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(USED) DOD 844 Quad Noise Gate Rack

(USED) DOD 844 Quad Noise Gate Rack

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The DOD 844 Series II Quad Noise Gate consists of 4 independent noise gates
in a single rack space unit. Threshold, release time, and attenuation (0 dB to 90 dB) for each gate are user controllable. Special features include a Key
input for gating, or "keying", from a signal other than the input. A control output is also provided for triggering other devices with a 5 volt pulse from the selected channel when the input for that channel rises above the threshold.
Monitoring the operation of the 844 is made simple with front panel LEDs that indicate the operating status of each channel (lit when input signal is being gated.

Excellent condition.MADE IN THE USA 

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