FX Imports: Cruzer Delay pedal

FX Imports: Cruzer Delay pedal

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Housed in a rugged steel case and by the use of analogue circuitry with modern components the Cruzer EF-DL Analog Delay enables you to create classic vintage delay effects with the rugged reliability and compactness that is made possible by today’s technology. True buffered bypass preserves the clean tone of your guitar and ensures silent switching between effect and bypassed signals.

A delay pedal with robust retro colors and styling. This fantastic pedal offers a wide range of controls and offers a great array of variations in time, repeat and levels. Rediscover vintage chorus, vibrato and rotary effects for guitar, bass and keyboards

It is housed in a rugged heavy duty metal casing, and can operate with either a standard 9v battery or center negative power supply (not included)

Built to last, this guitar pedal is virtually indestructible.
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