Guyatone MD3 Digital Delay pedal

Guyatone MD3 Digital Delay pedal

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Had to find but,WE have it !

If you've ever played a tape echo, you know that their tone is not dark sounding like some people claim, but actually quite bright and clear. The MD-3 gives the user the crispness and clarity of a tape echo combined with the longer delay time of a digital, while its controls react like an analog unit. 30-2600 milliseconds of delay time are available, more than enough to create an entire range of classic delay effects from Rockabilly slapback to Arena-rock washes of excess and everything in between.

At higher Feedback settings (above 3 o'clock) the MD-3 will self-oscillate like an analog delay, creating cacophonous cascades of repeats, UFO-landings, ray guns, and other bizarre sound effects. At lower Feedback settings (around 2 o'clock) the MD-3 can be used for multi-layering of short parts, creating beautiful, ethereal soundscapes that slowly fade into infinity. In addition, the MD-3 has a lower current draw than other digital units, which means you'll spend less time changing batteries and more time playing!

Quite possibly the smallest delay, unarguably the best: Try the MD-3 and discover what perfection is all about!


  • Delay Time controls the amount of delay (delay time)
  • S/M/Lswitches between 3 delay ranges: Short, Medium, Long
  • Direct Level controls the mix between the direct signal and the delayed signal
  • Feedback controls the feedback; higher feedback settings give more repeats


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