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Kluson KFT-3805CL machine heads

Kluson KFT-3805CL machine heads

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Introducing the NEW Kluson® 19:1 ratio tuning machine.These state of the art, lightweight, diecast tuners are designed to directly retrofit the stamped F tuners that Fender® used from 1969 to 1979 on standard production guitars and on reissues of models from that era currently being produced.Uses the offset 2 screw mount with push in bushings. All mounting hardware is included.

PLEASE NOTE: Original CBS era instrument should leave original bushings installed

Important Specs and Dimensions:
Peg hole requirement = 25/64 in from back with 15/64 inch collar depth
Bushing size = 1/4 I.D. - 25/64 inch O.D.
String Post Diameter = 1/4 inch
Post Type = Safe-T-Post

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