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Cort AF505 acoustic

Cort AF505 acoustic

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The latest addition to Cort's EasyPlay Collection,the AF505 has a concert size body,42mm wid nut, shortened scale and light guage coated strings to help players on their journey.The AF5050 is specially designed for beginners,but with pro level features and quality materials for an authentic guitar playing experience.

The concert size body is smaller and produces a more focused and balanced sound than a larger size dreadnaught version,with less emphasis on the bass,and a stong midrange with clearer and sweeter highs.This sonic balance of the concert size makes it ideal for fingerpicking and solo note playing.

Spruce provides an ideal balance between strength and flexibility,hence it's overwhelming popularity as the wood of choice for acoustic guitar tops,,Bright yet natural sounding,strong warm midrange, mahogany has been a standard for acoustic guitar back & sides for many decades.

Chords are the building blocks of of music,and playing these correctly with the right fingering from the very beginning will set you up with a strong foundation.We shortened the scale length on our EasyPlay guitars from a traditional 25.5" to 24.75".This minimal change makes for all the difference in your hands.This reduces the distance between each fret just enough to help you better reach and master every chord from an A major to the dreaded F major barre chord.The narrower nut width makes chording in the lower register easier too.

Set-up and optimized in our own shop here in Cornwall,where we take the time and effort to properly level and crown the frets for a silky smooth feel.We also mill the bridge saddle and hand cut the fingerboard nut for optimum string height.

A guitar from OUR shop will play superbly,with easy on the fingers action,that won't chew up your fingers.Gigbag included as well as our own TWO YEAR,free seasonal maintenance coverage.

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