Gift Suggestions

1 Ukeleles-a great selection,in assorted colours & finishes-starting from only $69.95
2 mike & mikestand package,complete with cable & mike clip-
3 Harmonicas starting from $19.95.00 up ,in all popular keys
4 Gift certificates for any dollar amount you'd like
5 Planet waves headstand-makes re-stringing your guitars(s) so much easier
6 WE have THE largest selection in Cornwall of FX pedals,
8 Music books all for guitar players,literally from A to Z
9 Sheet music stands-standard style,podium style,even ultra compact table top models
10 Guitar tuners- stand alones & clip-ons,six string,chromatic,bluegrass models
11 FX pedal boards-add your own pedals and you're good to go-
12 Microphone boom stands
13 Capos of all kinds
14 Beginner bass/acoustic-electric amp-great for starting out, or practice at home-
15 Vater drumstick holder-keeps all your sticks in one handy container
16 microphones from $40.00 up
17 Guitar stands-singles,triples,multi-guitar,six-ways, and Ukelele stands too
18 Cymbals and cymbal stands-a verrrrry good selection of both!
19 Bongoes,all wood construction,that you can actually tune too-
20 Guitar straps.Straplocks by Schaller,Marvel ,The Squid,Gel Pads for heavy guitars & basses
21 Micro-amps ,battery operated ,for guitar ,that fit on a desktop or on your belt
22 Sound hole acoustic guitar pickups
23 CAD TriplePack of vocal microphones-just add cables and start singing!
24 Vox Amp Plugs-tiny,pocket sized headphone amps that sound amazing
25 Instrument cases-lots of choices in hardshell,foamlyte and padded types,we got 'em!
26 GuitarBug by Bond Reasearch,I-phone interface -connect & play your guitar into your I-phone
27 Shadow Violin pickup-twin sensors, with female cable connector, installs in minutes-
28 Cajons,maracas,egg shakers,tambourines,mini congas-make some noise !
29 Vox StompLab I-one hundred programs in a compact floor unit
30 Planet Waves Pro Winder/Cutter/bridge pin puller "the swiss army knife" for guitar players!
31 Cleaner/Wax/Polish to keep your instruments in tip-top condition
32 Acoustic guitar humidifier-helps maintain proper humdity during these dry winter months
33 Padded travel bags for Cymbals,Bongos,bass drumpedals keep your stuff safe
34 Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole plug-reduce feedback on stage when playing thru your amp or PA system
35 Wall mounts for guitar and bass-get those instruments off the floor!
36 Topper Pro-Audio micro mixers-secral models in stock-great for small home studios
37 Vox RhythmAmp-compact tabletop amp,with a built-in drum machine, for guitar or bass
38 Planet Waves guitar picks holder/LED keychain combo-find yer picks fast-even in the dark!
39 Springfield Humidity Monitor-keep your temp./humidity in check-$34.95
40 Korg RimPitch SoundHole Tuner-hides out of view, in your acoustic guitar
41 Fender Guitarist T-shirts & basball caps ,in assorted styles,colours and sizes.$29.95 each
42 Alpine MusicSafe Hearing protectors for musicians with 2 interchangeable filters-$19.99 set
43 Give the gift of music and support local artists-we carry CD's by many local musicians-priced at $10.00




Anatek Pocket Record

  • Records 15,000 events
  • Single-track, 16 MIDI Channels
  • Records System Exclusive
  • Variable time-signature
  • Fast-forward
  • Soft THRU and External SYNC
  • Loop mode
  • Optional battery backup           More

NOS-Sealed pack


  • Filter on all MIDI channels
  • Filter controllers, System Exclusive and Real-time data
  • Combine data types/channels
  • DIP switch to select filtering by channel
  • Select channel # from any keyboard

NOS-Sealed Pack



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