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Allen & Heath

Visit the Allen & Heath website here


ZED-6 has been created for musicians, singer / songwriters and venues seeking Allen & Heath’s renowned build and audio quality in a compact, portable format. Whether it’s bouncing ideas around at home, performing live or recording tracks to share on YouTube and Soundcloud, ZED-6 is a versatile companion for every step of the creative journey. Featuring the new GSPre boutique preamp design, developed from the revered GS-R24 studio recording console, the ZED boasts exceptionally low noise and massive headroom, with a signature analogue warmth and depth. Guitarists will be pleased to know that ZED-6 comes with a pair of Guitar DI high impedance inputs, allowing guitars to be plugged straight into the mixer without the hassle and expense of carrying separate DI boxes.

Click here for more details.Includes Rainbow cable kit and in-store product support.

$199.00 IN


ZED-6FX delivers Allen & Heath’s renowned build and audio excellence in a compact, portable format, making it the ideal choice for quality conscious musicians, singer / songwriters and venues. Whether it’s bouncing ideas around at home, performing live or recording tracks to share on YouTube and Soundcloud, ZED-6FX is a versatile companion for every step of the creative journey. Featuring the new GSPre boutique preamp design, developed from the revered GS-R24 studio recording console, the ZED boasts exceptionally low noise and massive headroom, with a signature analogue warmth and depth. ZED-6FX is the first mixer to include a specially created suite of studio quality reverbs, delays and special multi-model FX, crafted by Allen & Heath’s acclaimed in-house effects aficionados. Guitarists will be pleased to know that ZED-6FX comes with a pair of Guitar DI high impedance inputs, allowing guitars to be plugged straight into the mixer without the hassle and expense of carrying separate DI boxes.Click here for more details. Includes Rainbow cable kit and in-store product support

$299.00 IN

ZED-i 10

ZEDi-10 combines the robustness and hands-on control of an analogue mixer with a high quality 4 x 4 USB interface, making it a perfect all-round choice for musicians, recording artists and venues. Whether it’s bouncing ideas around at home, performing live or recording tracks to share on YouTube and Soundcloud, ZEDi-10 is a versatile companion for every step of the creative journey.The studio quality, 24-bit / 96kHz, 4×4 USB interface makes it easy to capture stunning multitrack recordings direct from the mixer to a Mac or PC without the need for any extra equipment. Featuring the new GSPre boutique preamp design, developed from the revered GS-R24 studio recording console, the ZED boasts exceptionally low noise and massive headroom, with a signature analogue warmth and depth. Guitarists will be pleased to know that two of ZEDi-10’s mono channels feature Guitar DI high impedance inputs, allowing guitars to be plugged straight into the mixer without the hassle and expense of carrying separate DI boxes.Click here for more details.Includes Rainbow cable kit and in-store product support

$399.00 IN



Visit the Apex Website here


The ADP1 offers great value in a passive direct box. This sturdy & dependable unit allows the connection of the outputs of electronic musical instruments (or other audio sources) to the balanced inputs of mixer consoles.  more $39.00  Pic IN


This sturdy and dependable unit allows you to connect the output of an electronic musical instrument or other audio source to the balanced input on a mixer. Alternatively, the ADP2 allows connection of an audio source to an instrument amplifier while simultaneously patching it to a channel on a mixer. It even gives you the ability to connect the speaker output of an instrument amplifier directly to the input of a mixer ? especially desirable in the case of a tube guitar amp (speakers must also be connected).

$49.00 Pic IN


Problem - you need to connect an amplifier''s speaker output to the mic input on a mixer. Solution - connect an ADA1 between the speaker output and a mic input with phantom power on the mixer, then set the attenuation switch to " -40". more

$49.00    Pic IN


The AMM31 can accept either mono or stereo signals and mixes them down to stereo or identical L&R mono signals. Additionally the AMM31 provides a headphone output with its own level control. more $79.00   Pic IN


Problem - you need to mix a CD and a VCR's audio output with a synthesizer and the line output of a bass amp and send it all to a PC or cassette deck.Solution - connect an AMM42 between your audio sources and the PC or cassette deck. Levels can be mixed and a headphone jack lets you monitor the mix.
Four input channels, Ch.1 with a ¼" unbalanced input, Ch.2 with a choice of one ¼" or dual L&R RCA inputs, and ch. 3 & 4 with dual L&R RCA inputs only Four Level controls, one for each channel Dual L&R RCA Output connectors ¼" Line/Stereo Headphone output jack

Active preamplification and mixing circuitry Input Impedance = 10K Ohms unbalanced (all inputs).

Ch. 1/2/3&4 Input Gains = 32dB/26dB/26dB & 26dB S/N Ratio = >90dB THD = <.008% IMD(SMPTE) = <.008%

Power = 12VDC adaptor (included)

$89.00 Pic IN


The APEX270 is a low visibility, wide-range headset microphone. It is ideal for singers, drummers or anyone who prefers to have their hands free. The unit features a lightweight and easily adjusted wire frame, which is tough enough to withstand continuous, highly active use yet, be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.   more

$69.00 IN
      === ===



Audio Technica

AT95E Cartridge

The 1/2"  standard mount AT95E phono cartridge offers outstanding clarity and detail.Reviewers ahave rated this affordable,high performance cartridge as a best buy value.Manufactured to Audio Technica's renowned quality satandards,each cartridge is meticulously assembled with remarkably tighht tolerances.The elliptial diamond stylus is designed to track record grooves with high accuracy for outstanding audio reproduction.Includes mounting hardware and stylus guard.

Frequency Response: 20hz-20,000hz/Output: 3.5 Mv at 1khz./

Channel separation: >20db at 1 khz/Channel Balance: within 2.0db

Tracking force range: 1.5-2.5 (2.0 recommended)

Recommended load impedance: 47,ooo ohms

Stylus type:: .3 x .7 mil elliptical diamond


System 8-Guitar

Wireless system

Featuring sleek, stackable, contemporary styling, Audio-Technica's System 8 Wireless Systems are designed for reliable performance, easy setup and clear, natural sound quality.
  • Easy operation and clear, natural sound quality
  • Reliable performance and durable construction
  • Advanced dipole antenna system for extended operating range
  • Power, RF, and AF Peak indicators
  • Volume control, 1/4" output jack and user-adjustable squelch
  • Rugged unidirectional dynamic element on handheld microphone/transmitter
  • Variable microphone trim control and multi-color battery/power indicator, AA operation on transmitters
  • Professional locking connector on UniPak® body-pack transmitter






System 8 Handheld

Wireless system

Featuring sleek, stackable, contemporary styling, Audio-Technica's System 8 Wireless Systems are designed for reliable performance, easy setup and clear, natural sound quality.

Includes handheld microphone

$149.95 IN


Behringer -Backed by Rainbow


Ultra-Compact 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier

If you're tracking more than one musician at a time, or if everyone in a group wants to listen to a playback, you need a monitor distribution system. The compact, flexible AMP800 can power up to eight pairs of headphones and up to 2 different stereo mixes.

The AMP800 features four totally independent stereo high-power amplifier sections, each with dual outputs. You can use the phones level control plus the accurate 6-digit LED output meter per channel for easy level monitoring. There are 2 balanced stereo main inputs with independent Level and Balance controls for individual mixes, selectable for all 4 headphone amplifiers.  View1   View2

$79.99 IN

CT100 cable tester

Make sure every cable in your arsenal is in good working order with the invaluable CABLE TESTER CT100. This incredibly portable audio solution is a must-have for sound engineers and musicians alike.The CT100 accepts every type of cable you might use in a recording or live performance situation: XLR, mono and TRS phone (¼ ", 1⁄8", TT), RCA and even MIDI. Choose from 3 modes: Cable Test, installed Cable Tester or Tone. The CT100 can check for continuity, intermittency, the presence of phantom power and grounded shields. Because this handy tool runs on two AA batteries you can carry it in your pocket, or clip it onto your belt – and be ready to troubleshoot at a moment's notice. $49.95 IN

DX626 DJ mixer

Professional 3-Channel DJ Mixer with BPM Counter and VCA Control

The PRO MIXER DX626 is a professional high-quality 3-channel DJ mixer with integrated Beat-Per-Minute (BPM) counter, and embodies a proven 3-channel design loved by DJs worldwide – beginners and professionals alike. Its super-smooth, dual-rail “Ultraglide” crossfader with up to 500,000 life cycles guarantees years of flawless performance.

Numerous features, such as 3 dual-input stereo channels, with Gain and 3-band kill EQ (-32 dB); one channel switchable to studio-grade ULN microphone input; and manual Talkover function, enable you to work in completely new and imaginative ways. Additional features include PFL function with a Master/PFL mix option and a peak-hold Level meter with a dedicated PFL bar graph. There is also a BNC gooseneck lamp socket. The DX626 is extremely easy to use – giving you free rein over your creativity

$189.00 IN


The EP2000 represents everything musicians love about our popular EP1500/EP2500—excellent sound quality, road-worthy toughness and reliability, low-noise operation and incredible power. With 500 rms watts per channel at 4 ohms,it's perfect for medium-sized club gigs, mobile PA systems, church services or public spaces. Click here for more. View1   View2






4-Channel High-Power Headphones Mixing and Distribution Amplifier

The HA4700 offers four high-power amplifiers that can drive loads down to 8 Ohms. Each amplifier features its own two-band EQ, 8-digit LED output meter, left and right MUTE switches, a ST./2-CH switch to toggle between stereo or double mono, and a 1/4" stereo AUX input to mix in any instrument or sound source. The front panel gives you one PHONES OUT 1/4" jack per channel. A MAIN section features a 5-segment LED output meter, DIRECT IN 1/4" jack and MASTER LEVEL dial. View1  View2

$139.99 IN


Ultra-Compact Microphone Modeling Preamp

Ultra-compact microphone modeling preamp for studio and stage applications.Ultra-flexible Preamp Modeling allows to quickly optimize your recordings.Choose between 16 preamp voicings designed for electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass guitars, drums, vocals, etc.Authentic VTC Tube Modeling technology creates the warmth of vacuum tubes.Equipped with BEHRINGER's sophisticated output limiter—prevents the output signal from being distorted.View1     View2

$110.00 IN


Audiophile Vacuum Tube Microphone/Line Preamplifier

Ultra-low noise discrete microphone/line preamplifier with hand-selected 12AX7 tube for ultra-musical sound.Ultra-wide bandwidth from 10 Hz to 200 kHz for “open” sound.Integrated fully parametric EQs with dedicated center frequency, bandwidth and level controls.Independent line driver for converting -10 dBV into +4 dBu pro level.Soft-mute +48 V phantom power to avoid switch-on thumps. View1    View2

$149.95 IN

N)X101 DJ Mixer

Premium 2-Channel DJ Mixer with Full VCA-Control and Ultraglide Crossfader.Whether you’re just getting your DJ rig together, or you’re looking for an extremely easy to operate mixer, the NOX101 DJ Mixer was designed specifically for you. Make no mistake about it, the NOX101 is anything but a “bare bones” mixer. Professional features include a balanced Mic Input with our exceptional XENYX Mic Preamp, recognized by audio professionals all over the world for their transparency and low-noise, high-headroom performance; super-smooth Ultraglide VCA Crossfader and channel faders, with up to a 500,000 cycle lifespan; premium-grade phono preamps and massive connectivity. The NOX101 packs all this and more into a rugged, “built-like-a-tank” chassis designed for years of flawless performance. $149.00 IN


Ultra-Low Latency 2 In/2 Out USB Audio Interface with Digital Output

Looking for a simple, affordable way to get your music into the digital realm? Or maybe you’d like to connect your computer to an external effects unit or recorder? Want to transfer your old cassette tapes to CD before the oxide falls off the tape? The fastest, easiest way to get analog audio into your computer is with the U-CONTROL UCA222 Audio Interface. PC & Mac compatible.

$49.99 IN


Professional 7-Channel Rack-Mount DJ Mixer with USB/Audio Interface, BPM Counter and VCA Control.The 7-channel VMX1000USB DJ Mixer is designed to connect directly to your computer and take your music straight into the digital realm. In an instant, the VMX1000USB allows you to record and play any digital music file from your PC or Mac* computer – with no setup drivers required!Dual intelligent, built-in BPM (Beats per Minute) counters with Sync Lock and Beat Assist help keep your tracks in sync – plus our VCA-controlled faders and crossfader ensure flawless performance. $349.00 IN





Stage7 DrumPak

The CAD Stage7 is a seven-piece drum mic pack that includes one D10 cardioid dynamic mic, three D29 dynamic tom mics, with intergrated clips, one D19 dyanmic snare drum mic, with intergrated clip, and 2 C9 instrument condensers for high hats, cymbals or overheads. The pack includes a vinyl carrying case with strap for easy transport and storage.
$349.00 IN


The CAD Audio U9 USB MicroMic is a great high quality, compact solution for recording on the go.  It features a small compact design, with a huge sound and a 3.5mm(1/8”) headphone out jack for monitoring.  The 180 degree swivel and directional capsule allows for precise placement and maximum sound quality while podcasting, Skyping, VoIP or recording music. $44.95 IN

U49 Side Address

The U49 side address studio mic delivers high fidelity performance for your next creative project.Equipeed with a true studio grade mic capsule,headphone monitor,mic volume and echo signal processing.

The u49 dlivers smoth,articulate reproduction.It's cardioid pattern resists typical room noises.Includes tripod stand,mounting clip,USB cable and windscreen.

$59.95 IN

D32x3 3-pack

The CAD lIve d32 is a supercardioid dynamic handheld mic with a quiet on/off switch and high performance neodymium cartridge.Superior gain before feedback makes this ideal for live stage applications.Supplied as a THREE PACK ,Cables extra and available in required lengths from our shop. $99.95 IN

Focusrite PC/MAC USB recording interfaces

i-Track Pocket

iTrack Pocket is a portable, high quality stereo microphone and guitar input that lets you create and share exceptional videos using your iPhone.
Designed for singer-songwriters who want their YouTube videos to sound as great as they look, it lets you easily apply mastering effects and share directly to YouTube with outstanding quality your subscribers will love.
Officially For iPhone
iPhone microphones are great for making phone calls, but they struggle to capture musical performances. They simply arent designed to do justice to the sound of vocals and guitar.

Thats why Apple officially approved iTrack Pocket. It holds your iPhone at the perfect angle for recording, then captures your performance using a stereo microphone that eclipses the quality of your iPhone mic and a dedicated guitar input with built-in amp simulation. Click here more detail.




Scarlett SOLO

2 IN/2 OUT USB 2.0 Audio Interface with One Focusrite Mic Pre Amp and one DI / Line Input, 24-bit/96kHz, USB Bus Power,The mic preamp inside the Scarlett Solo's elegant, rugged and compact aluminium case is a genuine Focusrite microphone preamp with a 30-year heritage, specially designed for our interfaces, which lets you record with the legendary Scarlett sound. Sleek, light and tough enough to take whenever you go, Scarlett Solo turns your Mac or PC into a portable recording studio. Whenever inspiration strikes, simply plug in any microphone and instrument, and start making the highest quality recordings.





i-Track SOLO Ltng

Whatever type of music you want to make, and whatever you want to record it on, iTrack Solo is the simplest way to do it.Start recording the moment inspiration strikes, by plugging any instrument or mic straight in.You don't need to learn anything new. Record your songs directly into Garageband, Cubasis, Auria and many other apps.Whatever type of music you want to make, and whatever you want to record it on, iTrack Solo is the simplest way to do it.iTrack Solo isn’t just for recording. Connect your speakers, crank up the volume and totally immerse yourself in the sound of your music, apps, video games, movies – or anything else.Fewer cables means less clutter. You only need to plug iTrack Solo into the mains if you’re using it with iPad. Otherwise, your USB connection will power it.

$179.95   IN

Scarlett 2i4

Scarlett 2i4 is a 2 in / 4 out USB audio interface featuring two award-winning Focusrite pre-amps and four high-quality audio outputs. Housed in a rugged, anodised aluminium unibody chassis, the Scarlett 2i4 is the perfect audio interface for musicians and digital DJs and can fully withstand the rigours of the road.Connect Scarlett 2i4 to your computer and get ready to make music! With the very best in digital audio technology and a great selection of input and output options, the Scarlett 2i4 will capture and play back your sound with superb quality. $299.95





G/F Audio


Yesterday's vintage mikes arecommanding some pretty insane prices while their performance and sound is "spotty" at best. We offer The RetroMic a much more affordably priced version of that classic looking mike from the good old days.The RetroMic however ,features substantially upgraded performance and reliability using today's manufacturing technology for improved tone and consistent reliabiliy.The all metal,gleaming chrome shell houses a dynamic cartridge and features an integral mikestand insert and Lo-z(low impedance) 3 pin XLR connector.Variable tilt and on/off switch.

The RetroMic comes with a heavy duty,foam lined transit case to protect it completely when not in use.Large View

$125.00 OUT
The Stubby Studio Mic is a  phantom powered,large diaphragm condenser mike with a cardiod pickup pattern.Great for recording vocals and acoustic string instruments.Complete with mounting holder and carry case.View1 $139.95 OUT

!X8 active pair

Active PA speakers with built-in mixer and built-in power amplifiers.100watts of power cabinet.
1x8 inch and hi-frequency compression driver .Built in mixer with 3 inputs,bass & treble controls and XLR output for adding additional active speakers or patching into an additional pa system for more coverage.Pic1





1x10 active pair

1x10 inch woofer and hi-frequency compression driver .Built in mixer with 3 inputs,bass & treble controls and XLR output for adding additional active speakers or patching into an additional pa system for more coverage.100watts of power per cabinet. Pic1






A surprisingly versatile and very compact mixer with loads of applications,thanks to it's varied array of input channels and connectors.Like:3pin LO-Z xlr channel one/HI-Z 1/4"

on channels 2 and 3/stereo RCA on channel 5+6(summed)

Each channel in this active mixer has a separate level control.1/4 and RCA outputs.12volt power supply included.

$59.95 IN
Active Subwoofer   TBA IN






Dawn Speaker Rig

The Dawn system consists of a down firing subwwoofer that connects to two

ultra compact mid/hi satellite speakers that can be mounted on stands or any

other convenient location.The Satellites feature a unique up-firing driver,

coupled to a unique diffuser that disperses the upper frequencies around the room for more coverage.System power handling is 200 watts and can be connected to any mixer-amp with up to 200 watts output.Comes complete with heavy duty speaker cables,subwoofer tranist cover,satellite carrying case and two stands for the sateliites. View1   View2   View3    View4

$599.00 IN

KMA MixAmp Combo

The Kustom KMA65X Keyboard Amplifier has 3 channels, 65W of power, a 12" Celestion speaker, 4-band active EQ, 8 preset digital effects, and a loop for outside effects. The XLR input has phantom power. Footswitch jack and output for extension speaker.An exceeelent choice for a 1-piece compact pa for keyboards/acoustic-electric guitar or even electronic drums. $499.00 IN





Designed & enigineered in the UK,The A-DUO provides versatility,portability and reliability for all levels of aoustic players.An ultra efficient dual mono class D amplifier,plus a pair of 8 ich,dual concentric woofers,delivers articulate,transparent acoustic sound with both punch and high end clarity,just like your acoustic instrument.The A-Duo has been designed to adapt to multiple performance situations.Placed on the floor,it has a minimal stage footprint and can even be used as a performance seat while playing.

As well,it can also be placed on it's side feet or mounted on a speaker stand for maximum projection in any venue.

$599.00 IN

AH4X4 Freestyle PA

The Laney Freestyle single is designed to be used for pretty much any situation: Gigs,parties,conferences,home,work,indoor events-the list is endless!You'll never have a dull moment and yes you can even connect with Bluetooth.Enjoy up to 24 hours of continuous battery power use.The intelligent power management system can switch between regular and ECO modes to get the utmost performance usage from the batteries: #x Lithium cells or,8 x AA batteries can be used.Or,it can also be powered from a power supply where AC is available.The Freestyle is the perfect solution,meticulously designed for the ease of use you need,just plug in and go,wherever you may be




AH115 active cabs

Designed and engineered in Great Britain, the AH115 delivers 400 Watts of power and is equipped with a 15″ woofer and a 1″ compression driver for punchy bass and sparkling highs.
The AH115’s integrated mixer features an on-board Digital Media Player capable of taking an SD card or a USB memory stick and is fitted with Bluetooth to allow audio streaming from any Bluetooth equipped audio device: Stream your music straight from your phone! The mixer also features two XLR mic inputs, two Jack line level inputs and a Mini Jack input. Bass and Treble EQ controls allow tonal shaping and an XLR Mix Out socket provides connection to additional active speakers (such as another AH115) to expand the system. Pic1  Pic2  Pic3   







to order






The GuitarBud

Does recording music get any easier than this? GuitarBud is a connector that plugs your axe right into your phone, allowing you to record straight to any number of apps. Heck, you can just use the built-in voice recorder to lay down a melody you’ve got in your head. Or you can go a little more pro and turn your phone into a portable studio. To go along with the GuitarBud, PRS also has their own iPhone app, PRS JamAmp, which is an amp simulator and practice aid, but you can use the GuitarBud with any app that supports microphone input. (guitar,i-phone,headphones,talent, not included)

$29.95 IN


This popscreen is an anti-pop noise protection filter for mikes ,typically used in recording studios.It serves to reduce or eliminate 'popping' sounds ,like words with "T" and "P' in them(plosives) and "SSS" (sibilants)caused by the mechanical impact of fast moving air on the microphone during recorded speech and singing. It also keeps moisture off the microphone which can cause elemnt corrosion and also altering the mic's sensitivity and response. Salts in human saliva are corrosive and thus use of a pop filter may improve the life of the microphone. $39.95 IN

ShockMount Cradle

This shock mount is perfect to eliminate and annoying vibrations that might be affecting your microphone / stand while recording. It has elastic suspension arms to stop the vibrations getting to your microphone and affecting the sounds you're producing.
Elastic Suspension for Studio Condenser Microphones (i.e. MCO Series)Isolates the Microphone from Strong Mechanical Vibrations caused by Floor-borne Shock Waves.
$39.95 IN

Mike-Amp Harness

You no longer need to tie up floor space with another cumbersome mike stand.The Harness simply adjusts to your amp's depth,clip your mic into the holder and you're ready to roll.All metal construction. $39.98 IN

Guitar to I-phone

    You bought Strumtune(TM) and now what? Your instrument is electric! You can't just clip your iPhone onto the headstock! Problem solved.The GB2i is the perfect interface between your Guitar or Bass and Strumtune. Simply plug your instrument into the GB2i, and the mini lead from the GB2i into the iPhone headphone jack and start tuning.Don't want to unplug after tuning? Plug your lead into the GB2i output and into your amp.Don't have an amp? Listen to the sound through your headphones/ earbuds via the Headphones jack.Why carry a phone AND a tuner?

    Cherub Technology’s Strumtune™ is a multifunction digital tuner, tone generator and metronome for the iPhone. Featuring a host of tuning styles, Strumtune calls upon Cherub’s more than 14 year experience in tuner development to make it the most accurate tuner in the iPhone App market.
    The Strumtune™ turns your iPhone into a 3-in-1 Metro-tuner.

    Its too loud to use the iPhone’s mic? No Problem. Simply plug your instrument directly into the iPhone using the Cherub GB2i Guitar/Bass/ iPhone converter. Keep it inline with the THRU jack. You need a little personal time with your instrument? Plug your earphones into the mini earphone jack and start creating.
    Strumtune was developed by Cherub Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China.
    •Classic mechanical metronome interface
    •Six time signatures: 2/4,3/4, 4/4, 5/4 and 6/8
    •Downbeat indicator: On/ Off .
    •Female voice count

    •Two styles of display: Classic Analog Needle and Strum Tuner™ Polyphonic Tuner
    •Supports multiple instruments including Guitar, Bass, Violin, & Ukulele
    •Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele
    •Guitar & Bass mode only: Flat tuning up to 4 semitones/Open G/Drop D
    •Extended tuning range: A0 to C8
    •A4 calibration from 430 Hz to 450 Hz

    •Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele
    •Guitar & Bass mode only: Flat tuning up to 4 semitones/Open G/Drop D
    •A4 calibration from 430 Hz to 450 Hz
    Internal mic (iPhone, iPad), apple earphones with microphone or external interface device (GB2i Converter iPhone, iPad ,or iPod Touch), another iPhone-compatible instrument cable.



$24.95 IN



LR Baggs

Visit the LR baggs website here

Venue D.I. unit

The Venue D.I unit is an acoustic preamp that combines a transformer coupled DI output for maximum isolation,an eq specifically tuned to acoustic instruments, volume boost footswitch to complement your playing styles,and an easy to read chromatic tuner with it's own mute/tunefootswitch.

Combining the keys features of 3 stompboxes combined into 1,the Venue D.I. brings a snew level of fidelity and unsefulness to the performing acoustic musician.Click here for details. Includes zippered carrycase.  View1








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Patch Bay

NYS-spp-l Extremely sleek 1/4" Patch Panel with grounding possibility offering 2 rows of balanced sockets (TRS, stereo), a total of 24 front pairs and 24 rear pairs fully PCB-wired (without nut fastening), 1U 19" rack-mount  and identification strips for front and rear panel included.Click here more specs. $150.00 IN




Visit the Rode Website here


Cardioid condenser, ultra lo-noise, transformer-less design,wide dynamic range, heavy duty cast satin nickel body.

With stand adaptor & pouch MADE IN AUSTRALIA more

$439.00 Pic




Condenser with infinitely variable polar pattern(omni,figure8, caridoid, etc). Infinitely variable pad and hi-pass filter, Internally shockmounted capsule and ultra low self noise. Comes with shockmount stand adaptor & moulded transit case. MADE IN AUSTRALIA  more

$749.00  Pic





Hypercardioid condender,internally shock mounted diaphragm, tranformerless output, heavy duty diecast body, high immunity to rf interference,phantom or 9v battery powered. Comes with foam windshield,stand adaptor & pouch. MADE IN AUSTRALIA  more

$349.00 Pic



      === ===



PM52 HeadphoneTap

The PM52 is for connecting headphones to a speaker line. The 1/4" Mono/stereo loop jacks are for connecting many boxes in series. There are 2 headphone jacks and volume control. The PM52 uses the speaker line signal for power, and uses no batteries.  Download the manual here.Converts speaker level signals to headphone level.Mono/Stereo mode.

Power Amp loop through.No external power or batteries required.








PB233 PhantomUnit

The PB223 is for powering phantom powered microphones with 48VDC. Since the unit uses a 100KHz switching power supply there is no audio noise generated. The PB223 has output pull down resistors so it will work with any mixer. Download the manual here.






Sherlock Audio

Visit the Sherlock Audio Canada website here

Speakermate XP

The majority of solid state(transistor)combo guitar and bassamps don't normally allow adding an additional,external speaker cabinet,since they're

normally designed to run their full output signal into the single,self contained speaker.If they do,it normally disconnects the internal spkr in favour of the external spkr cabinet.In most other circumstances,the combo amp doesn't even feature an external spkr output jack at all,so either way, you're beat". The Speakermate XP was designed to solve those problems by allowing any solid state combo amp that DOESN'T have an output jack to easily run an additional output speaker ,with or without running the combo's internal speaker,OR ,allowing the combo amp to essentially turn into an amp "head" and powering TWO external speaker cabinets if required.

If your combo amp features a "hard wired" speaker(no speaker plug connector),we include simple instructions and speaker cable as well to allow you to hook upthe Speakermate XP safely and reliably.

This passive unit doesn't require any power and it's compact size allows it to be mounted securely along a side wall of any typical open back combo amp,ready to use whenever needed,and doesn't interfere with normal operation when it's not in use either ! Pic1

$55.00 IN

Speakermate Model Two (M2)

The Model 2 features 2 separate, 1/4" and 2 separate Neutrik Speakon connectors. Now, multiple combinations of speaker cabinets with either connector type and impedances can be used at the same time on one mono output amplifier.MADE IN CANADA by SherlockAudio.PDF Manual





Speakermate Model Four (M4)

Allows various combinations of speaker cabinets to be run off of one single amp head,safely.Up to FOUR separate cabinets can be connected thru the Model Four to a typical amp head.

Compatible with all tube & solid state amps. Ideal for mono mixer-amp head pa use.All 1/4" inch connectors.Metal casing.

MADE IN CANADA by SherlockAudio.Click here for details.

PDF Manual





Speakermate Model Five (M5)

Model Five also has a new feature that allows you to compare two different speaker setups, either individually or together, on the same amp, all while maintaining a safe operating load impedance.

MADE IN CANADA by SherlockAudio.PDF Manual




Model Six (M6)

Allows various combinations of speaker cabinets to be run off of one single amp head,safely.Up to SIX separate cabinets can be connected thru the Model Six to a typical amp head.Great for driving multiple floor wedge monitors and mono mixer-amp head pa use

All 1/4" inch connectors.All metal casing. MADE IN CANADA by SherlockAudio .Click here for details. PDF Manual





Speakermate Model Eight (M8)

Allows any dual output(stereo)amp to drive various setups of speaker cabinets,with up to FOUR cabinets PER SIDE for a total of EIGHT cabinets running off of ONE stereo amp.Ideal for stereo pa/dj amp setups or running remotely located speakers where access to additional power amps is limited.All 1/4"inch connectors. All metal casing.MADE IN CANADA by SherlockAudio .Click here for details.

PDF Manual.





Series Speaker Cable

Unlike those other "molded" Y-chords that are essentially disposable,ours aren't. We assemble all our own "y" cables ,in house,in our own shop,using heavy duty, metal, premium quality components by Neutrik and Switchcraft.The majority of Y cables which are designed for low-level signals, are unsuitable for amp-to-speaker(power signals)so we came up with our own,special application versions with heavy gauge speaker wire to handle these higher amplified levels.Our SERIES cable lets you use two

separate cabinets ,together for a combined impedance load like:

when you need to connect a pair of 4 ohm cabinets together to equal EIGHT ohms or, when you need a pair of 8 ohm cabinets to equal 16 ohms. Our SERIES cable is very useful with many amps that only offer a single 8 or 16 ohm jack on the back panel.

All connectors are heatshrinked for stran relief and added reliability.All connectors are labelled for goof-proof use.

$39.95 IN

Parallel Speaker Cable

Looks the the same as our SERIES cable but, wired in parallel.

If you have an amp head that only has a single output jack or

if you have a pair of cabinets that are equipped with a single spkr

jack on their back panel(and you're not keen on installing more jacks)then you would need this cable.If you need a pair of 8 ohm cabinets to equal a total of 4 ohms,or if you need a pair of 16 ohm speaker cabinets to total 8 ohm for your amp,this is the one to get.

$39.95 IN
T-R-S Splitter

Our T-R-S (tip-ring-sleeve) is built for guitars that feature both,

magnetic and piezo pickups that need to have their signals split and connected to separate amps,mixers,D.I.s or processors.

Available from our shop with a TRS male or female(guitar end)to two separate male(or female)output connectors.

$39.95 IN
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Phono Cartridges!

Yes,we're now stocking phono cartridges.More & more music fans are rediscovering vinyl and the fat,warm tone that only vinyl seems to deliver.You can now revive that turntable with a new high quality Shure cartridge or upgrade your existing one.Whether you're

a serious audiophile,part-time or pro DJ ,or recently dug out a box of

LP's out of your dad's storage closet,we have a "cart" for every budget!

M92E-Stylus Type: Polished natural gemstone.  Biradial.  Side x front radii: 0.4 x 0.7 mil.Cantilever: Shure Type I - Low mass.  Heat-treated aluminum alloy / tubular.  1.0 mil wall thickness / 30 mil. diameter.Frequency Response: 20 Hz. - 18 kHz.Output Voltage: 5.0 mV per channel at 1 kHz.; 5 cm./sec. peak recorded velocity.  Output from each channel within 2 dB.Channel Separation: Minimum 20dB at 1 kHz.Tracking Force Range: 0.75 to 1.5 grams.Optimum Load: 47, 000 ohms resistance in parallel with 250 picofarads total capacitance.Net Weight: 5.9 grams.  7.9 grams with adaptor.Mounting: Universal Mount that is convertible to Standard 1/2"(12.7mm) Mounting Centers or P-Mount. $59.00 IN
WHLB- The Shure Whitelabel cartridge is a truly revolutionary piece of DJ technology. It is an optimal choice for Digital DJs, providing superb tracking of time-coded records, and minimal sonic coloration when mixing between digital files and analog records.

Tailored for the club environment, Whitelabel features sonic characteristics including solid drop bass, flat mids, and accented highs. With a sleek and ergonomic design, the cartridge additionally delivers higher trackability, lower tone-arm resonance, and better skip resistance. It also includes an adjustable stylus overhang, reliable electrical contact, and improved stylus visibility.

$135.00 IN

BLX lapel mike system

Includes the BLX1 transmitter with p to 14 hours of continuous use with 2 AA batteries. 300 ft (100 m) transmission radius.

The durable BLX4 receiver features simple setup, intuitive controls, and microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity. One-touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency in case of interference. The CVL Clip-on lavalier is a cardiod polar patterned condenser microphone in a discreet, miniature form factor ,ideal for professional presentations. View1




BLX w/PG58 Mike

The BLX24 Wireless System With PG58 Mic from Shure includes a BLX4 wireless receiver and a BLX2 handheld transmitter with a PG58 microphone. The BLX4 receiver's one-touch QuickScan frequency selection finds the clearest available channel and tunes the unit to it. Its front panel LED display indicates the group and channel it is tuned to, allowing you to set the BXLR2 transmitter to match. A dual-colored LED indicator displays green for normal audio levels and red to alert you if your levels are clipping. The unit has a microprocessor-controlled internal diversity antenna to prevent interference and dropouts. View1




BLX lavalier mike

The BLX14/CVL Lavalier Wireless System from Shure includes a BLX4 single-channel wireless receiver, a BLX1 bodypack transmitter, and a PGA31 headset mic. The system is set to Shure's K12 frequency band and operates between 614 - 638 MHz.The BXL1 bodypack transmitter has a 300' line of sight operation range with the BLX4 receiver. It is powered by two included AA batteries that can provide up to 14 hours of operation. The BLX4 receiver features microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity that helps prevent interference and signal dropouts. Its one-touch QuickScan feature detects the most interference-free frequency and sets the channel to it for fast setup..View1




BLX24 w/SM58 Mike

BLX24 system with SM58 Mike from Shure
The durable BLX4 features simple setup, intuitive controls, and microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity. One-touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency in case of interference.
Features:• XLR and 1/4" output connectors
• Two-color audio status indicator - LED Green: Normal audio levels, Red: Excessive audio levels (overload / clipping)
Featuring an integrated SM58 microphone cartridge, the BLX2/SM58 Handheld Wireless Microphone Transmitter delivers wireless audio with professional clarity and reliability.
• Integrated microphone capsule design• Lightweight, rugged construction
• -10 dB gain attenuation• Battery Life Up to 14 hours (2 AA alkaline)
$499.00 IN

PG14-K7 wr/ls gtr system

A comprehensive first step into professional wireless, Performance Gear Wireless is engineered to the same uncompromising quality standards as PGX, SLX, and UHF-R. Combining superior Shure sound quality and stage-proven endurance with advanced features like Internal Antenna Diversity, Performance Gear Wireless offers professional tools created for confident performance.






The Shure SV100M Dynamic Vocal Microphone is ideal for vocal performance, spoken word presentations, karaoke performances, multimedia, and instrument use. Its built-in on-off switch makes it very easy to work. The SV100M has a cardioid pickup pattern that helps reduce feedback. Its wide frequency response and high output deliver excellent sound quality. The SV100M also includes a break-resistant microphone holder that connects to a microphone stand.





SRH240 headphones

The SRH240 Headphones from Shure provide excellent sound reproduction and comfort.

With 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers optimized for general listening and monitoring, the SRH240 Headphones reproduce deep bass with clear mids and highs.

Impedance, power handling and sensitivity are all calibrated for connection to most consumer and professional audio devices. Includes threaded 1/4" (6.3mm) nickel-plated adapter.



SRH440 headphones

The SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones from Shure provide exceptional sound reproduction and comfort. Optimized for home and studio recording, SRH440 headphones reproduce accurate audio across an extended range.Impedance, power handling and sensitivity are all calibrated for professional audio devices such as DJ mixers, mixing consoles, and headphone amplifier. Includes carrying bag and threaded 1/4" (6.3mm) gold plated adapter.



Shure Vocal mike & stand


A great mike package for the beginning vocalist,karaoke crooner,

church,club,school installs installs,featuring the the new Shure SV series vocal microphone, a standard 15' Cable with your choice of 3-3-pin xlr or 1/4" terminated ends,and mike boomstand.




BG 4.1

The BG4.1 microphone utilizes an advanced condenser transducer design for use in professional instrument sound reinforcement and project studio recording. Its electret cartridge has a wide frequency response for natural sound reproduction, and its high sensitivity and low noise make it an ideal choice for producing quality demo tapes. The BG4.1 also maintains a cardioid polar pattern throughout its frequency range which ensures high gain-before-feedback and maximum isolation from undesired sound sources.

Typical applications for the BG4.1 include acoustic guitar, drums, stringed instruments, and vocals (when mounted on a stand).

Frequency response: 40 to 18khz,impedance 600 ohms

$299.95 IN


The Shure SM57 unidirectional dynamic microphone is exceptional for musical instrument pickup or for vocals. With its bright, clean sound and carefully contoured presence rise, the SM57 is ideal for live sound reinforcement and recording.e more




The legendary Shure vocal mic is tuned to accentuate the warmth and clarity of lead and back-up vocals. Consistently the first choice of performers around the globe. The Shure SM58® is a unidirectional (cardioid) dynamic vocal microphone designed for professional vocal use in live performance, sound reinforcement, & studio recording more




Legendary among harmonica players for its classic blues harp sound, the 520D's tradition is carried on by the 520DX "Green Bullet" and has a contoured size and shape that fits perfectly between harmonica and hands. more $169.95 IN


The Shure Model WH20 is a rugged, lightweight, dynamic headset microphone that provides high-quality voice pickup. It fits securely for active microphone users, such as aerobics instructors and musicians, with low visibility for stage appearances. The WH20 is suitable for any voice communications application where comfort and reliability are required.




Tailored frequency response is smooth and extended. Tuned specifically for drum applications:snare,rack & floor toms. percussion. Dynamic cartridge has a simple, rugged coil. Handles extreme volume levels without distortion. Cartridge includes a neodymium magnet for high output level. Internal shock mount for reduced handling noise. Includes 15ft. (4.57m) cable, A50D drum mount and storage bag. specs




Tailored frequency response is smooth and extended. Tuned specifically for instrument applications like guitar amps, brass, saxophones. Dynamic cartridge has a simple, rugged coil. Handles extreme volume levels without distortion. Cartridge includes a neodymium magnet for high output level.Internal shock mount for reduced handling noise. Includes 15ft. (4.57m) cable, break-resistant mic clip and storage bag. specs more

$89.95 IN

Tailored frequency response is smooth and extended. Tuned specifically for lead & backup vocal applications. Integral "pop" filter reduces explosive breath sounds and wind noise. Includes 15ft. (4.57m) cable, break-resistant mic clip and storage bag. specs  more



A high-performance microphone tuned to capture low-end punch. Tuned specifically for kick drum applications. specs



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The DP-006 PocketStudio Makes the Perfect Music Sketch Pad
Built-In Microphones for Multi-Track Recording Anytime, Anywhere. Click here for more detail.
PIC $229.00 IN

Topper Professional Audio

 A new series of ultra-compact tabletop mixers for mutliple applications,all very affordably priced for everyone!


The Mix-3USB is an ultra compact,personal mixer with all the necessary in & out connectors you'd need to get up & running with your own home recording rig or even a quick answer to setting up for a quick rehearsal.

The channel 1 features a combo connector that will accept either a professional Lo-Z (xlr) microphone input or Hi-Z 1.4" phone plug.

Channel 1 has separate preamp gain and level controls,2-band tone controls and L/R pan control,as well a peak indicator to help you adjust the input for the best signal without distortion.The remaining channels

use RCA type connectors tha will accept just about anything you'd want to connect(keyboard/drum machine/MO3 player).This versatile little mixer also has USB,allowing you to record and playback with your computer.Click here for a larger view.

$69.95 IN



Essentially the same features as the MiX-6USB but with an additional

two pairs of stereo/mono inputs and a master stereo fader control,but without the THREE band tone controls available on the MiX-6USB.

The MiX-10USB  also features a switchable +4/-10 function for better

macthing differing levels of keyboards.mp3 players,etc,when using the AUX inputs.Click here for a larger view.Click here for a larger view.

$159.95 IN


The MiX-12 is a compact mixer with a bank of four ,dedicated Lo-Z XLR mic channels and 4 four additional mono/stereo channels each with their own level controls.The mic channels each feature three band equalization and each channel includes a switchable 75hz cut switch for helping eliminate low frequency "rumble" from the input sources.

A switchable  +48 phantom power function is convenient for powering condenser mikes or active direct boxes.On this model,the "tape" inputs can be assigned to the overall mix or just the control room & headphone output,with it's own level control.Click here for a larger view.


$169.95 IN
With the wide array of "things that need to be connected" and types of connectors,jacks and cables required with all Li'L mixers these days-not to worry! Rainbow Music Shop has been assembling custom "specialty" cables for over forty years.Let us know what & how you'll need to connect what-to-what.We can help you decide which way to do it for the best sound,and we can make that cable right here, in our own shop.






Wharfedale Pro

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Delta 15 speaker

The Delta 15 uses a high output, low distortion 15” cast frame woofer with a 3” voice coil. A 2” titanium compression driver is coupled to 90°x45° elliptical waveguide for smooth HF dispersion. 

Comprehensive rigging points are provided for use in flown applications, so Delta 15 is equally at home in a wide variety of fixed installation and touring applications. Rhino Rock™, our new texturised composite finish is used in all models. This new finish provides the great look of a painted finish with the durability of a carpet covered enclosure giving you the best of both worlds. The Delta 15 is constructed from plywood and features dual angle pole mounts to ensure that your sound is aimed directly at the audience, not at the ceiling.  





EVPX-15 Monitor

Built around the development of an exceptional new Elliptical Waveguide Horn coupled with a ferrofluid cooled 44mm titanium compression driver, the high frequency performance and system reliability of this series is unprecedented in this product class.

High output capability and low distortion with excellent high frequency extension characterize these new drivers. The EVP-X series loudspeakers combine exceptional design and features with outstanding sound quality to provide a choice of sound systems to suit almost any application.Click here for more detail. Download the brochure here.









Martin Magic Moon

Actual views by this unit: Pic1  Pic2  Pic3 



Actual views by this unit IN


Actual views by this unit: Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5  Pic6  Pic7 



Actual views by this unit: Pic1  Pic2  Pic3  Pic4  Pic5  Pic6  Pic7