How to contact us and how to find us (updated Feb.16.2020)

Southbound ,looking west (right)                  Northbound, looking west(left)          Store front parking-1418 Pitt Street

We're situated at 1418 Pitt street ,(the city's main drag!) on the "west" side of Pitt,in this city's ever expanding North-West section.

Who knew we'd end up being smack dab in the "new centre" of the city ,(aka The Retail Rectangle),when we relocated our store here ,in '85 (!)
Cornwall, Ontario,K6J 3T8

Free store front parking and free on street parking

Visa MasterCard Interac-Debit and Cash Accepted

Open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm

Please take note of our new revised Store Hours (below) .

Starting Jan.1.2017 ,we will be open till 5:00pm on Fridays.

Starting Jan.1 .2017,the store will be closed ALL DAY Saturdays

Please note:

2019 marks our 47th year in operation and ,since 2017,we're made a few changes

to our store hours.

In order to make enough available time to keep up with existing cabinet builds,repairs, and design work,the retail part of the store will be closed all day Saturdays.


This change will remain in place till further notice


As before, we will do our best to accomodate our "weekend customers" so,yes,

we can open Saturdays, by appointment ,by calling or emailing ,well in advance.


Please take into consideration -we won't open up the store however,

for time consuming,marathon,tire kicking sessions, since Saturdays

can be more productive designing,repairing, and building stuff .



Day of Week Open* Closed*
Monday 9am 5pm
Tuesday 9am 5pm
Wednesday 9am 5pm
Thursday 9am 5pm
Friday 9am 5:00pm
Saturday closed closed
Sunday closed closed

* Eastern Standard Time

*Closed daily Monday thru Friday,from 11.30am to 1.oopm

"Please note-If you're coming in from out of town or would like to visit us

on a Saturday,please call or email well in advance.

We will do our best to accomodate you .Thank You!


Telephone: (613) 932-8603

The fax line has been scrapped---way too many nigerian and bahama trip scamfaxes to put up with.


Within the City of Cornwall:

Located in the 1400 block, between 14th & 15th streets, across from Sunnyside Ave & The Medical Clinic
OR: Two short blocks north of Home Hardware & Dairy Queen (Pitt & 13th)
OR: Three blocks south of the CN overpass (Pitt & Balmoral)

Coming in from the Montreal area?

We're an hour's drive (south)west!

Mai ouis-on parles Francais aussi! Pas de probleme,bonhomme!

Coming in from the Ottawa area?

We're an hour's drive east!

Take the 417 east and take the 138 exit ramp( at Monkland), and head for Cornwall.

Coming in from the New York State area?

We're a 15 minute drive north, from the NEW (!)Massena NY & Ontario Bridge!

Using GPS? 

our coordinates are:  N. 45.03612

                                           W. 74.74202

Coming in for the morning or an afternoon of shopping as well?


Rainbow Music Shop is part of a centrally located "Retail Rectangle",

bounded by Pitt Street,13th Street,Tollgate Road,and Brookdale Avenue,

(take a peek at the map).


We're centrally located within minutes (literally!) of the Wal-Mart SuperCentre,

Home Depot, Dairy Queen, Philo's Family Restaurant,North End Pizza,SubWay,

Pizza Hut,,McDonalds,KFC ,Burger king,Your independant Grocer,Staples,

Canadian Tire,Home Hardware,  Brookdale Square Shopping Plaza,(Michaels,BestBuy,Moore's,Winners,Sport-Chek)located at the corner of Tollgate & Brookdale,across from Home Depot.



NO answering machines, NO voice mail, NO annoying phone menus-just a real human being at the other end of the phone,so your patience is appreciated as we race for the phone.....
And yes,we actually do our best to answer within 3 rings!

Please note: We're normally "out-to-lunch" daily, between 11:30 am to 1: oo p.m.

If it's a weekend "emergency" OR , after regular store hours, we advise emailing us at :

If you don't get a prompt reply, then "Elvis has definitely left the building"!

We do our best to answer all legitimate emails promptly.

Thank You!

Gilles Grignon ,

Take note: We have THREE canine greeters on duty at all times.............



Introducing the newest member of our greeter team,Bruno,the Berner.110 pounds of laidback,mellow, tabbycat hiding in a dogsuit.He'll bark to aknowledge your arrival,since it gets pretty noisy around here some days,while checking out gear.That sudden low end subwoofer "shake" you'll feel is actually Bruno's bark,so brace yourself.His nickname is velcro,since he sticks around very close by, here on the floor.He apparently loves the sounds of the woodshop cranking away,while he takes a nap............


   Introducing the latest addition to

our Store Greeter Team,Loki.Part Swiss Mountain Dog crossed with a North American

Antelope,the "new kid" is being reigned in by the "veteran" little ninja"(behind on the

step)keeping a watchful eye on him.Guess who runs the show..........

There's nothing "low-key" about Loki.He lives up to his name,getting into all kinds of mischief(need a couple of single, size 5 women's shoes and flip-flops?)

At just a year old,his "greeting" bark sounds like a cross between a foghorn and

a tuba at 10 paces.The bonus is he can be heard much better ,over the noise of distorted guitars and table saws here,than a regular doorbell "dinger" when someone drops by.

Thankfully,he's a big,oversized, goofy, pussycat,that looks more like a pipe cleaner walking on four sticks,till he beefs up a bit.






     Blaze The Australian R.I.P May 2014              Retired to the big doghouse in the sky.....




                                   Our Four Legged Greeters(The Security Team)


 It's been a year and then some,and Gizmo hasn't realized he's no longer a pup yet.He's now evolved into a general P.I.T.A (he's not afraid of anything-not a good thing when the Purolator guy could flatten him with his boot).

Be prepared----

Better than a doorbell,the new head of security now has the big dog barking in harmony with him,to announce all visitors.He's slowly taken over the run of the building as he helps ease his Australian mentor & sidekick,into his retirement years.(we can't send him back-his own mother won't have anything to do with him!)


Gizmo,the newest addition to the shop,sidekick-in-training for Blaze the Australian.

He's part gremlin/part floor shammy with teeth/part wind-up toy.

I'm pretty sure he has a key that goes in the back somewhere.

My wife said she wanted "a laptop"--I thought I heard "lap dog"......................




Pedro                                                Adam Ant                                                               Roxy

             Both,now retired to the big doghouse in the sky(2009)           Now retired to the big doghouse in the sky(2012)



Roxy and her new buddy, Blaze,the Australian.                       Christmas season 2010........

Also referred to as the 4 legged, door alarm.

Don't be alarmed-Your arrival will be "announced" with his typical bark(that's his job) -

and his signature butt wiggle...............