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(USED) Alesis CF1 Controller-expression pedal

(USED) Alesis CF1 Controller-expression pedal

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The Alesis CF-1 Combo Pedal Board features two foot switches and one expression pedal in an all-metal chassis with a non-skid footpad and feet.

When used with Alesis WildFire series amps, the expression pedal allows realtime control of parameters like volume, wah, or distortion.

The CF-1 Combo Pedal Board’s dual foot switches allow up/down scrolling through 80 presets. The switches can also be pressed simultaneously to activate the guitar tuner, and held down to mute output.

In addition, the Cf-1 Combo Pedal Board is compatible with amplifiers and keyboards from many other manufacturers.

Two multi-function footswitches

  • Scroll up and down through Alesis WildFire presets
  • Activite guitar tuner in Alesis WildFire series amps
  • Mute output while tuning in Alesis WildFire series amps
Expression pedal
  • Continuous control of volume, wah, distortion, etc.
Flexible use
  • Works seamlessly with Alesis WildFire series guitar amplifiers
Rugged and compact design
  • All-metal chassis
  • Non-skid footpad and feet
Permanently attached 4-meter cables
  • Prevents cable loss
  • Allows faster setup
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