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Pickups : Artec sound-hole acoustic guitar pickup

Pickups : Artec sound-hole acoustic guitar pickup

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Rainbow Music Shop carries Artec's superb sounding series of soundhole pickups for acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars,with four models to choose from.

Featuring the latest magnetic coil designs,these pickups are fully humbucking,so,NO annoying 60cycle hum from your amp,like many of their competitors exhibit..

They're D.I.Y friendly and install in minutes without screws/glue/sticky stuff to harm your guitar finish.

Tighten two edge clamps and you're pretty much good to go.

You can attach the pickup's output cable to your guitar's strap pin,
or have it all installed in our shop,with a jack in the guitar's body instead.

You can select from four exotic wood finishes,with either sealed cover or,models with adjustable poles for fine tuning your guitar's string response.

In stock in a variety of finishes,as shown.

Artec may not be as well known(for now)on this side of the pond
as many of their higher profile counterparts,but they are one of the world's largest manufacturers of guitar pickups and preamps,and even more guitar related gear,supplying an impressive collection of guitar manufacturers around the world with their high quality electronics.

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