The News (updated Oct.2.2023)



Thanks go out to all our friends & customers for an unusually busy summer season,making this one of THE busiest in the store's 51 years of operation.

Normally,the summer season is quiet(or in many cases-dead) for many stores,but this shop was too "occupied" to notice.

Please note that since this a one-man operation I'm doing several different jobs during the course of the day and yes,there's only so much time in a day to get most of them done.For that reason,the front door will remain locked during mornings as i try to keep up with the ramped up increase in repair work , speaker cab builds and packing the store's online orders for shipping out.

The store will be open (like the good old days)

after 1pm Monday to Friday,till 5pm.

IF afternoons can't work for you,I'd kindly ask to call or email ahead, before stopping by in the mornings,since i might be buried in work in the shop.

As before ,the store is closed between 11.30 amto 1 pm , for shipping and getting other stuff done about town.............


As always I try do my best !




Just another reminder---

,in order to keep up with the increased demand for this shop's custom guitar work,as well as speaker cabinet & rack case builds,I will ,for the time being,be suspending all repairs to amplifiers not purchased here,or ones that I haven't worked on in the past.As time moves on,it's simply harder to get parts or schematics fro many amplifier lines ,or very little support/co-operation from quite a few manufacturers or suppliers.It's seems to be a sign of the times these last several years...

As always I still provide priority,full suppport and repair services for my customers who have bought their amps & electronic gear from this shop.

This will not affect any guitar or bass repairs or setup work.


If you haven't noticed yet,the guitars section has been broken down into SIX separate sections.All guitar brands are listed alphabetically.You can access any of the six sections by clicking onto the selected tab of your choice,on the sub menu bar at the top of each of the guitar section pages.

Look for this header at the top of each guitar section:

Click on a tab below to go to that brand's page section

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The woodshop here has been very busy over the last several months,cranking out many new items,all under the Sherlock Audio banner.These include new very compact PA cabs,210 and 4x8 guitar cabinets.I'm also making a  little product line called Wingman that lets you "fly" a typical small amp on a regular mike stand so you can get your amp up off the ground and up in the air so you can hear yourself properly.The Wingman also has an integrated mike holder so you can also mike up your amp,back to the house PA system and use your Wingman "enabled" amp as your own monitor on stage.Many new products have been designed and will be making their way to the shop to be built,right here.




The Hofner Shorty is back ! The legendary little guitar and Shorty schort scale bass that was widely popular back in the ‘80’s is back in production.This guitar has FUN spelled all over it-it’s so frick-kin cool !We’ve imported our first batch in three meticulous finishes and we can easily say they’re superb with fit & finish better than ever.Like all guitars & basses I sell,I also perform my own custom shop fretwork(something they DO need)to allow insanely fast action, as well as shielding,and revoicing the tone control(also needed).This custom shop setup easily guarantees that a Shorty from this shop will easily outperform any other one you’ll find online ,or elsewhere,for that matter.

What makes the Shorty so cool compared to other “small” guitars? You don’t need a special heavier string guage to keep proper tension & tuning.The neck scale is a very comfortable 24.75” for a familiar (G-style) feel.The badass style bridge allows lots of room for accurate intonation adjustment.The “stock” humbucker pickup’s sound is nothing short of surprisingly good (!) so there’s really no need to swap it out unless you reaaaaly want to.It’s actually that good-go figure.The Shorty’s overall length of 32.5” makes it an easy stowaway travel guitar,even a a  backup or go-to guitar for rehearsals and pickup gigs.That,and your back won’t be aching after  three hours of playing it !