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Tubeworks TD752 combo guitar amp.This little beast of  a combo amp features two,separate clean channels each with their own tone controls.The clean channel uses a FET preamp for clean.spanky tones,while the overdrive channel uses a 12ax7 high gain preamp tube to obtain rich & fat overtones.Both channels can be switched from the front panel or with the included footswitch,Channels can also be switched into parallel mode,so you can mix them together(essentially like having a third channel)
The spring driven reverb,with it's own level control  can also be remotely switched with the included footswitch.100watts of MosValve driven power feeds into the 12 inch,british coned, Tubedriver speaker made by Eminence USAThe rear mounted has external jacks for an additional 8ohm cabinet and line out for sending the amp's signal into a P.A. or recorder.Effects send & return jacks for connecting external FX in between the pre-amp & power amp sections for improved signal to noise.
Ozite covered ,plywood cabinet with metal grille and metal corners.Other than a few mandatory scratches on some corners,Very good condition.(no smoky burns or beer stains to contend with)Plays like new.A verrrrrry good deal for a US made,100watt combo amp,with original owner's manual.








This killer OLP Stingray ,Licensed by MusicMan, makes a quality 5-String Bass Guitar that has never been more affordable than now to get into a 5 stringer.
Built to MusicMan-approved specs,with quality construction : a contoured basswood body, a medium scale, North American maple neck and maple fretboard,with haevy duty Mde in Korea hardware,oversize open gear
tuners, and that infamously massive humbucker with 2 volume and master tone controls..
The "trick" to these basses is ,by tweaking around with the two pickup coil controls,you can easily get bass tones that range from that characteristic wiry thunder of the Stingray,or a surprisingly close approximation of a
Ricky and, along with the tone control, to trim the edginess a bit,a P-bass tone as well.
Set up in our own shop to play superbly,of course,with nice & comfortable low action,that would put many higher priced versions to shame.
Absolutely MINT condition:NO buckle rash/NO pickguard hash/NO nicks,dings or dents.NO fretboard grime(rare for a MM) or wear.
Comes with original Logo'd gigbag and 20foot,high quality cable,made in our own shop.Metallic silver mist finish.



Ariana nylon string guitar by Aria .
Many times referred to as a "classical guitar",this entry level model features a laminated cedar top for a surprisingly warm tone and sustain, considering its very affordable price range.
Extremely good condition-NO buckle rash/pick hash/chips or dings in the finish.Strap pins already installed.
Set up in our own shop to play superbly,with a fresh set of strings and,includes a new gigbag to keep it safe.
An excellent choice for a beginner/intermediate student or even for a seasoned player who wants to add a nylon stringer to his lineup,without melting the debit card in the process.



A nod to the Big "F" by Aria Guitars,this Fullerton series looks like a typical "tele copy" BUT, features a more comfortable "D" neck profile,so your fingers won't get cramped up.

The rosewood fingerboard offers up a slightly darker tone than most Maple fingerboard tele type guitars,but still retains that unmistakable "spank" from the bridge pickup and the moodier stuff from the neck pickup.
The back of the neck sports an aged amber finish for that vintage look,and the adjustable,diecast tuners offer smooth,stable tuning.
Set up in our own shop to play superbly,with pro level fret finishing and contoured fingerboard edges to give it that well played in feel.
While we were at it,we reversed the control layout to make it easier to pull off some volume & tone control trickery.
Other than a few finish blems on the back,it could easily pass for new condition so...
NO fret wear/NO buckle rash/NO fingerboard dings or dents/NO pick hazing/No sweaty palm dirt along the back of the neck.
A ridiculously affordable(and playable !) deal and WE include a BasicBlack gigbag/BasicBlack strap & picks to complete the deal !



BC RICH KERRY KING VEE-$325.00 Designed and played by a King, priced for everyone. The B.C. Rich Metal Master Kerry King V features a maple,4 bolt-on neck; solid, beveled basswood body; widow style headstock with die-cast machine heads, a rosewood fretboard with white pearloid dot lnlays and 24 jumbo frets; a wrap around bridge with adjustable saddles and 2 BDSM humbuckers. Separate bridge and neck volume controls as well as our own DVT control that offers more tone flexibility than stock tone controls. Set up in our own shop to play superbly,with excellent action.Other than a very minor paint chip in each wing,this beast is in VERY good condition-NO buckle rash/NO pick hazing/NO fret dents ! A premium quality,padded gigbag is included to keep this one safe & sound.

Fender Dg22 Solid Top

Fender DG22s acoustic-$395.00
This is the higher quality MADE IN KOREA model,full sized ,dreadnaught body,finished in a stunning crimson gloss.Solid spruce top,flamed maple back & sides,Nato neck & rosewood fingerboard.
Gold plated hardware,diecast,adjustable tuners,
Compensated bridge saddle for more accurate "in tune-ness"
Tortoiseshell style pickguard.Two piece back with mozaic inlay stripe

Near mint condidtion except for a capped hole,where a jack used to be.

NO buckle rash/NO pick haze/NO worn frets.
As with all guitars WE sell ,this one has been expertly set up in our own shop,to play superbly,with very comfortable,'NO STRAIN" action.
Our price includes our shop set up,and premium padded gigbag,


Vintage VE900 MH


The Vintage VE900MH cutaway grand auditorium electro-acoustic guitar features a solid mahogany top, laminated back, sides.Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard Diecast,adjustable machine heads. With a Fishman Sonicore pickup & Isis + preamp with bass and treble EQ controls, onboard tuner, feedback cancelling phase control and low profile control knobs. Mahogany topped guitars have a strong punchy tone that is well suited to country blues playing. For back and sides, mahogany has relatively high velocity of sound, which contributes much overtone colouration.While rosewood guitars may be thought (mistakenly),of  having a metallic sound, mahogany guitars sound more woodlike. Mahogany back and sides tends to emphasize the bass and the treble. For players looking for a guitar that sounds different than every other spruce top acoustic,mahogany is the choice. Excellent condition(NO nicks.chips.gouges buckle rash-NADA!) Natural,open pore satin finish. Set up in our own shop to play superbly.Price includes a HARDSHELL case.


Godin Freeway LightBurst

The Freeway Classic is the first double cutaway design by Godin in several years. In spite of the tremendous success of the single cutaway design featured throughout the Godin line, there has always been a contingent of hard-core, double-cutaway enthusiasts encouraging us to do something for them. With that in mind we went to work on the Freeway Classic. The basic formula is classic Godin, versatile, blues/rock gigging machine with ˜boutique guitar’ build-quality at a blue-collar price.Mint condition with gigbag.Set up in our own shop to play superbly.

Schecter Tempest

Schecter Tempest Extreme-$400.00
This South Korean beauty features a flamed ,carved,maple top with a high gloss transparent deep cherry finish.
Schecter Diamond Humbucker pickups feed dual volume controls and a DVT control,designed and installed in our own shop that offers more tone versatility than standard,stock tone controls.
EXCELLENT condition.NO nicks/gouges/dents.NO buckle rash....
Set up in our own shop to play superbly.and includes a premium padded gigbag as well.

Vantage 12 string ac/el


Musicman OLP EVH

Featuring a basswood body with quilted gravura top.All maple neck & fingerboard with trademark Musicman 4+2 machine head layout.
PAF style pickups feed a single master volume control.
Includes original logo'd gigbag.
MINT condition:NO buckle rash/NO pick scratches/NO fret wear.
You'd be hard pressed to find a better playing version of this model,anywhere, at this price point,because at Rainbow Music Shop,

we take the time and effort to  professionally set up and optimize each and every guitar WE sell,in our own shop to play superbly,with super comfortable "easy-on-the-fingers" playability.

GK Guitars Nylon A/E

GK Series,Guitars by Kana,Nylon string,cutaway,acoustic-electric-
Gold plated hardware,rosewood fingerboard and bridge.
Cutaway allows access to uppermost frets.
Under saddle pickup with 4-band active equalizer and battery check indicator.Yes, you can play it "unplugged".....MINT condition-NO buckle rash/pick scratches,dings,etc.Set up in our own shop to play superbly.
Includes old school style fiber case.


Cort CherryBurst LP  

Epiphone El Segundo

acoustic-electric bass

With its Advanced Jumbo body shape, select Spruce top, Mahogany body and Natural finish, the El Segundo-IV has a classic appearance and a superbly balanced raw tone.Then there's the sheer comfort. With its medium-length 32 in. scale hard Maple neck and accommodating fretboard, both delicate and thumping basslines can be coaxed out with equal conviction.Perhaps the most important factor of this bass is that it combines a high quality Shadow undersaddle piezo pickup with an active preamp-equalizer,allowing you to take your basslines to the stage and tailor the tone to perfection with the EQ and volume controlsPrice includes our own custom shop set-up for great playability,and,formfit hardshell case.

Mint condition.  

Dean BabyVee

Based on its big brother introduced back in '77, the Baby V shares the same knockout looks and sonics in a lightweight, streamlined version. With string-thru body, Dean hi-output pickups, and black hardware, it'll let you scream for minimal bucks.Downsized,basswood body.The bolt-on maple neck features a comfortable 24.75 scale length on a rosewood fretboard.

Diecast,sealed tuners.

 Includes our custom shop setup for great playability AND premium quality padded gigbag.Sunset orange gloss finish.Excellent condition.


Epiphone Les Paul

The original idea for the Epiphone Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar was to create a somewhat lower-priced Paul by dispensing with some cosmetics. The result was an especially clean, handsome guitar with all the Les Paul essentials. Newly designed in 2004, the Studio now has a thicker body that matches its namesake, hot open-coil Alnico Classic humbuckers, a set mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, and mahogany body with carved top. Unlike other versions sold else where,this one has been customized in our own shop with corrected wiring that allows varying the pickup mix,as well as individually revoiced tone controls and shielded control cavity. Hardshell case included.MINT condition.Plays superbly!

Danelectro Innuendo

Danelectro Innuendo Electric guitar-$295.00
Kitcsch meets quirky with this one.MADE IN KOREA(not china)
Relatively rare these are few & far between in this area,let alone in this pristine condition.For the guitarist looking for something OTHER than just another me-too guitar,this one features on board,built-in effects that include :distortion/chorus/slapback echo and tremolo(all selectable via pushbuttons

Three single coil pickups,5-way switch,Classic 6-screw vibrato bridge.Set up in our own shop to play considerbaly better than any you'd find elsewhere and comes with a gigbag to boot !

RCS Guitar SG

An insanely fast neck with rosewood fingerboard bolted to a mahogany body.Equipped with a premium pair of US made Lace Sensor Dually Humbuckers.Dual volume and tone controls.Diacst tuners.Set up in our own shop to play effortlessly.Verrry good condition-slight blem on one of the cutaways and where a strap pin used to be ,on the back.Includes formfit HARDSHELL case.

Fender Squier StageMaster HH

Yes,another purple meanie shredding machine. This one features a natural(non-painted)head-stock,twin humbuckers,a three-way pickup selector. gloss finish.22 fret rosewood fingerboard on a slimmed down(almost flat!)maple neck for lightning playability.

Diecast tuners.Immaculate chrome plating.NO buckle rash or pickguard fogging.

Chrome plated Floyd locking bridge and locking nut system w/screw in arm.

Absolutely clean condition. As with all our guitars,it also has been completely set up in our own shop (as usual)to outplay any other similiar looking versions selling elsewhere.Price includes our own set up and gigbag.

ARIA DG Resonator

DG Tri-Cone series resonators deliver loud projection and dazzling tone from their well-constructed cones and body. These authentic specs and qualities are by far the best available in the market at affordable prices. Maple top,nato back & sides,diecast,adjustable tuners.21fret rosewood fingerboard.Heritage Sunburst finish.

Mint condition with premium padded case.

Indiana Scout 12 string

Finally a great value 12 string acoustic! The Scout 12-String gives you that big chimney sound that only a quality instrument can give. Superior action and a special slim tapered neck that makes playing a breeze, the Scout 12 is easy on the hands and your wallet! The spruce top and mahogany back and sides give this guitar great projection and volume, while the rosewood fretboard and bridge assure you years of playing enjoyment!
Nothing beats the sound of a 12 string but sadly, most 12 Strings in this class require superhuman hand strength to play. NOT THIS ONE! This is where the Scout 12 separates itself from the pack!  It has fantastic action and that classic chimey sound  Starting with a great spruce top we then combined it with a mahogany back and sides for a deep and vibrant tone. A rosewood fingerboard sports nickel silver frets for a pro quality feel that you would expect on an instrument costing way more.Sealed diecast tuners keep everything accurate and pitch perfect so you can focus on playing and not retuning all night.  Includes gigbag.


Godin LG90 Mahogany

The handcrafted mahogany neck sits deep in the mahogany body for excellent energy transfer between neck and body, and the string-thru-body bridge increases resonance even further. The pickups and bridge are recessed into the body to give your picking hand more comfort and flexibility. Inspired by classic, all-mahogany electric guitars, this LG comes with 2 Seymour Duncan P-90 pickups controlled by a 3-way switch, volume, and tone controls. The 24-3/4" scale enhances the LG's bottom end and bendability, perfect for heavy blues and rock.The LG made its debut in 1995 and became the foundation of Godin solid-body guitar design.MINT condition.
The LG has garnered numerous awards along with unanimous praise from the press and players all over the world.  Loaded with a pair of Seymour Duncan SP-90 pickups the all-mahogany LG is a superb blues & rock & roll animal .



GK Guitars RoundBack A/E

Roundback acoustic-electric guitar by GK guitars-
"ovation" styled bowl back with a spruce top,in transparent red gloss finish.Rosewood,pinless bridge with compensated saddle and rosewood,bound neck with chrome diecast tuners for smooth,stable tuning.Under saddle pickup with individual pickup elements for more accurate response.Active 3-band equalizer with rotary volume and battery check indicator.
Plays superbly,after it's been set up in our own shop ...with pro-level fretwork,etc...
MINT condition:NO pick sheen/NO buckle rash/NO dings or gouges.

Gigbag included ,as always ,to keep it that way.


Fender DG25S acoustic

MINT-Fender DG25s acoustic guitar:Fender Dreadnaught acoustic with aged SOLID cedar top,2-piece mahogany back & sides.Wood binding and classy soundhole rosette.Natural satin finish.
Rosewood fingerboard on a slim,comfortable neck that doesn't feel like a baseball bat,but sits comfortably in your hand.
Uniquely styled,pearloid,diecast tuners that tune up smoothly and stay stable.Compensated bridge saddle for more accurate tuning across the length of the fingerboard.
Mint-excellent condition:no pick scratches,no buckle rash,no fret wear.Set up in our own shop to play effortlessly with superb tone.
This better quality version is handcrafted IN KOREA

(NOT china/phillipines,kamikaze land)Includes Foamlyte travel case.


Fender Squier StageMaster

Country players look elsewhere-this one is definitely for the shredding demon.

With a reverse headstock(just to be different)and a metallic purple(yep,really purple)gloss finish.22 fret rosewood fingerboard on a slimmed down maple neck for fast playability.Diecast tuners.Immaculate chrome plating. Humbucker/single/single pickups controlled by a 5-way pkp switch with a single master volume and master tone control.There's a light sheen of surface scratches and a ding in the rear finish(which doesn't show up in the pix).Other than that,in excellent condition with NO fret wear ,and NO corrosion on the bridge from sweaty little paws.Completely set up in our own shop (as usual)to outplay any other similiar looking versions selling elsewhere.Price includes our own set up and gigbag.


Musicman OLP EVH

Based on the original Van Halen model and licensed by Musicman,this features a basswood body finished in a bluepearl gloss.Maple neck & fingerboard with diecast tuners.ZebraCoil pickups are mounted directly to the body for enhanced sustain.

The 3-way pickup selector is governed by a master volume.A classic 6 saddle vibrato bridge rounds out the deal and,unlike similiar looking versions on auction sites,this one has been professionally set-up & adjusted in our own shop to play superbly right from the get-go.Excellent condition,including original padded,logo'd  gigbag.

Godin Triumph

With 3 Godin low-noise, single-coil pickups and a 5-way selector, the unique Godin Triumph delivers a smorgasbord of sounds for a variety of discriminating tastes. Just the right amount of spank and twang for country pickers and bold grit and sustain for you blues/rocker types. 24.75" inch short scale for an easy touch. Satin finish mahogany body, rock maple neck, and Indian rosewood fingerboard. Ergocut fretboard gives it that comfy, worn-in feel.Featuring our own DVT  control for added tonal versatility and set up in our shop to play superbly.

Absolutely mint condition.Includes padded gigbag.


WildFire DropTune

If you play a lot of music that requires DropTuning,why mess around with retuning your main guitar when you can just have another one,already set-up and ready to go? We've already set this one up in our custom shop,specifically for DropTune players,with the right strings to keep the proper tension on the neck and your hands,(without that rubber-band feeling).properly cut nut slots and, "OUR USUAL" great playability.We've also installed our custom Dual Voice Tone control for even more flexibility that also features a true bybass "sparkle-boost" which is a bonus for cutting thru the mix,when playing a down tuned guitar.

This guitar,designed by guitar genius Trev Wilkinson(google him!)features a carved top, a neck thru design for enhanced sustain & stability,a 22fret rosewood,bound fingerboard and diecast,adjustable tuners. Blue MetalMist finish.

Price includes custom shop setup,DVT control mod and padded gigbag.You won't find one exactly like this one anywhere else with these features AND effortless playability-MINT condition.


Epiphone SG

Epiphone SG in Limited Edition creme-$300.00
Based on the classic '67 Gibson SG
Since Epiphone introduced the G-310 over 15 years ago, it has been the go-to instrument for those wanting real SG tone and styling at an economical price. Every serious player wants an SG, and here's a real one that sounds as good as it looks. The original SG not only rivaled guitars of its own era for sonic variety, but also proved to be a sign of things to come. Hard rock, metal, and scores of rockers embraced the original SG and made it a classic. The G-310 gives you the sound and look of a real SG without the vintage price tag.Price includes our own shop setup for superb playability ,as well as an Epiphone logo gigbag.Mint condition! NO buckle rash/dings or dents !


Austion AA40 Solid Top










Austin AA40DS by Alvarez Guitars.
Solid AA Sitka spruce top.mahogany neck,back & sides all in satin finish.Graphtech compensated saddle,bone nut and diecast tuners.
Under the top lurks scalloped internal bracing for enhanced tone(which you never see on a guitar in this price bracket,BTW).Rosewood bridge & fingerboard.Double bounded body and bounded neck.Set up in our own shop to play superbly ,as always with excellent easy-on-the -fingers string action.
Near mint condition:NO buckle rash.NO dings or dents,etc.A quality, solid topped,sweet sounding guitar ,for LESS than the price of those "mystery plywoodie specials".floating around these days.Price includes shop set up,gigbag,strap,and clip-on tuner.ALL for only $299.00

Pic1   Pic2   Pic3   Pic4   Pic5   Pic6   Pic7  Pic8   Pic9   Pic10   Pic11

Trace Elliot 1810 bass cab
 This Monster bass guitar cab will definitely shake your pant legs and likely neuter any rodents within 100 yard radius,
so yes it will tick off your apartment dwelling neighbours as you make your presence known.
This original Made in The UK version is loaded with a premium UK made CAST frame Fane 18 inch woofer,treated with Fane PlastiFlex edge handle the lows ,and a 10 inch CAST frame Fane driver for the mids, isolated in it's own mid-enclosure.
This cab can be used in normal mode with a single bass amp or,thanks to it's built-in crossover can used in bi-amp(with a suitable pair of amps).
for even more sonic hi-jinx.The sharkskin vinyl covered cab is in very good condition-NO major gashes or gouges.This ungodly beast measures a whopping 36" high X 24" wide x 19" deep.
500watts power handling at 4ohms.Full face all metal grille and metal bar handles(thank god).
It weighs more than three mothers-in-law,duct taped together,so bring a friend who can bench press(or a moving dolly).Works like new.

Beyer M-03 Vocal Mic




Suitable for vocals,guitars & brass.Supercardioid pattern.50-15k response.low impedance.

This is the higher quality MADE IN GERMANY model.
Excellent condition with original box & spec sheet.


Beyer M422TG perc.mic



• Supercardioid polar pattern
• Excellent gain-before-feedback
• Small diaphragm for accurate transient response
• Durable solid aluminium construction

Transducer type. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dynamic
Operating principle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pressure gradient
Frequency response. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 - 12,000 Hz
Polar pattern. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Supercardioid
Rear attenuation at 1 kHz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . > 20 dB at 130°
Open circuit voltage at 1 kHz (0 dB = 1 V/Pa). . 1.0 mV/Pa = -60 dBV
Nominal impedance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 Ω
Load impedance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ≥ 500 Ω
Diaphragm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Makrofol ®
Case/finish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Aluminium
Connector . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-pin XLR male
Dimensions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Length: 80 mm
Shaft diameter: 23.8 mm
Head diameter: 23.8 mm


AKG C418 Triple Pack




The C418 miniature condenser clip-on microphone has a specifically tailored frequency response for drum and percussion miking applications. Its hypercardioid polar pattern rejects leakage from nearby instruments. A solid clamp makes it easy to fix the microphone securely on the instrument.  The C418 shock-mounted capsule provides high mechanical-noise rejection while withstanding even the heaviest drumstick blows. A two-angle adjustment arm ensures precise microphone alignment. With standard XLR connector for phantom powering.With original manuals and molded carry cases.Cutting, punchy, accurate sonic transmission.The AKG C 418 microphone is one of the most popular dedicated hypercardioid drum and percussion mics, and for very good reason.
Fantastic presence and penetrating transients for sharp attack and killer rim shots.
Super grippy, tough clip attaches the C 418 mic securely to drum rim. 50Hz-20kHz, 4mV/Pa (-48dBV) sensitivity.

  • Dedicated for high-SPL drums and percussion
  • Cutting, punchy presence
  • Tough, grippy clip
    • 50Hz-20kHz frequency range
    • Hypercardioid
    • 4mV/Pa (-48dBV)
    • =< 200 ohms impedance
      131dB max SPL for 1% THD
    • 3" x 1.4" including clamp
BOSS ME6 Guitar Multi-FX

You can chain up to 7 fx per preset with a total of 25 presets(patches) that can be assigned into 5 banks.
Noise Suppressor.Tuner out jack/Exp.Pedal jack/Headphone jack.
Excellent condition with power supply.A no brainer deal for capturing a slew of classic rock sounds without having to buy a bunch of single FX pedals !


Crate V12 speakers

$50.00 for the pair

A PAIR of used crate V-series 12 inch guitar speakers. !6ohm each.50watt power handling each. You can wire them in parallel for a 8ohm total impedance. There is a visible "crease" in each cone,that doesn't affect their performance.


SE Electronics SE2000

Condenser Mike Outfit


The sE Electronics SE2000 Condenser Microphone is perfect for recording vocals and acoustic instruments.

The SE Electronics SE 2000 is a large diaphragm, cardioid pattern microphone that utilises a one inch, centre terminated, gold sputtered mylar diaphragm capsule. This works in conjunction with low noise Class A, FET circuitry and a transformer balanced output stage.

The SE2000 features a wide frequency response with a very subtle presence lift, which makes it suitable for recording studio vocals as well as most acoustic instruments and ensembles.View1   View2    View3   Mint condition.Comes with shock mount cradle and transit case.

Limited Edition Black finish.

Freq.resp: 30hz to 20khz.Sensitivity: 18mV/Pa Output Impedance: 200 ohms .Ouput Noise: less than17db,A weighted. Phantom power required: +48volts


Johnson Trailblazer6




The Trailblazer Deluxe makes it easy to sound great anywhere. With the classic, natural sound you can only get from solid spruce in a portable package, this guitar is ready to go wherever the muse takes you. With a full-size 24-3/4” scale length, the Trailblazer Deluxe gives players the same comfort and playability as a full-size dreadnought, but in a travel-friendly package.With 22 frets and a rosewood fretboard, the Trailblazer Deluxe has a familiar feel, like that of a standard sized guitar neck. Many players may have avoided choosing a travel guitar because of their concern that travel guitars, with smaller body shapes often sound thin with very little bass. Thanks to the Trailblazer’s carefully designed body, solid spruce top, mahogany sides and mahogany back, the Trailblazer Deluxe gives players on-the-go a pleasing robust, warm sound.Like many solid tops,this one has had a crack in the top,near the bridge,that has been repaired some time ago,before being traded in(see the pics).

Pic1   Pic2   Pic3   Pic4   Pic5   Pic6    Pic7   


Madera Folk sized acoustic



Spruce top,linden sides and 2-piece back back.rosewood fingerboard & bridge,chrome plated machine heads.25.5 inch scale length.A few cosmetic chips in the finish around the soundhole.No buckle rash or nasty gouges otherwise.Double bound body and bound neck and compensated bridge saddle .Gloss finish.Gigbag included.Pic1   Pic2   Pic3   Pic4   Pic5   Pic6 $175.00
Brat PA/DJ speakers

Made In Canada.Rear ported.1/4" and push-in connectors.tough, carpet covered all plywood construction with metal reinforced strap handles and metal grille.

Motorola Powerline Horn for crystal clean high frequency reproduction.

Four Custom high excursion 8" inch woofers per cabinet.200 watt power handling per cabinet.



Yorkville Equalizer


31 band MONO graphic equalizer,19" inch rack format,metal construction.

Suitable for guitar,bass,keyboard and especially for monitor applications.RCA and 1/4" inputs & outputs. Hardwired AC cable.


Lumi Multi-Moon Lite


A show all on its own! The Multi Moon is a four in one Mini Moon that chases with the music. Four separate spinning reflectors are combined with four 12 Volts 100 Watt EVA lamps that are chased. This effect produces a four colour show that is suitable for DJs and clubs. Built in mic for sound activation & continuous rotation of reflectors Cooling: Fan cooled Weight: 13.4 lbs / 6.1 kg


Laney 112 conversion cab




Compact,sealed back,front ported,soldly built cabinet with metal corners and grille.Top mount strap handle.
Celstion TruVox 12 inch speaker,8 ohm-125watt capability,suitable for guitar/bass/keyboard use.
Measures 19x19x12 inches deep and 36lbs
This cabinet has been converted to have a storage compartment(see pics)so you can store your cables,fx,pedalboard,etc.
The storage compartment measures 9"deep x17.5"wide x4"high
A rear trapdoor stays put courtesy of Velcro. Very good condition.

View1  View2  View3  View4  View5


Traynor 30watt gtr amp





















The Traynor DynaGain DG30D delivers a full 30-watts through its high quality 12-inch Celestion™ speaker, making it perfect for personal practice or rehearsals with the band. A two-channel design allows the player to switch between from pristine clean to searing lead channel at the touch of a switch, or remotely with the optional AFS2 footswitch. The Traynor DG30D's 24-bit digital multi effects processor offers chorus, flange, vibrato and special effects. Perfect for practice, the Traynor DG30D has RCA line input for quick connection of a CD or MP3 player allowing any play-along source to be mixed with the guitar. The 1/4-inch headphone jack (with speaker defeat) makes the Traynor DynaGain DG30D ideal when private practice is preferred.
Maximum versatility and superior tube-like tone is now available in this solid-state guitar amplifier. The Traynor DynaGain DG30D employs three-stage dynamic tube emulation circuitry to provide unparalleled tube-like tone from a solid-state amplifier. The Transconductive power amplifier design used exclusively in the DynaGain series ensures the solid-state amplifier sounds just like a tube amp.
Pushing the boundaries of modern technology, Traynor discovered how to utilize Dynamic Gain control in the preamp to ensure the best tube emulation possible from an entirely solid-state circuit design. Dyna-Sound speaker emulation on the headphone output, and speaker defeat switch makes the DynaGain amplifiers the perfect amplifier for the practicing musician.Mint condition.


Fretlight FG405

acoustic-electric pack








The FG-405 Acoustic/Electric is a fantastic blend of technology and tradition. Take the sleek and fast Fretlight electric neck and put it on a compact telecaster style thin-line acoustic body. Add a powered Piezo pickup system with a 3-band EQ and just for grins throw in an on-board digital tuner. Sheer power and delight. Guitar body consists of a Spuce top, mahogany sides and back with X-pattern bracing. The multi-purpose FG-405 gives you the versatility you need in a design that compliments its every move. Whether you want to use it acoustically or plug in and craft your tone with the on-board EQ, the FG-405 can handle it. Finished in jet black gloss.If you're unfamiliar with the FretLight,it also an interactive guitar learning system that can connect to your computer with the included software bundle and cable.You can teach yourself riffs,solos,songs & scales.The fingerboard has LED's embedded under it's translucent surface that light up to show you where to play the notes! Unlike other versions available,our price includes our own professional level shop set up which exceeds everybody else's st factory standard by a substantial amount.These are relatively rare in Canada,so why get "burned" on a substandard,unreliable,unplayable one being hawked everywhere else ,when you can buy this one knowing we've taken our usual time & effort to ensure you get a great playing instrument.Demo software,PC cable and gigbag included. 

Pic1   Pic2   Pic3   Pic4   Pic5   Pic6   Pic7   Pic8   Pic9   Pic10


Aria AD-28-SB



Top: Solid Sitka Spruce.Back & Sides: Mahogany.Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood.Frets: 20F.Bridge: Rosewood. Bone nut.Compensated saddle. Pickguard: Black.Nickel plated ,diecast,adjustable tuners.Other than

a "scar" in the top's gloss finish,this guitar could easily pass for new.

View1   View2   View3   View4   View5   View6


Fender Dg22s


Fender Dg22s.Flamed back & sides matched to a solid spruce top for a brilliant tone that cuts thru with strong mids and smooth bass.Rosewood fingerboard,gold plated diecast,adjustable tuners,compensated saddle.Blueburst finish-near mint condition(slight finish blems on back of neck)  Made in Korea. View1   View2   View3   View4


Orphan PJ bass






This "nameless" 4-stringer features a set of humbucking pickups as well as a newly installed EMG Select J-bridge pickup.Other than two very minor finish cracks at the heel of the neck,this bass could pass for nearly new.NO nasty buckle rash or pick scrapes.Individual pickup volume controls and master tone control.

Slim,contoured and lightweight body make this a comfortable bass to handle,and the oversized strap buttons keep you "secured".24 fret rosewood fingerboard on a 34.5" scale maple neck,equipped with diecast,sealed tuners.

Price includes gigbag and our own shop set up so you won't be dealing with any goofy intonation or insanely high action problems like you'd find on similiarly priced basses.More than an adequate bass for a beginner or even as a "spare" for your "other" bass.Metallic blue gloss finish.

Pic1   Pic2   Pic3   Pic4   Pic5   Pic6   Pic7   Pic8


Yorkville BM200 BassAmp






The full sounding BM200 combo (15" / tweeter) . With 200 Watts of power and four-way active tone controls the BM200 offers simple yet effective tonal flexibility. The "Contour" control provides excellent "Slap" bass effects.

Other features include: Balanced Line Out (post EQ/pre master), Effects Loop jacks,Switchable Limiter to control clipping, Extension Speaker Jack (4 ohm minimum) and a front panel Headphone Jack.  Pic1   Pic2 




5-15 Bass Mini-stack

















Even when you're rehearsing, you still need a good sound. The Ashdown 5-15 bass MiniStack may be easily affordable and portable, but it's also surprisingly potent.

the Five Fifteen head is partnered by a 2 x 10" cabinet to create a true miniature powerhouse. Conceived as a home or practice set-up, the Five Fifteen MiniRig actually packs enough muscle to hold its own in small gigs, far outstripping standard practice amps in both quality and flexibility. The feature set is typically Ashdown, providing all the essential controls you’ll need in an intuitive and logical layout. Input and Output Gain controls are standard, along with a three-band rotary tone control section (Treble, Middle and Bass), plus the bass response can be instantly extended by way of a simple ‘Deep’ switch. A front panel CD/mp3 input means you can play along with pre-recorded backing tracks, while also doubling as a line output for recording situations. If noise is an issue then the headphone output allows silent practicing, and a classic Ashdown VU meter lets you keep an eye on your levels. Durability is further enhanced by the use of tough protective corners and heavy duty covering.As an exclusive bonus from us,we include our own mp3 input cable,and headphones.Click for details






Epiphone Blues30



Two distinct channels share the specially designed 3-Band EQ while the Overdrive Channel is equipped with an additional Mid control allowing the player to dial in that soulful sweet spot.The 3-Band EQ is selectable between Independent and Interactive mode and the amp features a tube powered, transformer driven, spring Reverb. The Blues Custom 30 offers the player both 30W Class AB (Pentode Mode) or 15Watts Class A (Triode Mode) at the flip of a switch.Twin Eminence Lady Luck 12' speakers. Absolutely mint condition with dual footswitch. Click here for details.

All tube design: 5x12ax7 preamp tubes,2x 5881 output tubes.

Click here for more. Mint condition with in store warrantee.


Laney MXD120H





Features include:True Twin-Channel Operation with separate Bass, Middle and Treble controls for each channel.Clean Volume, Master Volume and ‘Crunch Factor’ controls.MAX Button for totally MAXed out Drive -Phono CD Input.

External Footswitch Socket for channel select and effect bypass -Extension Speaker Socket.The MXD120 features the Laney Custom X-Factor DSP Digital Effects Package with ‘Instant Selection’ Program Control plus Master Effects Level control.

2 Reverbs -4 Delays -2 Chorus -Flanger -Rotary Speaker Simulator -Octaver-
Chorus + Reverb -Chorus + Delay -Flange + Delay -Octaver + Delay.

Download the manual hereView1



Laney HCM412A


Guitar speaker cabinet loaded with four x12 inch Celestion Rocket50 speakers.

Cabinet impedance: 8 ohms.Power handling 200watts rms.Dimesions: 71.2 cm wide x 28.7 cm deep x 71.2 cm high.Metal speaker grille and Metal bar handles. weight: 32kg. Dual 1/4" inputs .  View1


Peavey 115 bass cab


Peavey 115 bass cabinet with heavy duty 15 inch replacement woofer.200 watts at 4 ohms impedance.Built-in storage for pedals,cables,etc.Black tolex vinyl covered cabinet with casters for portability.24 " w x 13" d x 30" high. View1


Workhorse pa12 speaker cabinets.Compact 22.5" H x 15.5" w x 11" d,portable 32 lbs per cabinet.Recently upgraded with new higher power 12" woofer and 12db per octave crossover with bullet tweeter.Steel reinforced strap handles with all metal corners and feet.Excellent crisp,clear sound for vocals or small acoustic gig setup(No,not the Bell Centre)200watts handling per spatter coat finish.Made in Canada.8 ohm impedance. View1


Du Kane (aka JBL)

Compression drivers

Model 5a540(an improved version of the JBL LE175/Coral M-100)driver,reloaded with new 16 ohm,aluminium diaphragms.To learn much more about these excellent drivers,you'll need to check this detailed link. Be aware that shipping these will NOT be cheap-they're massive.

Pic1  Pic2   Pic3  Pic4  Made in USA.



ATC 12" guitar spkr


Founded in Great Britain (1974) to manufacture custom drive units for the professional sound industry, ATC quickly made its mark with the 12" PA75-314. They were capable of handling more power, producing less distortion, and going louder than any other unit of comparable size on the market. 75watts rms at 8 ohms.Cast metal frame with massive magnet structure and rear vented voice coil assembly.  View1   View2   Made in England.

Made in England.Build yourself a cabinet for it and get ready to rock!


Fane 15" bass/PA spkr


Made by Fane Acoustics-used by Hiwatt amps(need we say more?).15" for bass guitar or Pa applications. Made in England.

Highly efficient.200 watts rms at 8 ohms.Eight spoke, cast metal frame with cambric surround and linen dome.   View1   View2

Made in England.Build yourself a cabinet for it and get ready to rumble!


Fane HF100


Thes specs are right here.  ,IN PDF FORMAT

Made in England


JBL 2470 Drivers


Unloaded compression diaphragms.This pair of horn drivers needs a pair of

aftermarket replacement diaphragms you will need to install yourself .

Hers's are the complete specs from JBL .Cick here. made in the USA



Unloaded 1x12 cabinets.all plywood encloure.grey ozite covering.all metal hardware,metal feet,metal,coated grille.cutout to for 12 inch speaker and bullet type tweeter. Made in Canada


Unloaded 2x10 cabinets.all plywood enclosure.Black ozite covering.All black metal hardware,bar handles,coated black metal grille,metal feet.speaker holes cutout to fit Eminence or similiar driver.Motorola piezo horn installed,

Cabinet would be suitable for bass,keyboard,pa or DJ use.Horizontalk/Vertical use. Sold as a "mirror" PAIR ONLY. (one cabinet shown) Made in Canada


Korg DDM-220



Not so much a drum machine per se,but a percussion machine is what this unit is. Old school 8-bit PCM sampled sounds incude low & high

congas,timbale,woodblock,cowbell,high & low agogo,cabasa,tambourine-that can be recorded(or played)in up to 32 patterns & chained together up to 390 bars.If your looking to add that retro/vintage vibe to your recordings or dance mix-this is the poorman's answer!

View1   View2   View3   View4   View5  . AC/DC adaptor NOT included.

Very good condition-with original box and operating manual.

Made in JAPAN


Aria Chorus


This cool little unit adds just the right amount of shimmering chorus tones to not only electric guitar, but sounds pretty darn good on an acoustic-electric as well.

Onboard controls consist of depth,intensity and rate.It also has screw-less battery access and can also operate on any (boss/dano) psotive griound ac/cd adaptor.

ABS enclosure.Excellent condidtion with original box & manual. View1   View2


Fender Studio Pak



Unique,compact,all analog,"studio-in-a-box"you can use as a preamp/interface for recording,a headphone amp for practicing or live use.Built-in variable chorus,4-stage preamp with variable gain & drive controls,built-in variable speaker simulator,built-in fx loop for patching in your outboard fx processors,as well as aninput for patching in your mp3 player or drum machine to jam along with.Mint condition with original box & manual,power supply & headphones.

Designed and manufactured by Nobels of Germany for Fender.

Download the manual here.

View1    View2   View3


ARIA Multi-Pedal FX


Three distinct fx pedals combined into one unit.NO programming menus-pretty much what you you'd say is that it's plug & play for players looking for simplicity and "old school" approach to guitar pedals.

You get separate overdrive/distortion(w/bypass),a separate chorus unit,

(w/bypass),a separate digital delay with selectable short/long delay times(w/

bypass) as well as a master volume and master bypass for the entire floorboard.

It doesn't get much simpler than this.All priced for less than a typical single pedal!

Mono to amp output, and headphone output for practicing without your amp.

Power supply included. Pic1   Pic2   Pic3  Pic4  Pic5   Pic6


Johnson J-station amp & effect modeler by Digitech.Not only does the J-Station provide 24 choices of amp models, bass amp models, and acoustic guitar models, but it also includes a multitude of completely programmable, studio quality effects and 18 speaker cabinet models.The S/PDIF digital out makes it ready to record in the digital domain.

  View1  View2  View3   More details ? Click here

 View Pic here Akai XE-8 Drum Sound Module .Download the manual here. $150.00

We normally have a running stock of used humbucker & single coil pickups that have been pulled from guitars during new pickup installs and upgrades,with price ranges from $25.00 for single coils, to typically $40.00 per humbucker style.

Models vary, so ask us what's currently in stock when you're ready to go for it!


Korg KP1 Kaoss Pad:Dynamic Effector/Controller offers realtime effects control over your music with it's built-in 60 fx programs you manipulate by it's touch screen,including sampling,pitch shifting,stretching,retrigger and more.Connects directly to CD players,mixers-any outboard music gear for maximum flexibility.

View1  View2  View3  View4  With original box,power supply and owner's manual .Download the manual here.

                                                                       Listed below,you'll find all the rack mount gear
                                                                THE  CLEARANCE RACK 
                                                                       Listed below,you'll find all the rack mount gear
Alto BetaVerb MFX

Based on years of experience and feedback from professional users, the βVERB features a full array of effects to meet any application demand. From the purist looking for "real" rooms to the guitar player looking for the right "aggressive" sound, the βVERB is the unit of choice. The quality of the Reverb algorithms are complete with high-end performance algorithms for modulations such as: Flanger, Chorus, Delay settings and much more! βVERB is a versatile multi-efffect processor with large storage memory, multiple editing capability and allows Users to save  their custom presets. The βVERB is also the ideal companion for the performing guitarist who relies on a vast library of sounds. All βVERB parameters can be edited on a wide 2×20 LCD and sounds can be stored in one of the 64 user programs. Presets can also be saved into one of the 64 available resident memory banks.


  • Digital stereo effects processor with 24×32-bit high-speed signal processor
  • High-quality BurrBrown 1-bit A/D and D/A  converters
  • 64 factory presets and 64 user presets available
  • Astonishing Reverb algorithms
  • High-performance algorithms for chorus, flanger, delay (Stereo, Ping-pong & Multi) Reverb ( Room, Hall, Plate & Reverse)
  • 2×20 backlit LCD αnumeric display for clear readability
  • Servo-balanced inputs and outputs with XLR connectors
  • MIDI interface for remote control
  • Dimensions (W×D×H): 483×232.5×44mm (19"×9.2"×1.7")
  • Weight: 3.8kg (8.4 lb)   

Rocktron BassMaxe


This 19" rack  preamp can be used to feed your bass signal straight into the board,recorder or can be coupled to a poweramp to complete a bass guitar rig.

It features a four band rotary equalizer,variable compression with push button & footswitchable bypass,gain and master output level controls,mono in/out jacks,separate lo & hi output jacks with front panel variable crossover control.

Built in hush noise reduction with threshold control to keep things nice and quiet.Bright switch to add "snap" to your tone. MADE IN THE USA.

Includes original box and manual.

Pic1   Pic2   Pic3  Pic4   Pic5  Pic6   Pic7   Pic8



RSP Circle Sound

Designed by the genius behind Rocktron and ISP Technology,these two complementary units form an advanced surround system for recording, playback home cinema that's too intense to detail here,so we've included links explaining this scary cool processing system. Click here. and here. Selling now for a metric fraction of it's original system price.100% MINT condition with all manuals,etc.

View1   View2   View3   View4   View5  . Made in the U.S.A



Rolls Bass Preamp


Extremely rare & unique little 1/2 rack processor for bass players.This high quality unit is built in the U.S.A(not China) and features some cool features like a variable parametric AND a five-band graphic equalizer as well as a headphone jack,dual,switch-able fx loops,dual outputs.Footswitcher & ac/dc power supply included.100% MINT condition with original box,manual,etc. Makes for a neat & compact "front-end" for a small live/backup bass rig or PC recording set-up .View1   View2   View3   View4   View5   View6



DOD Quad noise Gate

The DOD 844 Series II Quad Noise Gate consists of 4 independent noise gates
in a single rack space unit. Threshold, release time, and attenuation (0 dB to 90 dB) for each gate are user controllable. Special features include a Key
input for gating, or "keying", from a signal other than the input. A control output is also provided for triggering other devices with a 5 volt pulse from the selected channel when the input for that channel rises above the threshold.
Monitoring the operation of the 844 is made simple with front panel LEDs that indicate the operating status of each channel (lit when input signal is being gated.Download the manual here.Excellent condition.MADE IN THE USA View1    View2   View3   View4  


DOD PA processor

This monitor/speaker processor is to be used in conjunction with a sound reinforcement system, or can serve as the final EQ and level control for the monitor system.The 2/3rds octave EQ allows you to quickly and easily modify a sound for use in music, recording, or sound reinforcement.The notch filters give you more control over notching out unwanted noise and the limiting and low cut features assist in protecting your amps and speakers.Download the manual here.

Excellent condition.MADE IN USA  View1   View2   View3   View4


Tubeworks BlueTube I


Relatively rare in this area,this preamp features a real live 12ax7 tube to warm up any guitar or bass signal with tone and and grind that falls somewhere between a Fender Bassman and a Marshall Plexi.This versatile box also has a set of instrument level in/out jacks (to match up with your other pedals or amp)as well as a set of LINE level in/outs to better match a mixer/recorder and other rack gear.View1  View2    view3
Near mint condition for a few paint scratches.Footswitchable
boost and bypass and NO wall-wart to deal with !

Tubeworks BlueTube II

Voiced more like an older plexi meets bassman,with fat & warm overdriven tone.

This two channel,switchable tube preamp also makes an excellent "front-end" for a bass guitar rig. Extremely versatile with mono/stereo fx loops with variable send & return level controls. Footswitchable channel & stack modes(foostwitch not included). View1   View2   View3    View4   View5   View6   View7


Tubeworks RealTube II

Voiced more aggressive than the BlueTube,with loads more saturated distortion that leads into hiwatt/boogie/soldano territory. Extremely versatile with mono/stereo fx loops with variable send & return level controls. Footswitchable channel & stack modes(foostwitch not included). Pic1   Pic2   Pic3   Pic4   Pic5


YS 31band mono EQ

Your basic everyman mono 31-band graphic equalizer that can be used reliably in a variety of applications including tone shaping & tweaking a guitar system,for taming feedback in a stage monitor or even for a keyboard rig.Hardwired AC cable.Very good condition.1/4" inch & rca in/out connectors.Pic1   Pic2  


Behringer De-Noiser

Not to confused with their lesser quality Chinese units,this is one of their original series,very high quality,MADE IN GERMANY units,optimized for noise reduction in electric guitar applications. THE SNR201 features line & instrument level ins & outs,preamp gain control w/clip indicator.Dynamic filtering with variable sensitivity.Switch-able gate/expander w/threshold,release & ratio controls.Chassis mounted ac cord(no wallwart!).This is a high quality unit.99% MINT condidtion.

View1   View2    View3   View4   View5  View6   View7  

Need to eliminate/reduce hiss,noise,hum.crackle in your guitar rig? Get this !



Behringer Split/Mix

This unit lets you take a pair of signals and split them into six separate feeds that can also be mixed(or not). Each channel can operate independently in mixer or splitter mode .Also usable as 6 in/6 out level matching amplifier or direct inject box .Great for keyboard players,A/V or multi-monitor applications,etc.

6 mono in, 6 mono out, 2 main inputs and 2 outputs-all in 1/4" phone plug format.This high quality unit is MADE IN GERMANY, not China.

View1   View2   View3   View4   View5   View6  Chassis mounted AC cord.






Cash & Carry-All items sold as it.Local Pickup ONLY

No--- Trades/Swaps/Layaways/NO Shipping---



A 3 channel, 5 Amps per channel remote switching system designed to provide performers with basic lighting control at an affordable price. Easy to hook up and operate, the SP-1500 allows the user to select any or all of the three channels by means of an inconspicuous foot operated controller. Using electronic switching, the SP-1500II FC-3 Foot Control features 3 individual channels (each with its own LED indicator), a master blackout switch and a 10 metre control cable. The use of 16 gauge steel in the construction of the FC-3 provides a unit which is able to handle the abuse of foot operation. The SP-1500II Power Pack is a compact, lightweight, 3 channel switching pack that can easily be hung from a lighting stand or mounted more permanently if required. The pack has a capacity of 5 outputs for maximum versatility, and a 15 amp triac for each channel ensures maximum dependability. view1 $150.00
4 PAR CAN LIGHT SET   $80.00


6 channel, 5 Amps per channel dimming system combining features and price into a package that is ideal for any situation calling for a small dimming control system. Designed to provide affordable dimming.Easy to hook up and operate, comes complete with control desk, two 1800 watt dimmer packs, and two 15 metre control cables. The DS- Control Desk is a 6 channel, 2 scene controller with a master fader for each scene, momentary switches on each channel.The DS-3000 Dimmer Pack is a compact, lightweight, 3 channel dimmer that can be hung from a lighting stand or mounted more permanently if required. Each pack has a capacity of 5 Amps per channel and the whole pack can be powered by a standard 15 amp outlet. Each channel has 2 U-ground outlets for maximum versatility, and a 15 amp triac on each channel ensures plenty of "head-room". $250.00

Tascam Bass Trainer

Model BT1-MkII

If you can operate a CD player, you can use the CD-BT1mkII. Take any standard compact disc by your favorite band and put it in the CD mechanism. Then plug your bass directly into the CD-BT1mkII's 1/4" input. Put on some headphones, set the volume, and start rocking! If you're a vocalist, you can do the same, substituting your microphone for the guitar.Complete with ac pwr supply. Pic1