Mods & Custom Shop Work (updated April.11.2023)


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00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000   Our woodshop is now up & running and fully operational.The first of several new products have been handbuilt in our new "in-house" facility and are being released as we ramp up,so stay tuned to this site(and the web) for more upcoming details on these cool & innovative new products for stage & studio applications.


Got a combo guitar or bass amp that seems excessively heavy for no reason? Our custom shop also builds TransCab

conversion sleeves.What's that? We take your combo's amp chassis(the"guts" if you'd prefer)OUT of the combo cabinet

and we custom design and build a conversion sleeve that will now house your amp chassis into a much more transportable unit.You'll now have a separate,lighter weight "head" unit and a separate speaker enclosure.No more hernia inducing,aching forearm,stair clunking at 2 a.m. syndrome.We can also convert the "remaining" space into a storage compartment on your original combo enclosure for cables,pedals,etc.Here's some pics of a %eavey combo 300

bass amp that's been "converted"(anyone who's had to lift one of these behemoths knows it's a definite contender for

a TransCab sleeve).    Pic One  Pic Two  Pic Three       Pic Four   If you've "had it" with dragging around a dead weight,

talk to us.Chances are ,we can do a "Jenny Craig" on your combo amp you'll thank us for,in years to come....

We also offer custom built channel switchers,and loop-switchers that allow you to "insert" fx units in or out of your guitar's signal path.with true bypass,to keep your fx from degrading your guitar tone.You can also select between dual,independant fx loops.We also build splitters for piezo-bridge electric guitars that let you assign what signal goes where,at the tap of a footswitch. We also make matching cables needed for any of these units.

Over 45 years experience in modd'ing, tweaking, hot rodding, super-tuning, (whatever the fashionable term is this month) guitars & basses for players of all styles & skill levels has allowed us to offer guitarists a wide choice of sonic improvements for their instruments. You DON'T have to be a filthy-rich-rockstar to afford improved performance from your guitar and you DON'T have to shell out Three Grand for something that plays (and sounds) great either. Over the years we've come up with some great options that enhance & optimize the tone & versatility of, even lower priced guitars (for example: Fender Squiers, Hamer Slammers. Peavey Raptors, Washburn BT's, Ibanex AX models as well as typical Precision & Jazz bass types). We can add MORE tone options for Les Paul's, Telecasters, SG's, which are typically unavailable from mass manufactured versions,and our mod's will delight your ears.

This is just a partial listing of our more popular mod's, numbered for easy referral.

  1. New Speakermate XP mod for solid state combo ampsoffers the capability of adding one,or two external spkr cabinets to pretty much any solid state combo amp that DOESN'T allow this feature.
  2. Treble Restoration at lower volume control settings: for players who like to use their volume control at lower levels, this mod reduces the muddy, muffled tone that normally occurs near minimum pot rotation.
  3. UTC-usable tone control: we do this mod to all our shop customized guitars. We alter the "stock, muddy response" tone caps and replace them with more usable custom voiced tone caps that have more "character"
  4. Vari-Q Switcheroo: a multi position tone filter w/bypass that offers cool sounds at the turn of a rotary dial.
  5. Phase Switching: for strat & tele style guitars that come equipped with 3 position pickup swithes. For that signature Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits guitar tone.
  6. Tone Control changeover to bridge pickup for strat style guitars(tame that icepick edgy, brittle tone!)
  7. Dual, tone control for tele style guitars with optimized tone curves.
  8. Multi-Switching: for strat style guitars equipped with three pickups. Independant, mini switches (replaces the stock "blade" pickup switch) offers 12 sounds.
  9. Series-Parallel Switching: for telecaster style guitars with a push-pull control
  10. Output Jack Upgrade: replaces the stock "sloppy" jack found on 98% of imports.We undercut the channel and mount a higher quality positive contact Neutrik output jack that keeps your plug firmly in place.
  11. Pickup BlenderPot: varies the mix between pickups. For telecaster style guitars and PJ basses
  12. MidShift: for jazz style basses. Offers more versatile,"woody" tone.
  13. Series-Parallel Switching: For precision style basses. Go from fat bottom end and switch to enhanced midrange (similiar to a Rickenbacker's 4001 tone)
  14. Dual Tone Blender Pot: two,different,musically voiced tone curves with centre detent position.             Excellent for Les Paul/SG type,Schecter, ESP,-literally any passive pickup loaded guitar or bass.
  15. Dual Voiced Tone Control:features two different filter curves and a switchable full bypass offering enhanced top end an a subtle boost. Standard on all OUR BC Rich electric guitars & basses.
  16. Corrected wiring for "stock" Les Paul/SG,ESP guitars to allow TRUE blending between pickups.Factory stock models don't offer this feature.This is a drag since it doesn't allow doing fade in/fade outs between pickups,while holding a sustained chord or mixing both pickups together at the same time. We also correct the taper on the tone controls so you get a more gradual rolloff, instead of the standard "on-off" tone control.
  17. The "U.S. Upgrade" for Import LP/SG/Strat/Tele guitars.We can "Americanize" your import with genuine Fender & Gibson U.S replacement controls,switches,jack assembly,etc.

     19.  Custom assembly and setup,from start to finish ,of guitar "kits" supplied by you.(ie Warmoth,Allparts)

              OR, you assemble and leave the critical electronics and professional level setup work to us.

     20. Switchable speaker jack-We can install an external speaker jack on even the smallest little practice amp,

             so now you can power pretty much any external cabinet.Imagine running a typicaL 212 or 412 cabinet

             with your 15watt mini-combo.Depending on your amp's design,we can install a jack that can let you run

             both your internal AND an external cabinet OR, a switchable type that bypasses your internal spkr

             and only powers up a single external cabinet.

        21.Custom Q-contour with bass rolloff-clarify those muddy sounding humbuckers and give them a very     

        P90 type sound,without the annoying 60 cycle hum


                                                                                                                                        Gilles Grignon