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Ibanez T15 acoustic amplifier

Ibanez T15 acoustic amplifier

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What's the one thing that almost all small venue musicians strive for when it comes to amplifiers? Some might say "pure immersive tone", which would undoubtedly be followed by "portability". The compact Ibanez T-15 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier delivers exactly that, along with the striking appearance of a hand-crafted boutique amplifier.

Whether you're playing the local coffee shop or you're gigging at religious venues,or just jamming with friends,the sounds of the T-15 Series will fill the room. Plus, you won't have to break your back getting your amp in and out. The Ibanez T Series was designed with portability in mind,weighing just under 7 lbs !

The t-15  control panel features master volume,treble bass,and a switchable ,built chorus effect for enhancing your acoustic guitar's tone with studio quality richness.A headphone jack also comes in handy for practicing quietly,when the speaker' s output isn't required.We also include a bonus cable that allows you to plug the t-15 into your own PC recording system or interface.

And yes,you CAN use it for archtop jazz guitar playing !


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