NUX Loop Core DLX looper

NUX Loop Core DLX looper

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With upgraded hardware,the new Loop Core Deluxe by NUX allows you to record loop phrases up to 8 hours in length,with unlimited layers in 24bit high resolution audio quality and save them in up to 99 memory slots.

Nothing feels better than playing guitar along with realistic drum rhythms to drive you along and inspire you as well.The Loop Core DLX's all new drum machine comes with 40 different drum rhythms(20 in4/4,10 in 3/4)covering styles musical genres including rock,pop,blues,jazz & more.To finish your playing,you can choose from 3 different modes: NORMAL(Double Tap) instant stop. 2.FINISH:plays until the end of the lat measure. 3.FADE OUT with a 10 second fadeout.Import & backup your loop phrases: Connect your Loop Core DLX to your PC/MAC with a mini-USB connector cable to import available loop phrases or to back up your own.

Loop Core is only compatible with 24bit/44.1khz WAV files.This Loop Core DLX bundle INCLUDES the additional NPM footswitch which is absolutely the easiest to switch between loop phrases.Your recordings for verse,chorus,and bridge sections can now be seamlessly accessed utilizing the convenient dual footswitch


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