Rentals:For Stage, Studio & Specialty Use (updated Sept.5.2020)


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  Our Rental Section is being updated, as we expand our rental dept.and add even more rental gear--stay tuned !



If you've never had a reason or need to rent an item before,take a look through our newly expanded rental section.....

There's an age old phrase "Everything old is new again" and that's especially true about the music business and the

gear ,as more & more younger(and older)musicians are seeking out a lot of familiar sounds to record & perform with.

We added a tonne of rental gear of all kinds,to our inventory, including a lot of unique & vintage products and simply,

some stuff you just don't find everyday for rental anywhere else.We've added many new items to supply the exploding home recording and project studio market, finally making it easy for you to get that sound onto your recordings.

Where possible,we've also included links to manuals,so you can check gear out before you rent it.

You can also click onto any of the extensively detailed views for larger detailed pictures of each item.

Please note that ALL rentals are for use within the SD & G local area ONLY.

Please call ahead for availability. Reservations in advance are recommended to ensure an item is set aside for you.

    We ONLY process rentals thru Visa/MasterCard.You must have one of these cards to rent from us.

    We ONLY process rentals thru Visa/MasterCard.You must have one of these cards to rent from us.

RENTALS : Electric guitar amps






RENTALS : Drum gear

New,revolutionary Traps Acoustic Drumset that's already taken Europe by storm.Not to be confused with a "practice pad set" ,this professional level drumkit is the ultimate,easily transportable set of drums with a sound that defies it's size & simply will amaze you.Featuring an extremely clever rack setup that can be collapsed, compacted and stored in minimally spaced apartments, cramped basements,garages,even your office(don't let the boss find out!)

Complete with stands,seat, and cymbals(you supply the sticks!)

Available for rental on weekend,weekly or monthly basis. View1  View2  View3  View4

Rental Rebate Program available on this kit-full details available in-store only.






RENTALS : Effects pedals & processors for guitar,bass,vocals,recording,P.A

Digital Pianos & keyboards

RENTALS : Lighting Gear 

Mushroom-one of our most popular rental units that's always a favorite with mobile dee-jays.

With 30 bright,richly colored light beams that twist & turn to the beat of the music,this light

produces a spectacular light show all on it's own.Comes with light weight crossbar & stand.

When used along with a fog or hazer unit,the overall effects are even more dramatic !

Double Derby- a classic lighting effect! With double rows of multi-colored lenses,this superb

lighting unit generates 40 blinding and vividly colored light beams that dance with the beat

of the music.Perfect for applications where a only a few light units are desired.When used

along with a fog or hazer unit,the overall effects are even more dramatic ! Add a double derby

to your next show and watch your audience response to the bouncing beams!

Multi Moon is a four in one moonlight that chases to the beat of the music.Four separate,

spinning reflectors defract the light from separate 100watt bulbs,and colored lenses spread thin light beams around the dance floor.Complete with crossbar & stand.Available as a single

unit or as a pair. View1

YS light rig includes EIGHT par lights,dimmer bars,two crank-up stands,controller unit with

programmable presets & sequencing that can be footswitched or tabletop operated.This is our

most popular rig for bands that want to add a professional looking light show to their gig.

Download the controller manual here

NSI light rig available as a FOUR(one stand) or EIGHT(two stands)par light system including

NSI NCM508 variable presets controller, which can be footswitched or tabletop operated.

NSI dimmer pack,stands,colored gels,and all required cables .

Download the controller manual here. Download the dimmerpack manual here

A good choice for a solo,duo or small club band.

LDS TWELVE light system with all manual controller,twin dimmer packs,stands & cables.

Suitable for small stage/theatre presentations/plays where a light operator needs to control lighting "hands on".Controller features individual faders to vary the intensity of each light,and tap buttons for manually flashing selected light.System includes two stands,two truss bars of six parcan lights each,two dimmer packs,table top control console,colored gels,and all required cables. View1

Mini-Strobes with bright 25 watt flash unit.Flash rate is user variable between 1 to 10 flashes

per second.Extremely compact,providing a powerful punch from a small package.Perfect for

mobile dee-jays,parties and dance clubs.Rented as a pair on a crossbar.Includes stand. View1

We rent complete stage lighting rigs for bands,stage shows,fashion events.Our light rigs use self contained modular units that are a  snap to assemble.They also come with presettable footcontroller units for bands that have to handle it all themselves.For DJ's,we also rent

portable light systems that are fast and easy to set up.Most systems come with built-in sound to light chaser units that do the work for you, so you can concentrate on mixing & spinning!

Antari Hazer-use a hazer when you don't need to see fog like that from a regular fogger unit.

The hazer emits a very fine,translucent mist in the air that allows lighting effects to "glare"

through the haze for more subtle light washes. The hazer provides haze on a constant basis,

instead of  bursts of fog,creating an ambient haze.Antari's Hazer machines produce safe, dry, clean, and virtually invisible haze which especially enhances lasers.Includes wired remote control.

Bubble machines are great for parties.Our units use a warm air unit with a built in fan to disperse 2400 bubbles of various sizes,per minute.Maximum continuous "on" time is 1/2 hour interval.




RENTALS : P.A and DJ sound systems

We've added even more DJ/PA and lighting packages to our rental dept. to keep up with the demand during this holiday season and this one here is just one of them.

Now you can rent a complete DJ package system that includes the following:

Mixer with equalization, a dual deck CD player,microphone,headphones, all cables and I-pod/I-pad/Laptop connection cables included as well. A pair of active speakers,each  with a 15 inch speaker,horn and built-in  power amp.Each cabinet can supply 450watts of real RMS power.(900 watts total!) A pair of multi-coloured quad FX lights that chase automatically to the music This system is guaranteed to get your house party ,hall or office party rockin’  all for only $125.00 plus tax. Don’t get disappointed and stuck at the last minute.Prepay your rental now to guarantee it’s set aside and ready for you ,when it's time to get the party started.Click the pics for details.

Pic1   Pic2     Pic3     Pic4  


Compact, powerful and portable the MATRIX-200 delivers clean, accurate sound ideal for both stage and music playback applications. The MATRIX-200 has a true 200-watt RMS per side stereo amplifier, built in 5-channel mixer, studio-quality digital effects, phantom power and numerous patch inputs / outputs.Comes with all mikes/stands and cables needed.An excellent choice for vocalist/duos/acoustic-electric players performing in coffee houses ,restaurants , small clubs and halls.etc where space is at a premium.

AiO-- The All-In-One

For the smallest event that just requires 2 mikes and a compact,portable,quick & easy

to hookup and operate little system,our AiO is for you.Pop the covers,plug it in the wall socket,plug in some mikes-that's pretty much it.You don't need to be an enginner to operate this setup ! Great for small birthday parties,backyard get-togethers,etc.

Anywhere where you just need some power for a couple of mikes .We even include I-pod compatible cables if you need to add some background music as well.

DJ Package

This system is suitable for larger venues and entertaining about 800 people.It includes a

DJ mixer/mikes/headphones/dual cd player and cables like the system listed above but,

instead uses a larger power amp with 600 watt per side(1200 watts total) driving a pair

of larger "tower style" speaker cabinets,each featuring TWO x 15" inch woofers & larger

high frequency horn unit form much higher sound pressure levels and more room cover-

age.This system will transport in a minivan/pickup truck and you will need at least two

people to move and handle it. This system will give you some serious volume levels.

Ask us about adding a dj lighting system or dj light effects for a "package deal" price!

300/500watt mixer-amps in 6 or 8 channel versions; reverb,graphic equalizer,

aux inputs for recording or cd/mp3 playback.Combine this with a pair of speaker cabs,

mikes,etc to make up a complete system for your next gig.Download the manual here

Rolls compact mixer.phantom power .Where all that is needed is just a simple plug 'n go

mixer for portable quickie gigs, small, one shot recording sessions,remotely located submixer,video shoots or with a power amp & spkrs for a small club gig or presentation.

Download the manual here     View1  View2  View3 

Mackie mixing consoles.The benchmark for great sounding mixers.With more features

and configurations available than we can list here,so we'll give you a few links you can

check out here, and here ,and finally,you can download the extensive manuals here.

This ART mixer can do double duty as either a live mixer for a small band or for home

project studio.Thanks to a slew of inputs/outputs & possible configurations you can set it

up(yes,there IS a manual included!) with: 8 xlr inputs and 8 trs inserts,16 line inputs,

2 pairs of subgroups,4 monitor sends,4 aux sends,stereo record & return jacks,4-band eq

per channel,damped faders, and more we likely forgot to mention.You can use this as a

main mixer,submixer,monitor mixer,4/8-track recorder mixer.Made in the USA

View1  View2  View3  View4  View5  View6  View7  View8  View9  View10  View11

View12   View13   View14   View15   View16

32 channel Live Sound Reinforcement console,for experienced users only.

More features than we can list here so please inquire at our 1418 Pitt Street location.



We rent a wide selection of speaker systems available for every application.From compact 2x8" and 4x8" cabs for small indoor applications to dual 15" towers(shown)as well as (much larger)wide dispersion,flared style 15"woofer units and radial horn units for large gigs and outdoor venues,we have them!

Available in pairs or combined into a complete system.

Let us know what size of room and size of crowd you'll be playing to and we'll help you get

set up with the appropriate type and number of cabinets to make your show a success.

If you already have a pa mixeramp or poweramp and just need a bigger pair of cabs to

run for a large gig,let us know what you have and we'll get you set up with the right rig.

View1    We can also supply moving dollies if required,at no extra charge-let us know!


The Titan 15D active PA speaker is the result of years honing the Titan design. Q-Bit DSP technology, a titanium compression driver and a heavy-duty cast-frame woofer, ensure absolute accuracy, high output and the smooth, wide dispersion of the critical mid and high frequency ranges as you would expect in a high quality speaker system

Features: 420 watts per cabinet of active,bi-amp power w/129db maximum spl.

15" inch cast frame woofer with elliptical horn with titanium compression driver

On board high & lo frequenecy controls & loudness switch./61 lbs carry weight,each

Crank style tripod stands avialble uopn request at no extra charge. More Details

The Titan Sub-A15 is a powerful 15 inch band pass active subwoofer. A built-in 400 watt (continuous) 600 watt (peak) amplifier conveniently accepts stereo or mono line level inputs via dual, balanced, XLR-¼" "combo" connectors as well as a unique single channel 4ohm speaker level input via a ¼" phone jack which allows for use with a standard sound reinforcement amplifier (when the internal amplifier is not used).The Titan Sub-A15 features a custom designed, down-firing, aluminium cast frame 15" woofer, with a 3" voice coil. Integral signal processing includes a dynamic AGC (Automatic Gain Control) circuit, a stereo crossover and signal limiting for the prevention of a distorted signal to the internal amplifier. An essential PHASE switch is included to allow for proper subwoofer signal polarity to be selected.

We also rent a selection of power amplifiers with typical power outputs of 80watts per side for smaller venues,up to 650 watts per side for larger halls.Available with your choice of cables/connectors to suit your speaker setup,and safely housed in a road case for easy transportation to your gig,in one piece !





Cut The Cord !

Wireless systems by Shure,Samson and Gemini and AKG.

Going wireless allows you the freedom of walking the room ,without tripping over lengthy,cumbersome cables.

Wireless is the hands free way to go if you need to "roam" around the room as part of your presentation,demo or stage performance.We rent a wide selection of single & dual channel wireless handheld & lapel mikes.These can also be combined with a PA or dj rig as a part of a package system, if needed.

The Marantz PMD320 is a professional CD player designed for a wide variety of applications including broadcast,studio, , theatre and live sound. Like all professional Marantz CD players, the PMD320 is designed for both superb sound quality and reliability.One of it's key features is the variable pitch function for karaoke use as well as

audible cue & review.With road case and all cables.Download the manual here.  View1

Award Matchbox-an indispensible tool for live & recording applications.You can use it as an active D.I. unit.It's very high input impedance doesn't degrade the tone quality of your instrument like a "regular" passive D.I box does.Also features a speaker emulator for adding that mike'd up sound to the mix.This is a very high quality unit,designed & built in England.For acoustic-electric guitar or bass. LO impedance(lo-Z) 3pin xlr output. Operates on a single 9volt battery or ac/dc adaptor.Includes all required cables if needed.


Monitor Twin Pack, 250watts per side power amp,gives each monitor it's own power level,graphic eq for fine tuning the monitor response and tweaking out feedback.

Includes all required cables -let us know what you need.Wharfedale 115 monitor wedges.   View1




Microphone drumpack features optimized mikes for bass drum ,toms,snare,and overheads for cymbals.Available with all cables & your choice of regular stands,mini boom stands or rim clips at no extra charge.

Optional: drum mike submixer available at extra charge.

Multi-channel mike snake 8 channel and 16 channel versions allow locating the mixer and soundman "in the crowd" to get a more accurate idea of how the mix sounds from the audience point of reference. Just need a couple of LONG cables bundled together for a drum kit or keyboard rig? Let us know-we can set you up.


RENTALS : Recording Gear

Tascam Dp01fx digital hardrive mutlitrack recorder features the one-knob-per-function design that has made TASCAM cassette Portastudios the choice of thousands of artists &

musicians. It shatters the confusing page-shift-menu interface popular with most other digital recorders.Download the manual here   Overview   View1  View2 


This ART mixer can do double duty as either a live mixer for a small band or for a home

project studio thanks to a slew of inputs/outputs and possible configurations you can set

up(yes,there IS a manual included!). With 8 xlr inputs and 8 trs inserts,16 line inputs,

2 pairs of subgroups,4 monitor sends,4 aux sends,stereo record & return jacks,4-band eq

per channel,damped faders, and more we likely forgot to mention.You can use this as a

main mixer,submixer,monitor mixer,4/8-track recorder mixer.Made in the USA