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Newatt all tube amplifier

Newatt all tube amplifier

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 A great sounding,versatile ,low-wattage  all tube combo,packed with a slew of features not normally found in this price range.

A separate clean,footswithcable channel with it's own level control.Overdrive channel with it's own gain and level controls,

THREE band equalization,and SHAPE control for fine teaking your tone.The rear panel sports an FX loop,with switchable level ,so you can can connect your outboard pedal OR rack processor. There are three output speaker jacks for connecting any 8 or 16 ohm speaker or the internally mounted 10 inch ,16 ohm speaker.The amp output is a rip roaring 5 watts rms .

Tube complement is: 12ax7(preamp) and 12bh7 (output)

A rear mounted headphone jack allows for practicing late into the might without annoying the neighbours or waking the dogs!

All of this ,wrapped up in a finely built,classy looking British style cabinet that stands out from all the other "me-toos" out there.

Measures approx.18" w x 9.75" d x 15.8" high .30.8 lbs

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