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ModTone Clean boost

ModTone Clean boost

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The ModTone MT-CB Clean Boost is an American designed true bypass boutique style pedal that adds nothing but pristine horsepower to your signal with no added noise or unwanted fuzz. When used as a lead boost, your parts jump out front with no change in your standard tone. Its you, only louder!

When used in a rhythm application your tone becomes more focused and alive whether you’re clean or mean!

More than just a simple volume boost, the ModTone Clean Boost is a tone shaping booster pedal that you simply wont be able to live without! Proprietary circuit design to allow up to 25db of boost, without adding distortion.-12 o’clock unity gain, turn level knob before 12 and it acts as a db cut too!Tone knob allows bass boost or treble boost, or anything in between.

Acts like 4 Pedals in one, Volume Boost, Volume Cut, Treble & Bass Boost.Useful for electric guitar and acoustic guitar, boosts a weak acoustic tone too!

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