneous start-up current. NOTE: 1-6CH: >1100mA, 7-10CH: >600mA, USB 5V: >2.1A.

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