We're running tons of 45th Anniversary Specials throughout 2017 to celebrate  45 years in operation.

Below,you'll find a small selection of specials that we're running.Check them out in our store and our website AND our facebook page often,as many specials are added every single week !

  Hardcase Road Cases-Protect Your Gear !
HC Mini Coffin is designed to store pretty much any drum or mike stands that'll fit,including cables,holders,drum pedals and other hardware.Seamless roto-molded construction with kwik-clip fasteners and side mounted carry handles.$75.00
HC Rounder Case can transport any 14 inch snare drum,or cymbals(up tp 16" diameter),even pa cables or a coiled up PA snake,thanks to it's variable dep...th lid.$50.00 Made in England .

Aria AW15 acoustic-electric guitar package
Did'ya know Aria has been building guitars since 1956 ?
Did'ya also know that Rainbow Music Shop is Eastern Ontario's longest operating Aria Guitars Dealer since

1972 ? Yep,that's 45 years worth of Aria Guitars we've sold-that's a lot of guitars.......
We're marking our 45th year with Aria Guitars with a special deal on the Aria AW15 acoustic-electric cutaway model.
With professional level fretwork and set-up work,done in our own shop,so you're assured of a guitar that plays considerably better than what you'd find elsewhere,in any entry level or intermediate instrument !
This 45th Anniversary Deal ,priced at only $295.00 ,includes shop set up,gigbag,strap,headstock clip-on tuner, pick pack AND, our own TWO-YEAR free seasonal maintenance coverage.
Everything to get started.(you supply the talent!)

  Tradition Series acoustic-electric with 4-band actiive equalizer + rotary volume and under saddle pickup.Double bound body and neck.Transparent blue gloss finish body with cutaway for easy access to the upper most frets.Rosewood bridge with compensated saddle for more accurate tunability.
Set up in our shop to play superbly,this 45th Anniversary Deal comes with premium padded gigbag,leather strap,high quality guitar cable...(made in our shop),clip-on headstock tuner and picks.All for only $329.00

Another 45th Anniversary Deal from Rainbow Music Shop: Apex Active D.I.box-$40.00
Direct boxes are the sound-tech''s "Swiss army knife". Here are some examples of situations where a Direct Box becomes an invaluable tool.
Problem - you need to connect an amplifier''s speaker output to the mic input on a mixer.
Solution - connect an ADA1 between the speaker output and a mic input with phantom power on the mixer, then set the attenuation switch to " -40".

Problem - your PA is humming because there is a ground loop between a signal source and the mixer.
Solution - connect an ADA1 between the signal source and a mic input with phantom power and set the ground switch to "Lift".

Problem - you need to connect an unbalanced line-level source (eg. a synthesizer, another mixer, an effects device, or whatever) to a mic input on the mixer.
Solution - connect an ADA1 between the source and a mic input with phantom power and set the Attenuator switch to "-20". Active circuitry runs on 9 to 48 Volts of phantom power Attenuator switch provides two levels of signal padding, -20 and -40dB Ground lift capability is switch-based for convenience Dual ¼" unbalanced inputs are in parallel so that one can be used as a "through" jack XLR balanced output Active LED indicates the presence of phantom power Input Level = -10 to +40dB Output Level = -10 to +2dB Frequency Range = 1Hz - 50kHz Signal-to-Noise = 100dB Power Requirement = 9 to 48VDC of phantom power.

  Another 45th Anniversary Deal from Rainbow Music Shop: Shure PG56 drum/percusiion mike pack-$85.50
The PG56 Cardioid Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphone is a professional quality microphone designed to be used in close-mic drum and percussion applications. With rugged durability and excellent sound, the PG56 features a swivel joint for ease of placement, carrying pouch and comes with XLR cable.
Tailored frequency response is smooth and extended. Tuned specifically for d...rum applications. Internal shock mount for reduced handling noise.
Cardioid polar pattern picks up the most sound from in front of the microphone and some sound from the sides. Less susceptible to feedback in high volume settings.
Dynamic cartridge has a simple, rugged coil. Handles extreme volume levels without distortion. Cartridge includes a neodymium magnet for high output level. Durable metal construction.
Integral stand mount. Hardened steel mesh tapered grille that resists wear and abuse.
  Another 45th Anniversary Deal from Rainbow Music Shop: Ibanez Artwood AW65 dreadnaught acoustic guitar
With its classic dreadnought body, SOLID cedar top,and mahogany back & sides,the Ibanez AW65 acoustic guitar has full-bodied tone, amazing projection, and a classy,sophisticated look.
The Artwood series is the embodiment of what might be called the Ibanez "modern approach to tradition." Cutting edge woodworking technology enables the guitar maker's luthiers to reproduce the... sophisticated bracing techniques of one-of-a-kind instruments of the past.
The Cedar top yields a warm,full-bodied low end. A special satin finish treatment applied to the back and sides means less overall finish is applied to the guitar allowing it to breathe (and age)better.
Includes our own shop set up for superior,effortless playability,and our own TWO-YEAR,free seasonal maintenance coverage as well.
This month's Anniversary Deal will include a FoamLyte ridgid case,clip-on headstock tuner,strap & picks,all for only $349.00



                                           Gift Suggestions

1 Ukeleles-a great selection,in assorted colours & finishes-starting from only $55.00
2 Shure PG mike & mikestand package,complete with cable & mike clip-$99.95
3 Harmonicas starting from 10.00 up ,in all popular keys
4 Gift certificates for any dollar amount you'd like
5 Planet waves headstand-makes re-stringing your guitars(s) so much easier
6 WE have THE largest selection in Cornwall of FX pedals,starting from $29.95 up
8 Music books all for guitar players,literally from A to Z
9 Sheet music stands-standard style,podium style,even ultra compact table top models
10 Guitar tuners- stand alones & clip-ons,six string,chromatic,bluegrass models
11 FX pedal boards-add your own pedals and you're good to go-$79.00 up
12 Microphone boom stands from $39.95
13 Capos of all kinds,even a capo with a built-in chromatic tuner! From $12.50 up
14 Rocktron R10 beginner bass/acoustic-electric amp-great for starting out, or practice at home-$99.95
15 Vater drumstick holder-keeps all your sticks in one handy container
16 Shure microphones from $40.00 up
17 Guitar stands-singles,triples,multi-guitar,six-ways, and Ukelele stands too.From $19.95 up
18 Cymbals and cymbal stands-a verrrrry good selection of both!
19 Bongoes,all wood construction,that you can actually tune too-from $79.95
20 Guitar straps.Straplocks by Schaller,Marvel and Ernie Ball,The Squid,Gel Pads for heavy guitars & basses
21 Micro-amps ,battery operated ,for guitar ,that fit on a desktop or on your belt,from  $49.95
22 Sound hole acoustic guitar pickups starting from $59.95
23 Behringer TriplePack of vocal microphones-just add cables and start singing!
24 Vox Amp Plugs-tiny,pocket sized headphone amps that sound amazing
25 Instrument cases-lots of choices in hardshell,foamlyte and padded types,we got 'em!
26 GuitarBug by Bond Reasearch,I-phone interface -connect & play your guitar into your I-phone
27 DJ and Home Studio headphones by Numark,Oakland,Behringer and Shure,starting from $24.95
28 Cajons,maracas,egg shakers,tambourines,mini congas-make some noise !
29 D''addario 10-Pak strings,for acoustic, or electric guitar,in the most popular guages
30 Planet Waves Pro Winder/Cutter/bridge pin puller "the swiss army knife" for guitar players!
31 Cleaner/Wax/Polish to keep your instruments in tip-top condition
32 Acoustic guitar humidifier-helps maintain proper humdity during these dry winter months
33 Padded travel bags for Cymbals,Bongos,bass drumpedals keep your stuff safe
34 Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole plug-reduce feedback on stage when playing thru your amp or PA system
35 Wall mounts for guitar and bass-get those instruments off the floor!
36 Topper Pro-Audio micro mixers-secral models in stock-great for small home studios
37 Vox RhythmAmp-compact tabletop amp,with a built-in drum machine, for guitar or bass -$74.95
38 Planet Waves guitar picks holder/LED keychain combo-find yer picks fast-even in the dark!
39 Guitar Professor-a clever guitar tuner with on-screen,built-in chord dictionary-$19.95
40 Apex Headset Vocalist mike-ideal for singers, drummers -$69.95
41 Shadow Violin pickup-twin sensors, with female cable connector, installs in minutes-$79.95
42 Vox Limited Edition Union Jack Graphic'd Wah-Wah-complete with travel bag-$125.00
43 Big Daddy 9 volt ac power supply 1000ma-more than enough juice to power a lot of pedals-$24.95
44 Wittner violin tuner with clip-on pickup sensor-$39.95
45 Behringer HellBabe multi-mode wah-wah-$64.99
46 Mooer NoiseKiller-kills hiss and noise from fx pedals-super compact size-$95.00
47 Vox StompLab I-one hundred programs in a compact floor unit-$89.95
48 Danelectro DJ14 Graphic Equalizer-works with pretty much any instrument-$49.99
49 Springfield Humidity Monitor-keep your temp./humidity in check-$34.95
50 Shadow SoundHole Tuner-hides out of view, in your acoustic guitar-$49.99
51 Fender Guitarist T-shirts & basball caps ,in assorted styles,colours and sizes.$29.95 each
52 Alpine MusicSafe Hearing protectors for musicians with 2 interchangeable filters-$19.99 set
53 Give the gift of music and support local artists-we carry CD's by many local musicians-priced at $10.00




Anatek Pocket Record

  • Records 15,000 events
  • Single-track, 16 MIDI Channels
  • Records System Exclusive
  • Variable time-signature
  • Fast-forward
  • Soft THRU and External SYNC
  • Loop mode
  • Optional battery backup           More

NOS-Sealed pack


  • Filter on all MIDI channels
  • Filter controllers, System Exclusive and Real-time data
  • Combine data types/channels
  • DIP switch to select filtering by channel
  • Select channel # from any keyboard

NOS-Sealed Pack



  all other Anatek products now sold out!