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FrontRow live at RibFest Cornwall


















Gypsy "in The Park"   (Arts in thePpark Sept.2013)




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Mandee Woods is a Canadian recording artist; singer-songwriter.Her sound can be described as Adult Contemporary with a Pop-Country twist. Mandee has been involved in many projects over her musical career, but has now fallen into the place she's always wanted to be. Mandee comes from a musical family, and has spent her life in the midst of talented musicians/artists.She's been performing all her life, and continues to call the stage her home.Mandee has had great opportunities to play on some of the biggest stages,and plans to perform on many more in the future. Website


Cornwall based rock band Gypsy has released their second full-length CD titled “Now Playing”

“Now Playing” offers a delightfully raunchy, rock n’ roll sound.  It showcases the four member’s individual talents and personal musical influences across 12 original new songs.  Website

  Lead singer Jean Beaulieu and Marty Verville have been writing music for the last 5 years, all the while jamming together every Friday.  Things began to get serious when they added a rhythm section consisting of veteran musicians Marc Muir on bass and Steph McAlear on drums. With its provocative title “The Smoke After Sex”, the album offers a classic rock n’ roll sound tinged with southern blues that recognizes the band’s diverse influences, including Led Zeppelin, Neil Young and the Foo Fighters.  It showcases Jean Beaulieu’s powerful voice and guitar hooks across 8 original new songs .Website
  Hailing from Ontario, Canada, SwitchGear broke into the country/rock scene in 2010. Their passion fueled chemistry has driven them to collectively write a ton of songs teeming with ultra-catchy gems. Their music fuses original bright melodies with arena ready riffs, generating killer southern rock anthems in their purest form.Website


The CD features 10 songs of catchy melodies and story-telling lyrics that cover a variety of themes such as fidelity, broken relationships and the environment.

“The songs on this CD collectively represent the best work that I have done”, said Graham Greer. “I’ve been playing the songs to live audiences, and the reaction has been very positive.” Website

Gypsy-sweating up a dose of rocking boogie & blues at   Lola's Outdoor Pub  July-23-2011
Melanie Brulee D'amour-Lift-off 2011 at the Lamoureux   Park Bandshell
Canada Day July 1-2011 -The FlipSide   The FlipSide weblink
The Graham Greer Band   Liftoff 2009    
A Little R & R-at the Bandshell    
Retro Crush at La Maison    
 The Butlers Aug.2.2007  Lamoureux Park    
The Sam Hill Band -performing at Lift-Off July-14.07    
  Barstool Prophets -performing at Lift-Off July 12 Day 1    
Mike McAnany & Steve Proulx    
Superstone-performing July 1st Canada Day