Assembling a Custom V

As the Seaway Valley's original custom shop ,we've performed all kinds of interesting guitar work for players.

Besides doing countless numbers of pro-level set-ups & tons of varied repairs over the last 30+ years,we also get quite a bit of requests for custom guitar assembly work,retrofitting & upgrading.etc.You name it-we've probably done it,

right here, in our own custom shop,at one time or another. We recently did a custom assembly & shop setup for a customer's dream guitar. We took the time to shoot some "highlights" for you to peek at while it was here in the shop.

We left out pics of the fretwork & the setup involved, since we've covered that in our "picky,picky" section already.

This project consisted of the customer choosing & ordering all his own components according to his specifications,

then handing the entire "kit" over to us to put it all together and make it rock! He went with a Warmoth Vee style

body and a strat style neck,Added some Seymour Duncan pickups,an original Floyd Rose vibrato flosting bridge and CTS pots.

Got a dream guitar YOU want us to assemble & set-up for you? Let us know what you'd like-we can make it a reality!