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Kyser LifeGuard acoustic guitar humdifier

Kyser LifeGuard acoustic guitar humdifier

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Long Canadian winters and dry summers are some of the biggest enemies of wooden instruments. Prolonged exposure to these dry environments can cause permanent damage by warping and even cracking your instrument. Lifeguard humidifiers from Kyser are your best solution. The Lifeguard humidifier maintains a consistent humidity level directly to the porous interior of your guitar, extending its life and saving you money on costly repairs.

To use, simply soak the interior sponge in water, remove excess moisture and position it onto the soundhole of your guitar. Ideal for extended storage in its case and instruments in particularly dry environments.
• Maintains ideal humidity level for your guitar
• Prevents cracking and damage caused by dry environments
• Fits sound holes 3-3/4" to 4-1/8" (95.3mm to 104.8mm)
• Ideal for prolonged in-case storage and instruments in dry environments

Also helps for feedback reduction onstage when it's in left in place,in sounfdhole

Both sizes in stock;Dreadnaught(large) and classical/concert(small)

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