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  The winning draws for the month of June are:

Announcing The Winners of the Rainbow Music Shop 45th Anniversary Draw for July :

Vox Amp Phones-Sean Howard

Robo Tune-Brandon Mckenzie

Elixir Acoustic Strings 4-pack-Marty Verville

Congratulations and thank you to all who entered and making these draws such a sucess.Our NEW Draw for the Month of August starts today,so fill out an entry form when you visit our shop.Stay tuned for more ,at Rainbow Music Shop,during our 45th Anniversary !





*New StepToe Foot Percussion by Simple Symon
*New Simple Symon Guitar Case DE-humidifier
*New Simple Symon SLYDERS are now available
*New Aria FET-01 acoustic-electric cutaway guitar
*New NUX MFX-10 multi-effects with looping
*45th Anniversary Deal on Aria Acoustic-electric
*New Limited Edition Ibanez GRX Plus electric gtr
*New Personal Powered Monitor by AromaTech
*New Mooer Micro Pre-amp Pedals are IN STOCK
*Godin/Seagull/Norman Leather Guitar Straps
*New Seagull Momentum acoustic-electric guitar
*Mooer Tender Octaver Pro now here
*Mooer MicroDrummer with 121 rhythms !
*New Cort Yorktown TAB Archtop Guitar is here
*Quilter MicroBlock 45 Guitar Amp now in stock
*New Laney Lionheart all-tube amps are here now !
*Ibanez Troubadour 15/30/80 watt acoustic amps all back in stock
*Ibanez AEG-10II concert size,acoustic electric guitar with cutaway.Fishman pickup & on-board tuner
*New Artec Acoustic Soundhole pickups in exotic finishes are now here
*New AudioHub Amps by Laney have arrived
*New Godin Session Electric Guitars
*New  Art & Lutherie Americana,Legacy,Roadhouse acoustic-electrics
*BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal now in stock 
*DV Mark Guitar Amplifiers are now in stock
*New Parlour size guitars from Ibanez are here
*We've now restocked Focusrite Recording Interfaces 
* Tomsline Micro-FX pedals are here
*New Bugera AC60 Acoustic Amp now in stock
*ESP LTD Seven String & EC256 LD
*New Deputy Marshall Plexi Distortion & Rocker Tremolo by OUTLAW FX
*Behringer DJ Mixers Now In Stock !
*Aria cutaway electro-acoustic nylon string guitar
*Cort Jay-Bass and Cort electro-acoustic nylon string guitars
*Lotsa new fx pedals from Mooer are now here at the store !
*New Ibanez Jem,Arch Top,semi-thinline and RGA electric guitars have arrived !

 EHX KEY-9/MEL-9/C-9/B-9/Pitchfork, &,Silencer fx pedals now back in stock !


                             "1972-2017: Now celebrating Forty Five years in business!"


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