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Dava Picks

Dava Picks

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Dava’s Grip Tip picks are a revolution in design. Utilizing patented over-molding technology and multi gauge flexibility, musicians not only get a velvety rubber feel and unparalleled grip, but also the ability to change pick gauge on the fly. Grip the tip for a hard gauge or release the flexible center section for a smooth rhythm feel.

Dava Control Picks are the most advanced and innovative guitar picks on the market today.

Our exclusive Control Region lets you bounce between the feel of a soft gauge (rhythm) to a hard gauge (lead) while playing!

Only Dava gives you picks with the precise ability to find your exact gauge—right when you want it.

Unlike ordinary picks, Dava picks have a flexible center section. This is placed right where you hold it. You control the flexibility by putting pressure either toward the tip or toward the back of the pick, or anywhere in between the two, giving you multi-gauge control.

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