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Cort S-400 Stellar Custom electric guitar

Cort S-400 Stellar Custom electric guitar

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This Limited Edition Stellar 400 model from our own shop features an agathis body finished in gloss black.The bolt on, slim profile maple neck and 22 fret rosewood  fingerboard uses a 25.5" scale, and 9.5" radius.It's also fitted sealed ,diecast tuners and a graphite nut for easy tuning.

The extra deep lower cutaway offers the player better access to the upper fretboard than conventional versions of this "ST" type guitar.A two-point fulcrum vibrato unit handles all the whammy bar activity needed easily.

What sets this Stellar model apart from similiar looking "ST guitars", is it's sporting three absolutely quiet, noiseless Shadow pickups installed in our own custom shop. So say goodbye to that nasty,annoying 6o cycle single coil hum normally encounter from all the other "ST" copies circulating on the planet.

This guitar will easily outplay and outperform any similiarly or higher priced comparable "Big Brand "versions currently available in the marketplace.

Includes Rainbow Custom Shop setup, fretwork & 3/32" action. and premium padded gigbag included.

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