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All available time slots have now been filled  for the fall & winter season.

There are no other available lesson time slots available at this time.

Thank You !


    Want to be a REAL Guitar Hero?  Then learn to play a REAL Guitar!

If you’re an aspiring guitarist or bass player that’s just starting out or a "former" player that played in the past,

and you want to learn to play AND play well,then check into our lesson program.

Learn at your own pace, in our own store studio, one to one.We offer  lessons in a ½ hour format on a 50/50 basis:

50 percent theory and 50 percent playing time. We use an accelerated process to get you playing faster, without wasting your time (& money) The mix of material is chosen so that you can have enough material to play in a band format or with friends & fellow players.

You learn from a wide choice of musical material so you''ll play as much variety & styles as possible including folk, pop, alternative, new country, classical performance pieces, rock and even soundtrack (score) material. The material is selected to gradually introduce more complexities as the lesson program progresses. In much the same manner we won’t spend six weeks learning something like “mary had a little lamb”, we won’t tie up six weeks on learning two bars from a Metallica riff either.

That’s not what we’re about. Our goal is to get you playing lots of songs,learning the tricks behind the songs and some jaded humour thrown in for good measure.

This concept works toward making the student a well “rounded” diversified player, allowing them to approach lots of different bands & songs so they can eventually decide which direction they prefer to go in. Many times, a beginning player starts out, determined to learn one specific genre.After time,It's not unusual to see a player do a complete 180 degree turnabout down the road, and end up playing or writing different material than what he or she started out with.

For aspiring songwriters, you’ll learn how to express your ideas and get them across to other players, while discovering the tricks & processes involved on how the pro’s put songs together.

When you're ready to "graduate" from Guitar Hero or Rocksmith or whatever,and get serious about playing  real guitar,we're here!

As a beginning guitarist you’ll also learn: tuning, string & note names, note recognition, chord formation, chord families & chord progressions, strumming, picking patterns, useful scales, barre chords, basic riffs, jams & improvising, tempos & rhythm patterns, solo & song construction, etc and how to "translate" your musical ideas better to other players. You’ll also learn to read TAB and chord charts, the two most popular methods for learning from songbooks.

                                      Unleash the "closet rocker" in yourself!

For players who have previously played, in their earlier years and are looking to pick it up again, we can fast-track you after a quick review of the essentials and get you playing more “stuff” AND, play it properly. Looking to break some bad playing habits that were possibly ingrained early on and finally learn some theory? Now’s the time to get cracking! For these players, we also offer a “classic rock” lesson package that includes songs by such bands as Aerosmith, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Eagles, AC/DC,just to name a few..

Our accelerated format teaches you about the equivalent of everybody else’s 3 year lesson program in about 18months. This accelerated format also assumes that the student has the available time to practice and cover the material at home during the week.

Lessons book a year at a time,from September to June. Each lesson year consists of three (3) sessions:

Session 1: September to Christmas (begins week after school starts/finishes week before Christmas)

Session 2: January to March Break (begins after Jan1/ends for March Break/no lessons during the March Break)

Session 3: March Break to end of June (begins after March Break & ends week before June school exams study week).

We can also supply learning materials for take-home during the break time in lessons,so your education continues.

The cost for each session is determined by multiplying $20.00 (cost per lesson) by the number of weeks in that particular session. For example,Session One runs from September to December,and typically has 15 lesson weeks.So,$20.00 x 15weeks =$300..00 for that session cost. Each session is pre-paid in advance, with payment for the following season due BEFORE the last week of the current session, in order to guarantee a timeslot for that particular student.

Please take note --there are no refunds offered once a lesson season has begun

Cost of each session INCLUDES all course materials (reference & music sheets, & cd’s) needed to complete the course objectives. These cd's’s are frequently updated so it’s important that the student keeps these handy in their guitar case or binder pocket. These cd’s are to be returned if the student does not complete the session.The student is not required to purchase any songbooks for this programme but, is expected to supply a binder to contain all the learning materials and have access to a cd player for practicing and reviewing course material as required.

The really important part:

The student is expected to supply their own, PLAYABLE (acoustic or electric) instrument, that can remain tuned or won’t hamper the student’s ability to play comfortably, for extended periods of time on that particular instrument.

We can help you determine what’s suitable to properly learn on. A student cannot learn to play on an instrument that can’t be tuned accurately or fretted comfortably, in much the same way a speed skater would be hampered with a pair of skates one size too small to wear with chipped,twisted or rusted blades and worn out arch supports!

The Hard Truth and Reality of our lesson program
This accelerated course is designed for people who really want to play guitar AND, have the time available for practicing. Beginning students must have a MINIMUM of 1/2 hour EACH day to review & practice the material covered. A beginner’s learning curve is very steep for the first 90 days.In order to facilitate even rudimentary motor skills and,coordination ,it normally takes this long to become “second nature” with the required practice.

If guitar lessons (and the time required to practice) is going to interfere with hockey, intramural, skateboarding, soccer or some other substantial activity that will demand more of your time than lessons, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR GUITAR LESSONS (read the previous text again) The student will not learn and progress at the anticipated rate.

If you can’t make the continued commitment , please-- DO NOT SIGN UP FOR GUITAR LESSONS.

It really does require a lot of dedication,time & practice to become proficient at playing guitar !

Some people learn to play guitar, others learn to play on a guitar. Yes, some people are naturals at it. Others have to really work at it. If you do enjoy it-that’s what counts!    Gilles Grignon


                       Our fully equipped,sound proofed,lesson studio located within our own music shop at 1418 Pitt.                                                                                              


* a note for parents: we do not use any musical material containing explicit content or likewise themes.