Guitar Packs In-Stock(updated Dec.30.2018)

    Rainbow Music Shop offers the highest value bang-for-your-buck guitar packages around !

All prices INCLUDE our own custom shop set-up and our own comprehensive "We take care of it for you"maintenance program,ensuring you get a hassle free,great playing guitar from the get-go. We've got you covered!

We DO NOT sell guitars "raw-out-of a box" like you get from pretty much most other stores, ALL big-box chain stores and definitely any onliners.........

If you can find a better value,better serviced,better playing guitar package anywhere else,we'd really like to know about it!


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Over the last several years,as manufacturers scramble to hit lower & lower price points in order to capture or retain their part of the market share,the quality level of guitar packages has actually gone down .In most cases, dramatically.Pretty depressing.Something had to give.


In the industries now infamous "race to the  bottom" ,the (guitar package) customer is definitely not the winner,even though on the surface it looks like he/she saved a bundle.           


The guitars that get stuffed into everybody's packages range from the unplayable to quite simply horrendous.You can't expect a budding young (or older) guitar student to have to endure pain just trying to fret a simple set of  chords.Talk about suffering for your art.


Since "package" guitars are made so fast and cheaply,there is no "room"for the manufacturer

to take the time ($$) to ensure their guitar plays properly or, reliably for that matter.

It's a "one-way trip" to the retailer,so sayonarra-out the door it goes.


Who wants to attempt learning on a guitar that feels like hanging on the edge of an eavestrough, getting their palms shredded and needing a set of visegrips to get into playing barre chords with?


                                                     When good enough isn't.......................

                          The Guitar Package so big,it couldn't fit into a single box!





WE 've put together our own guitar packages,with individually selected components offering the best bang for your bucks.No,we're not offering "the lowest,we'll beat anybody's price on the planet package",since time and experience has already proven those Guitars Shaped Objects and their brethren are only suitable as wall ornaments anyways.


EVERY single guitar in our packages is individually shop customized by us, with upgraded components,shielding,pro-level fretwork and Better-Than-Factory-Spec action setup for effortless playability. Unlike pretty much all our competitors "package" guitars,our guitars are an absolute breeze to play,for hours on end. We know,cause yes ,we play guitar,we've been there too(a long time ago).


There's simply no excuse to want to play a "bad' guitar just 'cause you can it get cheaper somewhere.They're a pain to play & learn on ,and just plain frustrating to deal with.

With those headache generating "things" you'll only have to shell out more $$$ to make a silk purse out of a pig's ear(ask grandma what that means!).

                                                                                                                                                                           If you're a newcomer to guitar and haven't got the slightest clue,you'll want to deal with the shop that actually knows guitars.Yep,that's us.

All our guitar packages are covered by our own exclusive seasonal maintenance program that easily surpasses the manufacturer's(and our competitors)warrantee.We take care of your guitar for you,so you get a worry free package from us.Need more details? They're all available in store.    




All new acoustic guitar packages starting from only $299.95

OUR Cort Earth acoustic pack includes gig bag,strap,picks,clip-on tuner,

our own customshop set-up for excellent playability


our own 2 year,free seasonal maintenance coverage


All New Mini Electric Packages starting at only$299.95

    Unique starter packs for beginners as well as players-on-the go ! Learn more in store .......


Our Mini Pack includes : 1 Honeytone micro-amp with overdrive/clean mode/headphone jack/belt clip

Basic series nylon gigbag

Chromatic guitar tuner

Guitar pick assortment

High quality guitar cable-made in our own shop

Custom shop set-up for excellent playability,and,

TWO YEAR ,free, seasonal maintenance coverage



              All New Packages starting from only $399.95


Badwater Badwater


   WE make it easy to "assemble" your own guitar package.Just add any guitar from the ones shown here to the bundled amp & accessories listed below to complete your setup ,all package priced at  only $399.95

10watt amplifier Deluxe gig bag Chromatic Tuner Guitar cable 2 Year Coverage

MP3 input,

headphone jack.

I-pod cable included


Nylon gtr strap


with zippered storage pockets and shoulder straps.


pick assortment

Chromatic with a large easy to see display

A high quality

cable made in our

shop that's verrry

reliable !

Covered by our own shop, with FOUR free

seasonal checkups per year, for TWO YEARS !






        All New Bass Guitar Packages starting from only $449.95


10 watt bassamp Basic gigbag Digital Tuner Lesson DVD Guitar cable 2 Year Coverage


monitor style


jack,MP3 input.

Zippered Nylon

with storage pockets for

straps & music


Chromatic with

a large easy to see display and



basics to get you


signing up for


A high quality

cable made in our shop that's verrry

reliable !

Covered by our own shop, with FOUR free

seasonal checkups per year ,for TWO YEARS !

Headphones Basic strap Pick assortment