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Amplifier Tubes

Yes, WE carry tubes in stock.We have all the popular types by Sovtek,Electro-Harmonix,PM,Groove Tubes and Ruby

It's amazing how many music stores carry a few tube amps,yet they don't even stock replacement tubes.Huh?

Well,when it's time to change 'em,we have them for your amp. We've got yer tubes right here!


                                                                                           Tube types currently in stock


PM Tubes:5AR4-GZ34//6L6GC
JJ Slovakia:EL84//ECC83s


Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Yes,your acoustic guitars can be retrofitted in our custom shop with any variety of under-saddle pickup and pre-amp systems,including the A500 System with a true 5-band equalizer delivering robust,tight bass,silky smooth,transparent mids & crystal clear high end response along with dual variable mid-freq to help tame nasty feedback,as well as a mute function and low battery indicator. Ask Gilles for a quote.


AGT-100 PiezoCap

An excellent entry-level contact transducer. The patent-pending transducer head fits neatly into a "beer cap", and dozens of breweries have contributed their caps for use in the product. It attaches simply and easily to the guitar body with a re-usable adhesive that will not mar or affect the guitar surface. A short cable with a 1/4" female connector is attached. IN $39.99


Rainbow Music Shop now has Artec's superb sounding series of soundhole pickups for acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars,now in stock with eight models to choose from.
Featuring the latest magnetic coil designs,these pickups are fully humbucking,so,NO annoying 60cycle hum from your amp,like many of their competitors exhibit....
They're D.I.Y friendly and install in minutes without screws/glue/sticky stuff to harm your guitar finish.
Tighten two edge clamps and you're pretty much good to go.
You can attach the pickup's output cable to your guitar's strap pin,
or have it all installed in our shop,with a jack in the guitar's body instead.
You can select from four exotic wood finishes,with either sealed cover or,models with adjustable poles for fine tuning your guitar's string response.(check the pics!) Pic1    Pic2    Pic3    Pic4    Pic5    Pic6
Artec may not be as well known(for now)on this side of the pond
as many of their higher profile counterparts,but they are one of the world's largest manufacturers of guitar pickups and preamps,and even more guitar related gear,supplying an impressive collection of guitar manufacturers around the world with their high quality electronics.




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We carry a large stock of  generic replacement bridges as well as aftermarket upgrade versions for improving the performance,reliability and tone of just about any guitar that's been built. We're also the area's only authorized Buzz Feiten retrofit shop as well as an Earvana Install shop.We've also been installing Badass bass bridges since they were invented way back when ?

We also stock a huge variety of Graphtech saddles & nuts for every guitar we've seen!

Tone Pros







D.I.Y Cabinet & case building materials

WE know how hard it is to get high quality plywood for the avid speaker builder.Forget the average "home centre-big box"(what IS that stuff they call birch, anyways?)

Well.....we now stock & sell "the real deal" You no longer have to chase all over god's green acre trying to get decent plywood.WE stock the best quality,premium level BB,Baltic Birch plywood,with a typical 13 ply count.We sell these in a 1/3 panel size of 32" x 48" .Yes, you can actually fit these panels into your minivan and more so,in your car's backseat.

We stock a wide array of tough,metal corners,with various profiles to fit cabinets built with 1/2 inch,3/4 inch and even 1 inch materials.

WE keep in stock lots of  shallow,deep,metric and "American" thread sized bolts and wood screws,for building or repairing your own speaker cabinets.

We offer a good choice of plastic & metal jackplates as well many types of metal bumper feet and different sizes of plastic and rubber cabinet feet.

We sell strap handles,bar handles as well as stand insert cups for speaker cabinets
Vinyl cabinet covering Black now in stock
Black Charcoal cab covering Black Now in stock


Cables & Audio Adaptors

We carry a ridiculously large variety of audio adaptors,gender benders,matchers,whatever they're called this week. If we don't have the right audio adaptor or cable in stock,we can custom assemble one for you,in our own shop! Heck,we've been doin' that for over forty years so we can tell you what will work and what won't.We'll set you up right.

We stock & use lots and lots of Digiflex copper conductor cable and Canare Premium quality cable,soldered onto high quality Neutrik connectors.We make & stock our own cables in one,two,three,five,ten,15,20,and 25 foot lengths but if you need custom lengths or a rack loom,let us know.We'll be glad to assemble whatever gets the job done for you.

We have the expertise AND the experience and some high end soldering gear to make sure you stay connected!

Here's some specs on stuff we use for assembling our cables,for those interested in such things: hCanare GS-6 cable

Neutrik Silent Plug NNeutrik NP2C Plug Neutrik NC3 xlr    Speakon   Switchcraft 280 Plug SDigiFlex Cable ihCraftSilent PlugheewreerHere

Cases & Covers


4-space GRB-4U

Portable lightweight racks made with Close grained 9mm plywood cabinets covered in padded 600-denier nylon.Dual threaded rails. Zip-out flaps with strategically designed feet allows the bag to stand up. Large outside accessory pockets withHeavy-duty shoulder strap & Two padded carrying straps.



4-space GR-4L

18.75" rackable depth.Lightweight polyethylene construction with Front & rear rack rails.Threaded field replaceable 7mm zinc plated steel rack rails.Locking lids.Heavy duty twist latches.Comfortable recessed side handles.Heat treated 10/32 bolts with protective washers included. Large View


12-space 19" rack mount case.poly construction with removable front & back twist-latched covers IN

wireless mike case

Wireless Mobile case,designed for single wireless system to be used in the case.Access for antennae to be extended while inside case. Space for lavalieres, cables & wireless
mike with transporter mounted.Front and rear access. Unzips for easy set up in the field.Shoulder strap and padded carrying handles.


DJ LP case

Protect those precious vinyl LP's with this metal clad ,foam lined case.Metal capped corners add further prtection against rough treatment in & out of vehicles.Heavy duty twist lock and top mount carrying handle.Don't own any vinyl? You can also use this case for transporting your mikes,cables,FF pedals and more.




ABS roller case for 3-rack units- lightweight, stackable, molded case made of high grade polyethylene for easy handling and durability - Removable front and rear lids (6 cm usual depth) w/ gasket sealed to protect equipment from moisture and dust, 2 front rails for rack-mount, 2 integral handles for easy portability, 1 retractable handle and 2 double skate-style wheels for easy move - Usual inner dim.: 45(W)x42(D) cm(= 17 3/4 x 16 1/2 in.) -WxDxH:56x50x23(usual=16)cm/22x19.5x9 in. - Weight: 6.4Kg/14 Lbs.



Hardware case

Transport case for cymbal & hihat stands & pedals,mike boom stands,cables,etc.


Amplifier Covers

We have a limited stock of Fender amp covers remaining in stock for the following models: Fender DLX 112/Performer 650/Dlx85/M80 chorus 212 combo/BXR 100.

And hard-to-findTubeworks amp models: TD752 112 combo/T60 112 tube combo/

2100 112 combo.


Custom Shop Cases

Have an "oddball" sized mixer or amp that desperately needs protection from the hard knocks of life on the road?We also manufacture our own cases in our own in-house woodshop.These aren't your typical plasticky asian made cases.We use premium quality birch ply to withstand the rogors of the road.Since these are custom cases,prices vary.



Connectors -We carry a large selection of high quality connectors in stock by Neutrik and Switchcraft

XLR female panel socket XLR female panel socket XLR male panel socket XLR male panel socket
XLR male plug XLR female plug XLR female angle plug XLR male angle plug
Np2C male mono plug The Silent Plug 1/4" male mono plug TRS 1/4" stereo plug
1/4" angled male angled 1/4" jumbo speaker plug trs 1/8" mini male plug RCA phono plug
1/4 to 1/4 female coupler 1/4" female mono jack Solidbody guitar jack Speakon 2-pole connector
Speakon 4-pole connector Rean switching jack Rean switching jack Black 5 pin male din plug
7 pin male din plug  5 pin female panel socket 7 pin female panel socket Switchcraft 28Oplug




Visit the EMG Website here


Active humbucker- Although the EMG-85 has more measurable output than the 81, its frequency response and string interface are different. The 85 uses two Alnico magnet loaded coils with a wide aperture to maintain a beefy lowend and a fatter top end. Because of a more natural tone, it works great as a rhythm and blues pickup because it has loads of output but isn't muddy. Itís a perfect choice as a rhythm pickup in combination with an 81 in the bridge, which is the same pickup combination used by Zakk Wylde. Specs



Active 7-string humbucker- The pickup is housed in our 35 Extended bass housing, so it's not a direct replacement for a humbucking pickup. The 707 is a dual coil pickup with Alnico Poles similar to the 85, with the same amount of output.Specs



Vintage single pkp; active- Using the same original string interface (staggered Alnico 5 pole pieces), the SV is tone modeled after the 1959 Strat with that familiar peaky response at around 3000 Hz giving it that "plucky" percussive attack. Because it's truly a marriage of vintage design and state of the art electronics, it has a much smoother, less scratchy distortion sound, and more output. Specs



Vintage single pkp; active- The EMG-SA pickup combines the attributes of the early Strat* sound but with an added midrange response and higher output, giving it "bell-like" ringing harmonics and increased sustain. One single Alnico bar magnet delivers classic overdrive with a smooth midrange distortion, while still retaining the familiar high-end of a single-coil pickup. These characteristics provide greater versatility than what is normally found in single-coil pickups. Specs



Tele set; active- This two-pickup system is geared toward the high end with less emphasis on the mids. The EMG-TC features a bright, clear, penetrating high end that's as naturally bright as we could design it without losing the harmonic sweetness typical of EMG designs. All in all, it's a tight, bright, aggressive sound.Specs


Select P

for p-basses;passive- Clarity and punchiness make the EMG-SEP a great choice for the bassist going for the look and sound of the new bass guitar revolution. This dual coil bass pickup fits in standard guitar humbucking routing.Specs



Active guitar expander module- The frequency response of the EXG is similar to normal guitar amp equalization. The lows and highs are boosted while the midrange is dipped out. The EXG is great for creating a fuller tone that doesn't get muddy, while keeping it clean and clear, letting your guitar stand out in the mix.Specs



Active preamp booster module- a straight booster preamplifier mounted on a minitoggle switch. Perfect if you want to just plain overdrive the input of your amp for distortion. It has a trim pot so you can preset the amount of boost up to an additional 20 dB. The PA2 will also work with passive pickups.Specs



Active p-bass set- uses short, squat coils that have very little resistance and plenty of inductance. Because the coils are not in series like the passive types, there's about twice as much low end as a passive pickup. Ceramic magnets are used to add clarity. Countless pros use it because they find it has a natural presence, powerful lows, punchy midrange, and superior definition.Specs



Active pj bass set- Combining the EMG-P and a single EMG-LJ unit in a complete assembly, the EMG-PJ gives you improved flexibility for new dimensions of sound. The EMG-P has a full complement of low register power and The EMG-LJ provides a full midrange and extended high frequency response for a well defined attack.Specs



Active acoustic guitar pkp system- A stand-alone pickup/preamp system includes the AT93 Pickup, respectively, along with a custom preamp that's mounted directly to EMG's own UltraJak. This specially designed preamp has a low-frequency rolloff at 18dB per octave to remove the "boom" from your acoustic guitar and includes a subtle low mid-range contour that enhances the overall tone. The result is great acoustic tone, that's natural and open. Have it installed properly by us! Specs









Visit the EPM Website here

BottleCap Pickup



The Bottle Cap pickup is an excellent entry level contact pickup that works by picking up the aoustic guitar's vibrations and reproducing your guitar's signal for an amplifier.Available in a variety of beercab logo's,this pickup attaches simply to your instrument with reusable adhesive.A short cable with a 1/4 inch female plug adaptor allow you to use any guitar cable you have on hand.


Quantum Q

Controls include volume,bass.mid,treble.Includes under saddle pickup.professional installation recommended ,available from our shop.

As used on Art & Lutherie instruments.Made in Canada.have it properly installed by us!  9 volt battery operation


Quantum Pro

Top of the line epm system with sweepable mid controls,

switchable phase for reducing feedback,Can be wired for hi or lo impedance output.Comes with 1/8" under saddle pickup.

Made in Canada.have it properly installed by us.






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Fender & Gibson OEM Parts

We stock a tonne of OEM parts for Fender & Gibson as well as just about every other type of guitar.We have genuine CTS control pots & knobs,Switchcraft,Oak & Grigsby pickup switches,tone capacitors,Carling DPDT footswitches, genuine Floyd Rose locking vibrato parts,Fender amp footswitch units,Fender amp covers, the list goes on..............




Visit the Fishman Website here

Acoustic matrix natural 1

Recommended for smaller sized concert or auditorium acoustic guitars that wuould benefit sfrom the slight bass boost from the built-in active preamp .In stock in wide and narrow width format.Professional installation recommended. more

Acoustic matrix natural 2

The flatter response is a good match for larger,boomy sounding acoustic guitars.Because of it's high resistance to feedback,it also makes a good choice choice for amplified guitars played at high stage volumes .In stock in wide & narrow width formats .Have it properly installed by us.. more

AG125 & PowerJack

Under saddle piezo ceramic transducer for acoustic guitar with matching,buffered,active preamp mounted in endpin jack assembly.

For steel string acoustic guitars.Have it properly installed by us.more


Under saddle piezo ceramic transducer for acoustic guitar.No active preamp but recommended for true flat response.Professional installation recommended.

For steel string acoustic guitar. more  Have it properly installed by us.



GraphTec Parts

StringSaver Strat style StringSaver import style Tusq Strat style Tusq Gibson style
StringSaver Acoustic Tusq Acoustic StringSaver Strat style StringSaver Tele comp


Guitar Hardware

tele electrosocket football black metal football chrome metal black plastic
chrome metal creme plastic import Gibson style Import Gibson style
Humbucker rings black Humbucker rings black Pickup conversion ring Flat chrome metal rings
floyd locking nut roller nut strat style tremolo arms floyd style tremolo arms
Locking Tuners Chrome Locking Tuners Black Locking Tuners Gold 6-saddle telestyle bridge
inline- inline inline- chrome-
Diecast Tuners-Gold Diecast Tuners-Chrome Diecast Tuners-Chrome Diecast Tuners-black
3+3 set- 3+3 set inline set- inline set-
Bass-Open Gear-Inline Bass-Diecast-2+2 Vibrato/tremolo springs  


Harmonicas by Lee Oskar,Huang ,Hohner and Suzuki

WE are  now Cornwall's NEW source for the Lee Oskar line of high quality harmonicas !
Rainbow Music Shop stocks all the popular models,in all keys, including the Lee Oskar Orange,Green and Yellow series models,in standard and altered tunings too !

IN $64.95

Huang BacPac

The Huang Bac Pac Harp is most often preferred by Country and Western players because of it's warm and robust sound that originates from it's Wood Comb and  a 25% Heavier Reed Plate Construction than other models. Many Rock, Folk and Blues Players also have been known to pick up a Bac Pac Harp from time to time! 

The Bac Pac Harp is economically priced and a Great Value in a 10-Hole Diatonic Harmonica!

IN $24.95

Huang Silvertone

Special reed setting for easier bending and brilliant tone projection make the SILVERTONE DELUXE the perfect harp for Blues & Jazz. 10 holes & 20 reeds. IN $24.95

Huang Star Performer

The 25% heavier reed plate construction allows reeds to swing at greater distances producing a stronger and more powerful sound. It's the choice of demanding ROCK stars in concert. 10 holes and 20 reeds IN $24.95

Suzuki Easy Rider

The all new EASY RIDER harmonica is our answer to every entry level player's dream. An exceptional quality product manufactured to exacting specification, just like our professional models. It's built to last, feels comfortable and sounds great. Laser tuned brass reeds are easy to pitch bend for that fat, expressive sound the blues and folk player wants. Easy Rider includes a compact carrying case . IN $12.95

Suzuki FolkMaster

The Suzuki Folkmaster harmonica is both easy to play and economical to purchase. Its exceptional sound clarity and perfect tuning is made possible by a unique laser manufacturing process. Thin bendable reeds produce a mellow tone and the widest choice of sound timbres available from any harmonica manufacturer. The most exacting standards are used together with a molded plastic waterproof body and classically sculptured metal covers to make your musical experience as rewarding as possible. Includes a hard shell carrying case. IN $19.95

Harmonica Harness

'Hands Free' Harmonica holder/harness suitable for diatonic, chromatic, octave and other 10 hole harmonicas from Hohner and other popular manufacturers.

The clamp grips the harmonica and the support goes round your neck holding the harmonica in front of your mouth, It is fully adjustable with the wingnuts so you can position it correctly.

Great for buskers or any performer that wants to play harmonica while playing guitar . Chrome plated metal.

IN $19.95






MusicTech N.O.S (New-Old-Stock)


The BridgeLocker allows you to lock and unlock your vibrato bridge setup,just by swinging the whammy bar from one position to the other,without changing the "feel".Simplifies playing live without having to deal with the quirks of some whammy bridge setups. Large View  Made in Canada



Guitar MidBooster

This ultra quiet mid boost/pre-amp requires no routing and operates on a single 9volt battery,tucked away inside your guitar OR,you can build it inside a pedal so you can use it with more than one of your guitars if needed. Features variable Hi/Lo midrange control,Variable 3 to 1 volume boost.Experienced installation

only.For passive pickup equipped guitars only. LargeView    Made in Canada


Bass MidBooster

Features 18db maximum gain.LO mid is variable from 80 hz to 1.5 khz.

Hi mid ranges from 500 hz to 3 khz. Experienced installation only-not for beginners armed with a soldering gun.For passive pickup loaded basses only.

LargeView  Made in Canada




Orphans & Strays

We have a large stock of "orphans & strays"-pickups that have been removed from lots of different guitars & basses when customers had us replace these with other brands,etc. These slightly used pickups are 100% operational & are being sold off at substantial savings, with single coil strat types starting from only $25.00 each.We also have complete matched sets(removed from various Strats & Tele's) as well as various humbuckers & bass pickups,again all VERY affordably priced.Call or stop by for current stock.If you're looking for inexpensive pickups for that fixer-upper,garage sale special frankenstein bass,or neighbour's kid hand-me-down guitar that needs an inexpensive pickup transplant,chances are we have the pickups that'll fit the bill,in stock for you!

Planet Waves


Precision tuners with built-in string cutters!

These precision-designed tuning machine with built-in hardened steel string cutters and individual string clamps are real time-savers. The patent-pending design cuts excess string while you tune, eliminating the need for extra tools. Individual string clamp securely holds string in tuner, so there is no need for multiple wraps around the tuning post. Rugged die-cast outer casing houses precision-machined 18:1 bevel and worm gears, providing smooth, exact tuning, while virtually eliminating backlash and slippage. The string clamp and cutting mechanism makes the chore of restringing a snap.

3-per side model/chrome 3-per side/black 6 inline/chrome 6 inline/black

*Precision-designed tuning machine/Built-in hardened steel string cutters/Cuts excess string while you tune.

*Eliminates the need for extra tools/Individual string clamp securely holds string in tuner.

*Rugged die-cast outer casing houses precision machined 18:1 bevel and worm gears for smooth, exact tuning.

*Eliminates backlash and slippage.

Planet Waves Lemon Oil is a natural cleaner and conditioner formulated to remove dirt, grease and build-up from unfinished woods on all string instruments. It's particularly recommended for use on fretboards and unfinished woods. Lemon Oil also helps to condition your instrument to resist dryness which can prevent cracks and extend its life.

Planet Waves Protect is a natural protectant and sealer for all clear coated instruments, combining premium quality Brazilian Carnauba Wax and advanced chemistry to produce a distinct radiance with quick and easy application.Safe on all clear coated instruments.A natural protectant

and sealer that applies easily.

Planet Waves restore deep cleaning polish is a formula designed to remove swirl marks and even light scratches from all clear coated instruments.Designed to cut through the toughest grime.helps removes minor scratches and even swirl marks. Planet Waves Shine spray cleaner and maintainer is an easy to use daily cleaner for all clear coated instruments. Shine erases dust, fingerprints, and minor imperfections, while color enhancers bring out your instrument’s beauty.

PW-CP-O1 Capo

Designed for standard electric and acoustic guitars, The Planet Waves Ratchet Capo’s molded design offers ease of use and function at an affordable price. The simple and intuitive ratchet design locks strings into place with a simple squeezing motion. One press of the quick release lever unlocks the capo for easy removal or repositioning on the fretboard

Lightweight design adds almost no weight to neck of instrument.


PW-CP-05 Capo

  • Designed for acoustic and electric guitars with radiused fretboards
  • Micrometer tension adjustment assures buzz-free in-tune performance at every fret
  • Single hand operation; can clamp to the headstock when not in use
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Designed for 6- and most 12-string guitars

PW-CP-02 Capo

The Planet Waves NS Capo Pro in black is made from aircraft grade aluminum for use on acoustic and electric 6 and 12 string guitars. The NS Capo Pro assures buzz-free in-tune performance at any fret. A patented micrometer adjustment mechanism allows the player to dial in the exact tension needed for clear ringing notes without excessive force in any position on the neck. This greatly reduces the need to retune your guitar during and after capo use.

Screeching Halt

The Planet Waves Screeching Halt soundhole plug allows you to play your electric acoustic at far greater volume, without unwanted feedback or howling. The tapered design allows for a great fit in most soundholes, while the inert material is safe for your guitar’s finish. Simply place the Screeching Halt into your acoustics' sound hole and enjoy a feedback-free performance. Fits 100mm diameter soundholes(4 inches).

Guitar Humidifier

The number one cause of major guitar repairs is lack of humidification. Humidifying your guitar is an essential step in maintaining your instrument. The GH Humidifier hangs safely in the sound hole suspend by the instruments strings so it never touches the body of the instrument. Simply moisten the sponge, install and that's it. The humidifier releases the moisture slowly and evenly keeping your guitar perfectly humidified. When the sponge becomes completely dry, moisten it again and insert back into the soundhole.Absolutely

s must during our dry,cold winter

months !


We stock a wide of variety of chrome plated steel,chrome plated

brass and authentic glass bottle slides in a variety of sizes. The Glass Bottle Slide is the secret behind the tones of many great slide players past and present. Based on the specifications of a vintage medicine bottle, the unique glass surface and light weight offer excellent tone, sustain, and playability. Planet Waves Chrome Plated Brass Slides provides a bright bell like tone with excellent sustain. The solid brass is chrome-plated to a mirror like shine for effortless gliding and ease of playing. Perfect for both acoustic and electric guitars




Pickguards-Another large shipment of strat & tele pickguards  has arrived !

We stock a pretty cool assortment of pickguards to upgrade and personalize your guitar's look with.Only a few are shown below-we have lots! We have  'em for strats & teles,P-basses & jazzes,in all kinds of  stunning graphics,patterns & finishes. We also offer any of our pickguards as a complete assemby,pre-wired & loaded from our shop with pickups by Seymour Duncan,Dimarzio,EMG,Lace,Select and loads of custom switching options.All you have to do is solder 3 wires and you're good to go or you can have us do it as part of a larger custom shop setup.



Potentiometers,Knobs , Switches,Tone Capacitors-yep,WE stock lots of 'em

CTS with damped rotation 1 meg ohm dual 500k  pan/balance import with fast rotation
push-pull 500k switchpot chrome control knobs strat style knob set black strat style knob set creme
top hat knobs black speed knobs gold speed knobs black bell knobs amber
bell knobs creme bell knobs gold bell knobs white  
long frame LP pickup switch import LP pickup switch 90 degree LP SG switch import LP boxframe switch
Carling DPDT footswitch Fender style 3-way Fender style 5-way Fender style 3-way
polyester tone capacitors metalized film tone caps    



Raw Loudspeakers,Tweeters,etc

We stock a wide selection of Fender OEM guitar and bass amp speakers,Eminence speakers as well as replacement woofers and tweeters to revive those generic and non-generic stereo speakers.If you'd rather hold on to your original stereo drivers,we can also retrofit new foam surrounds to replace those that are disintegrating.We also stock centre dome dustcaps to replace the ones the cat got to, or the kids poked out with their new pencil set...........



Recordable Media-Seemingly getting harder to find in the average music store,but WE stock it

HHB DAT65 Tape uses an ultra-fine, high-density metal particle recording layer that delivers high output and retentivity. HHB DAT Tape features a specially formulated binder system that combines durable back coating to ensure consistently low block error rates, even after multiple passes and prolonged high speed shuttling. The flexibility of the base film allows a better head wrap, resulting in less head wear. The rigid shell is capable of withstanding a temperature of 107 degrees C (212.6 degrees F) without warping, and the anti-static lid discharges quickly, avoiding damaging build ups of dust. Attention to detail is retained even down to the hub braking system which is improved to create a more efficient braking action, reducing tape slack when ejecting.Priced per single tape




  • High performance 95 minute DAT tape
  • Independently proven to be the most dependable brand of DAT tape
  • Ultra-fine, high-density metal particle recording layer
  • High output, high retentivity
  • Advanced binder formulation keeps block errors low
  • Flexible film base minimises head wear
  • Rigid, heat resistant shell improves tape handling
  • Anti-static lid resists dust build up
  • Advanced hub lock assembly improves braking action, reduces tape slack when ejecting and hence improves tape pack
  • Packed in shatter resistant polypropylene cases
  • Secure archival life in excess of 30 years
  • Priced per single tape




HHB MD74 MiniDisc -specially designed for professional studio and location recording, and broadcast use. It has a recording time of 74 minutes 59 seconds in SP mode. It is a rewritable audio disc with 100,000 read/write cycles and an archival life in excess of 50 years. The disc exceeds Rainbow Book specifications and exhibits block error rates ten times lower than consumer MD media. It uses an advanced thin film sputtering technology to apply recording, dielectric and reflective layers to a polycarbonate substrate, which is protected by a tough UV coating. The precision manufactured stamper ensures consistently accurate tracking for every disc. A special lubricating agent results in the best possible recording head contact. Durable shell combines with a foil shutter assembly to protect the disc from contamination. Priced per single disc.






Seymour Duncan

Visit the Seymour Duncan Website here

The Woody HC is a passive, noiseless, magnetic soundhole pickup that delivers a warm, rich acoustic tone that is great for all types of acoustic playing. It is a hum-cancelling design delivers a fatter, more compressed sound than the SC (single coil) version. All of the Woodys are available in our custom maple, walnut or black stained housing, and are double potted to keep them resistant to feedback. It mounts instantly into your soundhole, with no modification of any kind needed to the guitar and can easily be removed at a moments notice. It comes with a 14-foot low capacitance, studio quality cable that will plug directly into your favorite amp, PA, direct box, or console. Fits all standard soundholes (3.75 (94mm) to 4.0 (100mm). Great for all standard types of steel string acoustic guitars. NOTE this is a magnetic pickup, and will not work with nylon stringed instruments.   IN

Classic Stack

for strats, neck & middle, wht; Revolutionary design injects tunable “negative hum” into the pickup circuit. Each unit is individually factory pre-tuned to offer the optimal traditional single coil sound with no hum.

more details



for strats, all position, bk; Available for both bridge and neck/middle positions; and in an incredibly versatile set with an SJBJ-1b JB Jr. in the bridge, an SDBR-1n Duckbuckers in the middle and an SL59-1n Little ‘59 in the neck. For all well-balanced instruments. Works equally well with maple and rosewood fingerboards.  more details   IN


Designed for the heaviest tones a passive pickup can produce. The combination of three ceramic magnets, over-wound coils and twelve black oxide cap screws make the Invader an electrifying force of energy. The wide magnetic field pumps power into your amp with a totally heavy sound. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable.  more details   OUT

JB Jr Black

for strats, bridge, bk;  This twin coil design pickup gives you the character of our popular JB™ model humbucker in a single-coil size. Its adjustable pole pieces more closely emulate the magnetic field of a full size humbucker and allow you to fine tune the balance of your strings. You can expect great harmonics and a sweet high-end. Compared to Hot Rails, the output is reduced and there’s more treble response. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable.   more details  

SH-1 59 Humbucker

bridge, blk; Late-‘50s, vintage-correct, humbucker sound. Warm and crystalline clean tones. Full and bright distorted tones. Smooth sustain. Classic appointments include plain enamel wire, long legged bottom plate, vintage single conductor cable and no logo. Compared to the SH-55 Seth Lover, the ’59 has slightly more scooped mids and is vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance. $129.00 OUT

SH-2 Jazz Neck

The Jazz Model neck is a bright, vintage-output humbucker which stays clear even under extreme distortion.Originally designed as the matching neck pickup for the JB Model bridge pickup, the Jazz is an incredibly versatile humbucker that will work for almost any style of music. An Alnico 5 bar magnet and a special coil wind give it a glassy treble response and full, tight bass, while scooped mids help each note to sing clearly even under extreme high gain – or even more extreme speed. It pairs especially well with the JB, Distortion, Invader and Perpetual Burn but is a great all-purpose neck pickup for many pickup combinations. Hand built in our Santa Barbara, CA factory, the Jazz Model humbucker uses an Alnico 5 bar magnet, nickel silver bottom plate, 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance. $129.00 IN

SH4 JB Humbucker

bridge, blk; The world’s most popular humbucker. Provides slammin’ output while retaining singing highs, aggressive harmonics, and just the right blend of sustain and distortion. Goes from sweet warm tones to raw rock ‘n’ roll. Compared to the SH-14 Custom 5, the JB has a stronger treble detail. Some players use it with 250K pots to smooth out the highs. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable. more details $129.00 OUT

SPB2 Hot P-bass

blk (pair); Similar to the Vintage in construction, but with extra coil windings for increased output, enhanced low end response, and a fuller sound. Includes logo covers.  more details  




Visit the Shadow Website here

SoundHole Tuner

How many times have you left your tuner at home; worried about tuning on full view of the audience; or had difficulty tuning your acoustic in a busy, noisy environment?

Shadow have solved these problems with the SH Sonic Tuner. The Sonic Tuner is a chromatic onboard tuner which, after its easy and quick installation (just under the lip of the soundhole), becomes the heart of your instrument. more



Classical guitar bridge pickup with incorporated saddle.
Pickup saddle and ceramics are set in into pickup case at an 11 degree angle to provide maximum output and dynamic. Fits guitars with a bridge slot width of 5 mm. more  Professional installation recommended and available from our shop.


Classical guitar under saddle pickup. Fits guitars with a standard bridge slot width of 2.3 mm (3/32"). Pickup installs under the original saddle and is only 1.8mm thick.  more    Professional installation recommended and available from our shop.    IN


Get the latest news & info by getting  on our e-mailist! Click here,type "news" in the subject line we'll take care of the rest!


Sherlock Audio  Retro-Fit Electronics for guitar & bass (all Sherlock Audio units are made in Canada)

 Sherlock Audio


Previously only available installed by our custom shop,our retro-fit components are now available over the counter and by mail order! All designed and assembled in our shop,here in Cornwall.

We offer a wide variety of musically usable  components that'll upgrade your guitar or bass's tonal qualities by simply being able to solder two wires! Complete & simple

instructions included.Install it yourself or have one shop installed by us.


DVT Control One

Toss out those useless,muddy sounding tone controls in your guitar! With the Dual Voice Tone Control you get two,different filtered tones(one at each end of the pot's rotation),as well as a middle position with de-emphasized presence.You can then push down on the pot and effectively take the control out of the circuit path,giving you some upper end boost. We use specially selected mil-spec precision tone caps that ensure no-drift performance

and pinch off just the right amount of frequencies. The DVT works in any guitar or bass and especially recommended for Stratocasters,Telecasters,Ibanez as well as most basses with "lacklustre" passive tone controls.If you're a metal guitarist,the DVT makes for a dramatic improvement in your guitar's tone control,especially if your "normal" playing mode involves playing with distortion.Comes with extra caps for experimenting




DVT Control Two

This is a different version of the DVT that works like this: pull up on the switch pot and you get one voied tone,specially tapered so the control responds more accurately thru it's rotation(there is no neutral centre position).Push the switchpot knob down and you'll

get a differently voiced tone,again,with a more accurate taper.

There is no full bypass on this version so it'll still act like a conventional control when it's fully returned to "off".

Suitable for all guitars & basses equipped with passive(non active)pickups & equipped with tone control values from 250k to 500k



Dual Blend Tone A

This control again offers two differently voiced tones(one at each end of the pots rotation)but instead has a neutral centre "detent" you can feel,so you can set it quickly'Great for bass guitars as well as guitars with two separate tone controls.We include four additional precision caps so you can mod one control for the neck pickup and mod the bridge pickup, so you can get FOUR DIFFERENT tone responses(two for each pickup)by using a pair of these.Suitable for all guitars & basses equipped with passive(non active)pickups and equipped with tone control values from 250k to 500k



Dual Tone Blend B

A specially designed version of our Dual Blend Tone Control,for guitars equipped with LO-IMPEDANCE pickups AND LO-IMPEDANCE volume & tone controls(50k value or less)like those used with EMG pickupss.Availability: TBA


Custom switches

WE assemble custom switching arrays that are bonded together,making it easier to fit inside tight spaces.The most popular is the triple mini-switch array which fits into the strat's pkp switch slot with just three closely drilled holes to accomodate the array. We can assemble an array for you with any combination of mini-switches including the hard-to-find middle position On/On/On three-way types.Also available with pre-wired harness so you can easily splice & solder your existing wiring into the harness.


Series Spkr Cable

Unlike those other "molded" Y-chords that are essentially disposable,ours aren't. We assemble all our own "y" cables ,in house,in our own shop,using heavy duty, metal, premium quality components by Neutrik and Switchcraft.The majority of Y cables

which are designed for low-level signals, are unsuitable for amp-to-speaker(power signals)so we came up with our own,special application versions with heavy gauge speaker wire to handle these higher amplified levels.Our SERIES cable lets you use two separate cabinets ,together for a combined impedance load like:

when you need to connect a pair of 4 ohm cabinets together to equal EIGHT ohms or, when you need a pair of 8 ohm cabinets to equal 16 ohms. Our SERIES cable is very useful with many amps that only offer a single 8 or 16 ohm jack on the back panel.

All connectors are heatshrinked for stran relief and added reliability.All connectors are labelled for goof-proof use.


Parallel Spkr Cable

Looks the the same as our SERIES cable but, wired in parallel. If you have an amp head that only has a single output jack or if you have a pair of cabinets that are equipped with a single spkr jack on their back panel(and you're not keen on installing more jacks)then you would need this cable.If you need a pair of 8 ohm cabinets to equal a total of 4 ohms,or if you need a pair of 16 ohm speaker cabinets to total 8 ohm for your amp,this is the one to get.



T-R-S Cable

Our T-R-S (tip-ring-sleeve) is built for guitars that feature both,magnetic and piezo pickups that need to have their signals split and connected to separate amps,mixers,D.I.s or processors.Available from our shop with a TRS male or female(guitar end)to two separate male(or female)output connectors.






Silverdale Guitar Loudspeakers

Whether you're looking to upgrade the speaker in your combo amp or,build your own speaker cabinet,the new Silverdale 10" offers up classic vintage guitar tone with an honest real world 30 rms power rating,AND,it's affordable-direct from
Rainbow Music Shop for only $34.95 + HST







Simple Symon Music Products

Pop Stopperz

Keep your guitar strap securely on your acoustic /electric/bass guitar,without re-drilling or altering your prized instrument.
Using a high grade.resilient silicone(no cheapo plastic!),a Pop Stopperz stretches slightly
over your guitar's strap pin,and stays in place,over your strap,to keep your guitar safe & secure.


Pic1     Pic2







The Hoverbord is a resonance damping Isoboard  that "floats" your cabinet up off the floor for cleaner,accurate response.By decoupling your combo amp or speaker cabinet,the Hoverboard eliminates speaker to floor interaction and

resonances ,with the end result being a cleaner.un-muddied tone from your

setup.Handmade right here in our own shop !  Pic1    Pic2   Pic3    Pic4    Pic5

$59.95 IN


If you're using lower profile cabinets and are tired of of craning over your gear trying to read your control settings in the dark,stick your amp head on to a pair of SlingBacks.

Designed with an optimum viewing angle in mind and keeping your amp head balanced properly on that lower height speaker cabinet.Individually hand made ,right here with resilient BirchPly and covered with a traction strip to keep your amp head from slip,sliding away.For amp HEADS only !

Pic1     Pic2     Pic3     Pic4     Pic5     Pic6     Pic7     Pic8   




WingMan MiniRiser

Time to ditch that barstool/milkcrate/upside paintpail/makeshift amp stand !

Wingman is a new line of small footprint, "mini-risers" that fit securely atop any standard mike stand.
Wingman allows you to use any of the growing series of lightweight,compact amps as your own personal monitor,
by placing it at at ear level,instead of down low on the floor-where no one can hear it! We Got Your Back! Wingman is the solution for musicians who still need to hear themselves properly,even on postage stamp sized stages.Wingman also features an integral gooseneck and mike clip so you can easily mike up your amp and send your amp's signal into the house P.A.Designed and individually made locally, in our own shop.
Several standard sizes in stock and custom sized models available to order.












The DE-Humidifier for guitars/mandolins/violins/ukeleles/banjos

Maintaining proper humidity levels for any acoustic instrument year round,is always an ongoing process.Every musician is well aware of what happens when humidity levels drop too low during those cold & dry Canadian winter months.Which is why there's always a good selection of highly recommended humidifiers available ,to keep your instruments "happy" during the winter season.However at the opposite end of the spectrum,during these humid summer months  that can rival Miami somedays for wicked "sticky' conditions,any given instrument can suffer just as much damage and instability but now, it's because of excess humidity levels.If you're lucky enough to have air conditioning or a room dehumidifier in your music room during the summer season,great.You're ahead of the game.If you don't,OR...you take your guitar with you,what do you do to help your guitar from getting "mugged" during these summer months?You can live dangerously and try sticking about a hundred  or more,of those dessicant packs that come boxed with that new smartphone and pray for the best.Or,You could place ONE of our high density Simple Symon DE-humidifiers in your guitar case with up to five times more humidity absorption than the industry standard.We use the same  100% pure,commercial grade material used for keeping cigar shipments fresh as well as keeping corrosion from occcuring in ammo cases .and jet engines,

(yes,jet engines!),in transit.It's all packed in a safety sealed compact container,that can fit easily in any guitar case.Besides reducing excess moisture levels,our DE-Humidifier can also help to reduce string and hardware corrosion,while your guitar is in it's case.
Recommended use from April to September,as needed,to keep excess humidity in check(but you can leave it out of the case during winter months)

$9.95 IN

StepToe Percussion

StepToe Foot Percussion-Get the rhythm with The StepToe by Simple Symon.
Great for acoustic players who want to add a little bit more to their performance.
If you can stomp yer foot in time to music,and keep da beat,...
you're good to go with The StepToe.Super simple and NO batteries!
Plugs into any mixer/amp/aux input and --step on it.
Made right here,locally with an all birch enclosure and a rhino guard coating that'll take a stomping and then some.








No more noodling around with masking tape,bits of wire or twist ties trying to keep your strings separated while you clean the fretboard or clean your pickups or guitar finish,etc
SLYDERS are grooved at both ends to retain your guitar's separated treble side & bass side strings, in place.
It's like having a third set of fingers to hold the strings aside while getting all the smudges off those covered Humbuckers!
Or adjusting that soundhole truss rod,without dinging the D and G strings.
A micro-ruler,graduated in millimeters is afixed to the face of the Slyders ,that you can use to measure and check your guitar's string action,(without teetering),as well as string height at the nut,and also pickup height.
Using the mm guage you can also adjust your saddle height incrementally,to follow the arch of your guitar's fingerboard.
On this initial production run,we'll also include a very simple,yet effective strings action guage that measures off typical string height,
referenced in,imperial units of 3/32" and 3/64" of an inch,making it much easier than straining your eyes trying to read tiny lines off a ruler.
Hand made locally,in Ontario Canada and available in a number of satin stained finishes.
Two sizes available ,one smaller size will work for banjos mandolins and guitars,and a larger set for bass guitars.  Pic1    Pic2    Pic3    Pic3   Pic4   Pic5




Fast Wax

Fast Wax -fast action,aerosol spray cleaner & wax for getting a shine on,in a hurry,when you don't have time to apply the heavier duty stuff.

Fast Wax & Detailer-for applying a quick cleanup and fast,light coat of wax when you're pressed for time, or right before a gig and you need your guitar to look it's best !

$9.95 IN

Fingerboard Oil

Premium quality,highly concentrated-so yes,a little goes a long wayFingerboard oil-scrub for cleaning all that nasty crud that ends up sticking to your fingerboard.Great for rejuvenating rosewood and ebony and helps prevent splits & cracks during dry winter months as well. $9.95  OUT

Premium Polish

The "flagship" of the line so far,is the Premium Polish & Scratch Remover.

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone as the phrase goes,with this very concentrated cleaner to get rid of finish hazing,beer stains sweat residue,and what-have-you.Add more pressure with a clean rag and work out those light finish scratches while you're at it and restore your guitar's finish to a showroom gloss.

$9.95 IN

Premium Wax

Premium Quality Carnauba loaded instrument wax gives all gloss finish instruments a tough,resilient,protective shield and glass-like sheen $9.96 IN

Vinyl Cleaner

Vinyl Cleaner(no,it's NOT for records) but for any amp or cabinet that's got caked up gunk embedded in the grain of the vinyl.
Arm yourself with Vinyl Cleaner and an old toothbrush to work it into the vinyl and then wipe it clean.Your amp will you for it !

Not for use on cloth or tweed covered cabinets.

$9.95  IN

MicroFiber Cloth

Our large 13" x 13" microfiber cloth features a blend of polyester & polyimide

that can be used to clean any of your instruments & rid them of fingerprints,

grime or other accumulated gunk.Use this cloth with or without any of our cleaners, and use a separate one for final waxing or polishing.

Cloths are easily washed and lcan be left to air dry for many uses afterward.

$7.50  IN




Speaker stand set This Speaker Stand Pak includes two of our top-selling speaker stands. The Pak includes two all-aluminum, height adjustable speaker stands.

















StrapLocks-Help prevent a disaster and costly repairs.Keep your guitar or bass safely secured with straplocks.

Schaller Satin Schaller Chrome Schaller Black Schaller Gold
Marvel Nickel Marvel Chrome Marvel Black Marvel Gold



Straps-We carry a wide assortment from Planet Waves,Viper,Ernie Ball,Simpsons and SouthPark,just to name a few.

These guitar straps are made from 50mm Nylon webbing with genuine leather ends. Artwork is printed directly onto the fabric and then intergrated into the strap during its' construction. This produces a durable vibrant design, and also strengthens the strap overall.



To Learn more about D'addario's new NYXL electric strings,click here.


Strings-we stock the largest selection of brands to choose from !  Confused about what type or guage to buy?

Ask us. We've used & sold just about every brand on the planet.We can help you decide, and sort it all out.




The StringDrop is a clever add-on D-tuner device that installs in minutes on any guitar that has machine heads fastened with nuts.You loosen the machine head nut for the low E string,slide the StringDrop between the machine heads washer & nut,adjust the spacer bolts,and re-tighten the nut.Adjust the D-tuner for the pitch range you want and that's it! How much simpler can it be? No drilling,driving screws into your pricey guitar,no fiddling with your bridge-that's it.You can even install it at the B string position and use  the extender(removeable)for pulling off some cool pedal steel sounding tricks.Want to hear one? We have a demo guitar set up with a StringDrop in store, for you to check out.Here's some close-up pics: View1   View2   View3   View4    View5  








Tuners-We stock one of the largest selections of tuners in the area

    Planet Waves Clip-on Planet Waves HeadStock
Korg AW2 Korg BlueGrass Tuner Korg PitchClip  
Parksons IMT-102 Korg Rim Pitch Chord Professor Solutions SkullHead



ChromeBack 12"


With their British-voiced cones, large 50-ounce magnets, and 1.75" voice coils, the VHT ChromeBacks have what it takes to rival the most legendary guitar speakers of all time. Their chrome-plated frames and back plates set them apart from the pack and provide a striking and unmistakable visage when mounted in a cabinet. Combining sweet top-end sparkle and authoritative punch, the VHT ChromeBacks offer a unique blend of vintage nuance and modern power.Click here for the spec sheet.(8 ohm models)

$125.00 IN

EL84 Adaptor

The Special 6 EL84 adapter reconfigures the Special 6's 6V6 output tube socket to accept an EL84 output tube. Now Special 6 players can enjoy the earlier breakup, distinctive midrange complexity and legendary top end chime that only an EL84 can provide.

The Special 6 EL84 adapter works in other 6V6 amps as well. Check with your amp tech to be sure your amp's voltages don't exceed the maximum ratings for an EL84.

$29.95ea IN



More Accessories

Roller Nut String Tree

SoundHole Plug




Tablet Holder