Rainbow Custom Shop(updated April.27.2019)

Heere a sneak peek at a new run of guitar amp speakers cabinets that's recently started up...










Here's just a few peeks at some products we're building in our custom shop these days.One by one,all by hand.


    This amp's owner requested a new headshell cabinet

to transplant the Bogner amp's guts into , now making the amp easier to lift and transport.We designed & built

this all birch shell with heavy duty ,spring loaded side mounted handles and a front grille for additional air cooling

for the tubes.Covered in a a hand applied,nicely grained cherry red vinyl and appointed with black hardware.


  This is a 1x15" GUITAR cabinet we designed and

built to complement his Fender combo amp. The all birch cabinetry was covered in a black naugahyde vinyl,black

hardware,oversize rubber feet and removeable,plug in roller casters.



  Custom "downsized" MesaBoogie headshell

   Tangerine Offset 212 guitar speaker cabinet

   London Series Kudo112 guitar speaker cab

London Series 212 guitar speaker cabinet

  London Series ShortStack guitar spkr cab

ShortStack cab with Bogner amphead

  UltraCompact studio rack sleeve


Custom Mixer Case

   A real woofer cabinet in the making.....

    Rack case